Updates: Unlock Your Stubborn Huawei Modems Here Once & For All

I dedicate this thread to all those who has been finding it difficult to unlock their Huawei Modem. It is better we should just tackle this issue of Modem once and
for all because I’ve received a lot of queries from people demanding for unlock
code for their modem. However, if your modem only accept one SIM and rejects
other SIM, then it is not a modem but a “de-mo”.

What I’m about to share with you, works for every e303 modems and Huawei Modems and locked Blackberry Phones. But before I begin, I must sincerely appreciate the
creator of this platform and for making it free for all to use. He’s equally a
blogger and a kind hearted one for that matter.
How Do I Do It Myself
==>Insert your SIM aside of the carrier SIM inside the
modem. e.g insert an etisalat inside an mtn modem
==>attach the modem to your computer and wait for it to
display “enter your unlock code”. If you didn’t see anthing like
this, then it means your modem can’t work with this method but with Dc-Unlockerclient.
How Do I know If My Modem is Compatible to Be Unlock?
Just click the link below to see all the Huawei Compatible
Where Can I Unlock it?
==>Enter your 15 digit modem IMEI
==>Click on calculate and it will display your unlock
Copy your unlock code and go back to your computer and insert
it to the field that says “enter your unlock code”. Your modem will be unlock and then you’ll be able to use any
sim on it onward.
If you are still having problem with it, kindly let me know via the comment box.
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49 thoughts on “Updates: Unlock Your Stubborn Huawei Modems Here Once & For All”

  1. yomiprof.. pls my roehsoft ram expander says my tecno phantom f7 is not kernel swap compatible…. pls can ypu give me the link to a cuatom rom that is
    kernel swap compatible pls

    • Hello dree, can you please bail me out of these stress…. I generated for so many people yesterday. I'll really appreciate if you can generate the imei yourself again. If you are getting invalid imei, it simply means your imei is not complete. so please change it to that of Nokia XL.

      Thanks for your understanding.

  2. Please Prof yomi i need your Help!My Nokia Andriod x5 need email account after too many pattern Attemts.And i try to reset the pattern by Factory reset,i dont know how to go into the mode.I try turning off the Phone and hold power button with volume up(down).I Found myself in testing mode not factory reset.PLEASE HELP!!

    • Hello Anony, sorry for replying you late but is it your pattern lock that is misbehaving? i.e you've entered the wrong pattern lock? Or before you use your N Android, you are required to login via an email address.

  3. GOD BLESS YOU PROF.YOMI… Pls i get a problem with my ipad 4 bb.. After using wifi to download bbm on it.. I later changed it to sim card bt since then i can't view bbm message,new request nd dat.. Pls what can be the problem?.

    • Yes, it depends on your version of e303 modems. There are some e303 modems that can only be unlocked with the latest version of DC unlocker and it will require you credit

  4. Mine is somehow strange. Imei.info displayed my phone as a modem; Huawei E170 to be precise.Now since sim 1 is locked to MTN network, I decided to try the imei on the link you provided and yahoooo! it gave me an unlock code. How do I try do code now on the phone to see if it will unlock the sim 1 if I insert another sim on the slot it doesn't recognise it. Yomi pls suggest.

  5. Mr yomi after using my imei to generate the unlock code..
    I tried it and the modem got blocked. Telling me I can only use the dedicated sim ..its a modem EG162G

  6. Prof, good evening. please I need your help urgently. I just collected a Techno n9 pad from a friend of mine. he was using bbm on it before but I decided to do factory reset and installed the bbm application but it's saying application not installed. I even searched for possible solution, downloaded different bbm but I still get the same problem, what can I do?

  7. yomi prog.. am the one who requested for a custom rom that the kernel is will work with ram expander… i use a tecno f7 (phantom a) android 4.1.1 and a kernel version 3.4.0… buh pls ican i change the kernel without wiping out my whole phone

    • You can't… But you can back up everything before flashing the custom rom on your device. I don't know if I have posted a custom rom download link for you before but you can download Custom rom for Tecno A+ here

  8. prof kindly help me to reset my unlock code for my mtn e303 with IMEi:867648010071759. i try used DC-unlocker client software V1.00.1143 software to reset but i dont have the crack for it.
    if you can help me with the crack , i will b gratiful.
    [email protected]( Engr. mohammed)

  9. Goodday sir Yomi,
    my name is Femi, have been having alot os serious challenge with my modems, i cant unlock them, have try using dc unlocker and some many other softwares but is still giving me a lot of sheet, these are d imeis…
    Model: E173u-1
    S/N: XVABYA93B1501961

    EAN: 6934933038004
    IMEI: 862591016673472
    MODEL: MF190A


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