How To Renew MTN Music+ 150MB

Yes! It may have stopped working for you but still working
for some peeps. MTN recently blocked the Music Plus some of you are rocking and
to even re-subscribe has become a very big problem well, here are some new ways
to get it working again.

Send I to 5900 to get 150mb
Then send CANCEL7I to cancel.
Repeat steps to continue to get it.

To Subscribe
1. B to 5900 [30mb] 3days.
2. D to 5900 [150mb] now changed to 7days instead of 30days.
3. F to 5900 [7mb] 7days.
4. I to 5900[150mb] 7days.

To unsubscribe
1. cancel3b to 5900.
2. cancel7d to 5900.
3. cancel7f to 5900.
4. cancel7i to 5900.

Try any of the above code to get the music plus rolling
again for you. Keep the season red.
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