Fix Any Problem With Your Device Here

Wow…! I think I’m happy today and I’ll simply dedicate it to
solving bugging problems . Regardless of the kind of device you are making use
of, be it smartphone, tablet or Laptop, if you are having any issue with it,
kindly post the issue via the comment section and a solution will be provided.

Don’t forget, to every heavy caller using Glo line, the best
plan to migrate to is Glo Bumpa as it gives you 200% bonus anytime, any day to
call all network including international. If you load 1k on that line, you’ll
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For Mtn users, True Talk or Smoothtalk will serve you
better. So go ahead and ask me your question regarding your device, data plans,
or perhaps which fone to buy at this point in time and I’ll simply tell you what
to do.
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134 thoughts on “Fix Any Problem With Your Device Here”

  1. Hello Yomi, first time on this blog. I subscribed for the glo comonth plan on my bb Z10 by sending comonth to 777, however after I sent status to 777 I got a message: my blackberry subscription is still pending. There's no indication of 3gb data and bbm worked for few minutes , now nothing. I need your help urgently. Thanks.

    • Hello Mr Tosin, welcome to this blog. Since you just subscribed for the comonth packaged, restart ur device and wait for like 15 – 25min for the BlackBerry comonth plan to be activated for you. Don't call customer care oooo or else dey'll tell u d plan is nt men't for bb10.

    • @tosin after subscribing for the comonth, Ur line would be asked to go off for an hour. So ur line might get activated after 7hrs or mor being a first time user. But after that immediately u sub you will be activated

  2. Oga yomiprof please I need your help urgently or anybody that could be of help. I have a china android 4.04 tab that is stucked at the logo screen. Have done reset, cleared and wiped data yet still not working. Tried downloading a new os when installing it brings out erroe maybe anybody knows what else to do.

    • Is not the OS issue, first what kind of China brand are u making use of? You don't need to download a new Os at all just get the exact kind of China tablet and flash d ROM to yours.

      Or if it's a Techno Android Tab, i'll suggest you locate d nearest techno office as dey will fix it for u free of charge.

  3. Glo bolt can only be unlock via firmware upgrade bt @ d moment, the firmware upgrade is nt available except in some months to coem.
    When you attempt to insert another sim, what message does it display?

    • Hello Funmi, gud day and I guess you are doing great.

      I have replied your last mail. So long d fones are in d class of bb10, they are good; it now depend on hw much you wana budget to get d fone. Onlike d price tag on each bb10 varies. Q5,Q10, re gud for blogging but wit diff prices.

  4. My windows xp can't connect to Internet via Android and bluetooth is not working if I want to tether it tru bluetooth,

    • Window XP is more security concious than Window 7. But Just make sure you switched on your hotspot from Android. Once it's ON, ur PC should see ur android network. The question now is, are u seeing your android netwok on PC?

  5. Hi Prof. How do I upload heavy files on Uc browser cloud then download it with BB UC Browser. Anything I tried downloading heavy file with UC Browser with my BB Torch 2 it recommend that I should use UC Cloud first. Any solution to that

  6. pls my tecno p3 Bluetooth is forceclosing when I want to share or receive data but works wit blueftp but I want to correct it wat can I do

    • Hello my friend, i'll show two solutions to diz problem, first go to settings— App — Manage App, click on all then look for bluthoot share, click on it and clear data cache. It should be all right by den.

      If the problem still persist, den you'll have to factory reset. B4 u do dat, please back up all ur files so dat u won't end up loosing any of your files.

  7. Prof i have 70k and i want to buy a laptop with intel core i7 will you recommend the type of HP notebook i should buy with great specification?

    • Hello bro, with your 70k, you can get a good brand new HP laptop, 4gb Ram, 500GB hard disk, bluthoot, Webcamera, window 8, Dvd RM. But I doubt if it will be core i7. Core i7 system is more expensive.

    • If it ask for sim puk, just check your sim card attach and u will see ur puk number dir. Every simcard has a puk number. Check d sim card case for ur own PUK number.

  8. I've posted dis B4, but no reply– I've been having issues on having to make a decision on a gud & affordable phone 2 buy. Upon stumbling on ur thread, think I might just want 2 settle 4 bb10. Thinking of Q5, but read a lot of -ve reviews about d phone. Pls would u advice me 2 go 4 it? I Would also appreciate an advice on any oda cool phone as an alternative 2 Q5. Thanks PROF

    • Yes, i'll advice you go for it cos it's a great fone. One thing dat even made me luv Q5 is d keypad, it has screen touch keypad and d normal keyboard. I as a person always prefer d normal keypad bcos I am already use to the typing. Q5 and Z10 are almost dsame just d difference of keypad as d other is screen touch Qwerty keypad. The prices btw Q5 and Z10 is just 3k diff.

      It runs Ram of 2GB with 8gb internal memory, accept apk and normal BlackBerry apps. Long lasting battery. Bro just go for the Q5.

