Ways You Can Make Money Online – My Story

I want to share with you my little story, and I know it will
inspire you. When I finished my NYSC in 2011, I hadn’t any Job. So I picked up
a teaching Job and I was being paid #10,000 monthly. I trekked to the school
and do come back around 5pm because of the nature of the job. It even got to a
time the family I was

staying with almost turn me to a house boy.. I sat down
one night and wept bitterly not because of physical pains but because of emotional
pain; I thought to myself how can a graduate be earning #10,000 ( $59) monthly?

Lo and behold, while surfing facebook, I saw an advert
titled “how I make #225,000  everymonth”.  I followed the link and what I read seems so
interesting. All thanks to my Boss in Online business Aweriale Eromosele the owner of NG44.com

I opt out
of that 10,000 paying job and picked another which I was being paid #55,000
monthly. Shortly after then from the ebooks I bought, I learnt how to build a
free blog and make money from it and web-design the easiest way. I design a
weird blog and made only one post then but I later abandoned it because I taught
making money online will be overnight moreover, google adsense rejected me
Never get so busy making a living
that your forget to make a life… If you don’t build your dream, someone else
will employ you to build theirs.

April precisely I started this blog and I noticed the few months later, what i earn
from this blog even pays me more than the work I do, so I began to invest 2hrs
every day blogging.
How I made
My First 250 Euros
Well it’s
just like a joke, my 250 euros roll in after 3months and ever since it has
never gone nothing less than that.
I discovered that if you want to
increase your earning, increase your learning
Who Can Do
Online Business?
So long
you can read, write and you know what money is all about,  then you are eligible to be part of online
business. Even you are SSCE holder, you can do this as a part time business
investing 2hrs of your time.
What Do I
Need To Start Online Business?
1.      You need a mobile phone: You need an
internet enabled mobile phone. With the advent of techno mobile, you can blog
directly from your device.
2.      A Laptop: You also need a Personal
laptop if you want your online business journey to be successful. But if you
don’t have a laptop, you can always visit a cyber café perhaps twice a week to
update your blog.
3.      A Modem: You need a modem to connect
to the internet. If you can’t afford a modem, make sure your mobile phone have
hotspot facility and can act as a modem.
Ways To
Make Money Online
There are different
ways of making money online but I’ll just list the ones I have tried and worked
out for me.
Marketing : Selling of
e-books and digital products created by you or created by other people. You can even make money online via this medium without having a site; what you need is just a mind blowing landing page.
How Can I Create My Own Blog?
To create your own free blog in easy step by step guide with pictures, kindly click here
Well I think
I should stop here for the future minded people to take steps. Always remember
that  No matter where you are working
now, your boss have the power to higher you and fire you at any time. Why not
build your own online business today.
of e-books and digital products created by you or created by other
people – See more at: http://ng44.com/ebiz/#sthash.puCHDRMm.dpuf
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24 thoughts on “Ways You Can Make Money Online – My Story”

  1. Wow …..practical…and….moving….yomi i always tune into ur blog on daily basis……for fbt's …. but this is more any tweak ever …more like life tweak

  2. Yomi please can I get more details on affiliate marketing and Google adsense from you? Am being motivated to go for my own blog

  3. Prof. Can you enlighten me detailed about Affiliate marketing because i tried it before and i lost cash when advertising it And i think i am going to give it a trial now. Please prof in highly detail i don't wanna be in lost again.

  4. Affiliat Marketing is a good way to make money onjline provided you choose right product to promote and the audience you market to should be interested in the Niche of the product you are promoting. Then you have to determine the Traffic Source you will be using e.g Social Media like Facebook, Twitter or Solo Ads to your email List and also having an Autoresponder is important. Thanks

  5. Dear Prof.
    i have i blog in with google and wordpress. i do update them with new and other latest update. i dont know how to get paid or money from the site into my Account: pls. Help
    my contact: [email protected]

  6. Yomi prof, i comont my cap. U remain the best and thrust worthy coach when it comes to internet money making. U too much. Bt it still never favour me since way back then in Gokana Computer School, bt i neva tire, still in progress. God's time is d Best.


  7. pls i need ur contact for us to arrange on how u can tearch me this blogging creating proceses. I tried to follow but got stuck on the way . my number is 08032050000

  8. God bless yomi for me …………. Mr PROF please I have a wordpress and I use my money to buy hosting and .com but since the day i have open this website I have never make one kobo from it, and this website is upto 4 month now please mr PROF I need your help next year my hesting and domain expired and I am paying 7,000 for it, please sir help me out am so sad sometime if I think about the money I sent but I know there's is hope form you sir please I needyour contact detail badly ………..my mobile phone number is 08102227051 but you can till add me on whatsapp with this samenumber, my personal email is [email protected] or add me on bbm chat with this pin:2827CF9B I'm prince and the name of the website is http://codedboiz.com mr PROF please I'm in need of your help please and please try and call me if in, if is for one minute

  9. Nice information. I have read those information which you mentioned here. It's very useful for those who are looking for ways to earn money online. I am doing reselling business to earn money .Reseller is nothing but getting product from someone fixing high rate for those products and then earning money by getting commission from them. To do this we must have a reseller account .I got a reseller account from GoResellers.com here they provide basic and pro reseller plans. I chosen basic reseller plan using which i bought domain names, website builder service, web designing services and so on. After that i fixed high rate for those services and sold them .I earn quick cash through this business. According to me reseller business is one of the best way to make money online.

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