Why Will Kulimart Sell Ulefone Power For N52,000?

Ulefone Power is a much anticipated device, killing, and enticing… no doubt!  3GB Ram is not a child’s play. I’m also aware that the charges of different banks varies as regard to dollar to naira conversion. Like GTB charges N270 to USD dollar, Diamond bank charges almost the same.

On Gearbest, AliExpress and some other foreign site, this device goes for $179.99 and if you convert it to naira at the rate of N270 it will give you N48,597.3; Now I checked Kulimart online shopping but the device was way higher than expected going for N52,000.

Does that mean we should keep shopping online even though the dollar conversion is still at N270 because our home seller is not helping matter?

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20 thoughts on “Why Will Kulimart Sell Ulefone Power For N52,000?”

  1. For me, it is safer to buy from kulimart than gearbest because the 7 items I bought from gearbest are between 40 to 44 days now and I have not received anything. I message gearbest about it and they said surface mail are untrackable and takes between 10-45 days to deliver. Well I just want to wait for 50 days and see. So you see I will rather buy from kulimart at higher price than to wait for ever at gearbest. Please do you know if free shipping on aliexpress to Nigeria works and for how long does it take to arrive?

    • Have bought a lo of things from Aliexpress on free delivery. And it takes approximately 30 days to get to your nearest post office (Nipost).

      At first, it will take the seller about 2-5 days to ship. And depending on the shipping company used by the seller, it will take up to 20 days to arrive. Sweden post is what most sellers i buy from use in delivering my items for free.

      Hope that was helpful?

  2. Na thunder go fire them. Them wan get more than #10,000 gain. Because as a company like that, I doubt if they actually transact at 270 per dollar as we do.

    You can imagine Jumia selling Gionee Marathon m5 for N120,000 when its been sold at N43,000 by Elijahdre on Nairaland and N43,500 at Ikeja.

    • Jumia is selling gionee m5 which is 3g ram and 32gb internal storage only made for Indians. .and if u check well it has a ✈ airplane symbol signifying that it will be brought from outside the country. …. Just want to tell u is not the regular m5 u know plus also it is gold colour. . But it's still High though

  3. Kulimart na thief na, do you know how much dey sold redmi note 2? They even want to sell tampered glass and casing that goes for just 1300 on gearbest for 3500 without shipping oooo. The only is they are fast in delivery, but their products are way too expensive. Even considering the shipping charges cos i don't think they use free shipping, most of their products shouldn't be that expensive.

    • Are you blind to see?

      The phones goes with tempered glass and case.

      Don't you know that shipping cost money or you think free shipping that do take 30 days will be used.

      You need to start thinking with your head.

  4. But on a more serious note, this thing is getting serious. I've been buying from foreign site for quite numbers of time and I have my orders delivered maximum 3 weeks. I've compared some products on those foreign site with Kulimart and it seems quite on the high side on kulimart.

    Another thought, you can't blame kulimart. If they are buying from this same foreign site, definitely they'll want to make their profit that is why its on the high side. Only if Jumia or Konga can start selling all this standard phones and not the rejected, infected, innjoo or tecno device…. only if?

    • Our delivery charge is moderate, that depends on your location.

      With time we will negotiate more with our courier to bring down the cost a little bit for outside Lagos customers. We're doing everything humanly possible to make this happen.

  5. Dear Yomiprof,

    There are some things that need to be considered if you want to criticize us.

    1) We don't purchase with cards, you are aware that the highest card limit we have now is 350 USD per day and also monthly limit, are we going to be purchasing one or two phones daily from suppliers if card is used?
    The last time I check, GTBank charged 301 NGN per USD on 31/01/2015. You can make inquire.
    Exchange rate is really affecting our price and also CBN policy.

    2) We ship this phone down to Nigeria with the fastest shipping method with money and custom charges and all that. Shipping companies aren't helping matters because we pay them the current rate of dollar in black market before we can carry our goods.

    3) We have staffs we pay here.

    4) We have online store we maintain and also a warehouse we pack our goods. Also this cost money.

    5) We render after sales service.

    6) We are here to make profit. We aren't charitable organization.

    Thank you all.

    • Hello Kulimart,
      I sincerely appreciate your reply and for making things clear. I'm not here to criticize you but was just wondering. Now that you've clearify, I fully understand.

      Thanks for stopping bye.

      To your success!

      Warm Regards

      Warm Regards

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