  9. My tecno phantom a+ doesn't charge except I use desktop charger whenever I plug a charger or power bank it just shows charging but never increases I even bought a new battery the problem still persists help

    • I'll suggest you try another charger. If you've done that and d problem still persist, then you'll need a specialist to help you cross check the charging port in Computer village.

    • Try and get a Samsung charger.. It once happened to me.
      All this yeye tecno and bb charger u by for 200naira won't charge Ur battery accurately and Ur battery is @ risk.
      So get a Samsung charger

  10. Mr Yomiprof my tecno N3 is on but will stop on tecno logo, I have taken it to repairers they can't fix it. and I have try every thing that I learn from this blog but it to no avail. I have wipe data and reset to factory for so many times. perhaps there is a new method to fix this this kind of device . please help.

    • Hello bro, sorry for what you are passing thru. You might have tried a lot but I dnt think it's everything. Have you tried flashing the rom? If you hav'nt, try and get someone with Techno N3, back uphis or her ROM and flash it to your own.

    • Anonymous 1 May 2014 12:02
      please how do I go about on the flashing
      of the ROM on the tecno N3 please?
      please share the link for me on how to
      go about it. because when I plug in the
      system, the system will not even see
      that the device is connected, even with
      special applications. thanks man

  11. Its not a Tecno android tab its called Event Entertainment Tab using android os 4.0.4 and its band is M705VWBC. Please anything or anywhere to download the rom and flash it

  12. prof gud day. I av a problem with my dell system when I shurt down, sleep or eve hebernate d system d power light do not go off. how can I solve dis problem is killi my bettery: all d time I av to press d power button holding it until d system go off. Prof abeg help me

    • It can be frustrating when the laptop fails to shutdown.  Please follow the steps provided below that can fix the issue:

      1. Move the cursor to the top right corner to open the Charms bar.
      2. Click on the “Search” icon and click on “Settings”.
      3. Type “Power” in the Settings Search field without quotes and click on “Change what the power buttons do”.
      4. Now scroll down to bottom and you'll see "Turn on fast startup (recommended)" option in the Shutdown settings section.
      5. Disable the option by unchecking the checkbox and then click on "Save Changes" button.
      6. Restart your laptop and check if shuts down properly.

      Please let me know about your findings and if you need further assistance

  13. please how do I go about on the flashing of the ROM on the tecno N3 please? please share the link for me on how to go about it. because when I plug in the system, the system will not even see that the device is connected, even with special applications. thanks man

  14. Good afternoon prof pls I have a problem with my iphone4…my bluetooth has not work because I can't send to another iphone user and the other problem is that when I got the was sim locked and someone unlocked it for me. I want to upgrade the OS but I'm afraid that it might get locked if I try to upgrade the OS. Pls advise me

    • Upgrade d OS, I dnt think it will display simlock again since you've already unlock it. Once u upgrade it, your bluthoot should start fuctioning.

  15. Prof abeg. I flash mi galaxy S2. Wen I
    boot it up it display unlock sim network.
    Pls how do I unlock the sim network??? I
    can't use mi line to make calls or browse. I
    only receive calls wit it. Pls help.

  16. I updated mi 2go from 3.7 to 3.8 and since then mi 2go refused to open. I ve deleted it and re-download it many times still the same thing. It will hang mi phone and after serveral mins, it wil display error message. I am using bold 4

  17. Hello Yomi Prof, have this mytouch 4G htc phne that has been working well. all of a sudden, it went off and I tried to power it on. It came on but didn't go past T-mobile mytouch 4G screen. have tried hard reset but nothing happened. What can I do to bring the phone back to normal please? Am new here.

    • U bricked Ur phone bro..Try doing a factory reset on the phone. Get into
      the bootloader by holding the volume down
      button and then holding down the power button
      simultaneously. Use the volume up/down button
      to highlight factory reset, then to select press
      the power button. Do that and feed us back.

    • Have done that already but got no positive result. Isn't that how to do hard reset plz? Have done that twice. Need more of your assistance plz. Thank you.

    • Sorry for replying you so late, it's so unfortunate hard reset isn't working for your device; however, do you have a back up of your Rom? If you do, flash it back and if you don't, luk for the exact type of your fone, back it up and flash it to your device.

    • Sorry for replying you so late, it's so unfortunate hard reset isn't working for your device; however, do you have a back up of your Rom? If you do, flash it back and if you don't, luk for the exact type of your fone, back it up and flash it to your device.

    • Hello friend, it so unfortunate your fan might have accumulate so many dust there blocking it intake, i'll suggest you try to clean d fan or check if it works properly.

      If it doesn't, u will need to clean it up.

