Wealth Creation Through E-Book

E-books mean an electronic book. It provides a means of earning enormous cash online
for both website owners and for those who do not have a website. You
may decide to publish your own your own e-book using tools which will be
discussed presently or have it published for you by some organizations
that do it online at a commission or agreed terms.
production has been made possible by advancement in technology. It has
become much easier than ever before to create and market e-books at very
moderate prices. All that one need is the necessary tools. This makes
it possible for e-book publishers to pocket almost 100% of their profits on each sale.

Why Ebooks.
question you should be asking yourselves is why e-books? Though it
sound very foolish when you consider all benefits that accrue to you
from e-books. However, we will dwell on the question a little for the
benefit of newbie’s.
Online users find e-books very important. In
fact, without e-books, a lot of hold ups would be found in most internet
transacts. Life would have been made tedious for the internet users.
Specifically, e-books provide the followings:

  1. They provide
    internet users with the information they desire and provide a means of
    downloading it instantly. This is important because often times, you may
    need information that pertain to different field like how  to design a site in 10min. E-books makes such information available rather than looking for text books in a library store.
  2. E-books
    makes reprint unnecessary. You only make reprints on paper books, and
    not with e-books. You may however make alterations or edit your e-books.
  3. EBooks create endless streams of income
    to the owner. This is perhaps the most important quality of e-books.
    You only need to create and publish an e-books once. After that, you
    continue to earn profit from it forever! How wonderful
  4. They may be produced in CD-Roms, LA prints or distributed as email attachements.

How To Write A Successful E-book

  1. Write
    for your potential customer. This entails providing the right
    information for your customers. It means giving the information they
    desire. But how do you know your potential customers desire?

    1. Visit
      online discussion groups and forums in the area of your expertise. Go
      through the post and read all questions. If same questions keep on
      reoccurring then you have a good idea of what your potential customer’s desire.
    2. Break your subjects into different areas. Each area should represent a chapter.
    3. After creating the chapter titles, you begin to write the chapters individually. Since it is going to be read on a computer
      screen, it is good to be direct and concise. Avoid filler information.
      This is because a prolonged reading on a screen causes eyestrain.
    4. You
      should write your text in small blocks and leave a space between each
      paragraph. It is good to use a black text on white background. Easy to
      read font as Verdana or Arial should be used.
    5. Generally, it is important that you make your readers as comfortable
      as possible. You should organize your e-book to make location of
      information by readers to be easy. Also, ensure that your text is easy
      to read; otherwise your readers will be frustrated, making your e-book
    6. Add a colorful border to your e-book. Also add
      dividers and relevant images. This will enhance the appearance of your
      e-book. In addition, you should enlarge your subtitles to enable readers
      to easily know the beginning of each new section. All these will keep your readers interested.

come in various formats, but the popular ones used on the internet are
portable document format (PDF) and the hypertext markup language (HTML).

How To Create EBooks in PDF Format.

Opening Page:
The opening page of your Ebook will serve as your book cover. It should
contain an image or logo that will compliment your e-book. This page
should also include your e-book title, followed by an opening statement.

Foreword: The foreword is the next section and contains such information as copyrights, disclaimers or other important information.

The foreword may be followed up by instructional information in regard
to using your e-book such as navigation. Your instructions might include
an overview of how to navigate your e-book and even some screen shots.

Table of Contents: A table of content is necessary if your eBook has many chapters. This enables easier navigation of information by clicking on any page number within the table of content.
It follows the table of content and may contain an overview of the
e-book subject matter. It is a prelude to the chapters.

Chapters and Border: the chapters should be made in bold font. This spices up the e-books appearance. The border serves the same function of spicing up the e-books appearance.
Well you can use this tips to create more Ebooks and enjoy the benefit.

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