    • Check Ur fan.. Note: Don't place Ur laptops on dusty surfaces such like Ur bed.. Don't be surprised. Always place it on a table or stood. Neat one though

  18. Hello prof. Please kindly info me on how to unlock Samsung GT-15500. The phone was sent from London and each time I tried to on it, it always demand for Password to unlock. My mial is [email protected]

  19. Oga sir you promise to get back in touch with me
    Its not a Tecno android tab its called Event Entertainment Tab using android os 4.0.4 and its band is M705VWBC. Please anything or anywhere to download the rom and flash it

  20. Prof I beg my BB world is nt connecting to internet and my multimedia player is nt playing video in avi format pls help me out

    • You need to connect your android phone to ur pc, and then download it to your pc, then transfer it to your android. but you can't download it direct.

  21. hi prof, gud day, my htc one vx is stuck on safe mode and wen i restart bootlooder cums up wch says lOCKED, S-OFF, i hav done factory reset, recovery,clear storge many tyms yet im stl stuck here, mit nt knw wen u wil reply so pls rply mi via mail:

    • Sorry for late replies, but have you been able to fix this?

      This kind of situation always happen whenever you install and app in conflict with your device. Did you install an app recently before this issue began? if yes, then uninstall that app from safe mode.

  22. Mr yomi pls hlp,my gti9100 is bricked,stuck on do boot screen wit a yellow triangle,it wont enter recovery mode,buh i can go in to download mode,i tried flashing a stock rom wit odin,buh its stuck at writing cache..

  23. hello yomi my man, you inspire me alot…. i just opened a new blog… its quite interesting. pls i will love to know if i can blog with my bold 6 and how do i upload and share latest news from other papers and sites on my blog for people to be reading all the time. thanks and remain blessed till you fulfill your destiny. Amen

    • Hello Udeichi,
      I'm glad you are inspired. To blog with your bold 6, go to app world and download blogger app for blackberry. Run and install it.

      Alwyas keep close to Vanguard, Punch, Sahara reporters, Lindaikeji and the likes, for your latest news. Since you've chosen to be in Entertainment niche, then you have to be updating your blog all the time and you must be current.

      Remember, don't just copy but re-write the stories.

    • Ok, go to option> theDevice > Advanced System Settings > Host Routing Table. Then Press the Menu key and clicked Register Now. You'll recv a recieve a Registration message that you are now registered with d wireless netwk. Your BlackBerry logo should then come up. Bt if it didn't, kindly let me knw as dir are more options to toggle around with. 

  24. Make I kuku ask mine…make dem no say wia u dey wen dem dey ask theirs…abeg Yommy…my curve 4 no dey play mp4 videos…it always show not supported and my friend own dey play am…abeg help

    • Hello Mr Bright, did you download all d five part involve? If yes, follow dis instruction below to install it

      How to install :
      Here are the instructions:
      1- Install apk
      2- Copy
      folder to 'sdcard/Android/obb/'
      3- Launch the game and ENJOY !!!

  25. Hello prof! Please I need ur help wit a email hacking tool or should I give you the address and u help me get the password

  26. Good morning Prof…..nice job keepin us informed….thank you……. now for my question……how do I upgrade my bb10 device (Q5) without using the direct wifi upgrade?!!

  27. Hi prof!each tym I plug my phantom a+ to charge,d light doesn't go off,it will just become dim, unless I off it myself, but if its not charging d light goes off after 30 sec,also sumtyms it takes forever to charge..pls help

  28. Hello Prof Yomi,
    My Q5 can't make or receive calls since I updated it. It rings at the callers end but does not ring at my end. How do I change to bumpa plan on glo? I get a 550mb from glo but it doesn't last me for week. What is the best network to use with good bandwidth. Thank you.

  29. Pls i nid ur help badly , my new tecno p5 is showin android logo on my application, a green robot on my application and anytime i unistall and download again it will show on other application. It kip showin on my application ,pls i nid help fast on wot to do.pls send me solution thru My email [email protected] [email protected]

  30. hi, am trynna make a call on my glo bolt moderm with my hp beats studio laptop but i cant hear anything and i tried it on someone else laptop and it worked, what can i do?

  31. hi please am tyrnna make a call on my glo bolt moderm with my hp beat studio laptop but then when i call i dont hear anything but i tried it on someone else laptop and it worked what can i do

    • The problem is not from ur BlackBerry but from ur China Pipo tab. Make sure you turn on ur tab wireless and check to see if it sees ur BlackBerry hotspot.

  32. But I use my wife's samsung hotspot and it works fine with the tab, I have also tried couples of other hotspots and I have tried connecting other devices to my Q5 hotspot too, and they work. So why won't it work with this one

  33. prof, pls help. i installed titanium backup and mistakenly backed up my contacts app. the one found in sytem/app root folder. Then i did a factory reset and tried to restore the backup hoping to get my contacts back. instead it deleted my phone app and contacts app. Now I cant call out or view my contacts. Pls what can I do? I use a tecno r7. Thank you

  34. Hi prof… My glo bb subscription suddenly stoped working on my bb Z30… Its sayin *sim not compatible*… Pls wat do I do?

  35. Hi prof I sub 4 glo comonth on my wen I on my data iit will say unable to establish a wireless data connection with current internat apn…Pls prof help me

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