Fix Your Tecno Camon Problems Here

I am supposed to have done this a long time ago but I’ve
been a little bit busy… This morning, I’m going to open a thread for Tecno Camon lovers, where you’ll be able to fix your device if at all it develop a
problem or you want to understand more about your device, how it operate etc.

My job is to give you favorable solution with every other
readers of this blog. Whether you like it or not, your device in one way, now
or in the future will give you migraine headache, here you can be able to fix
it using our  ABC guide.
So feel free to report your Tecno Camon misbehavior here, or
whatever you notice is not right with the device and we’ll try our possible
best to fix it for you.
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244 thoughts on “Fix Your Tecno Camon Problems Here”

  1. Help Me Please! My Camon c9 shows ads anyhow ,, and it downloads file automatically by itself ,, i factory reset the device after an hour it goes back to its old self ,, i wiped user data through recovery but still it continies showing ads and downloading apps automatically 🙁 …

    • Hello Hamzaopera,
      Two things are involve; its either network strenght in your location is not strong enough or you've flashed the phone before. I'll suggest you try other network that are strong in your location to see if you'll still get thesame result.Or have you flashed the phone before?


    • Hello Noahdam,
      What prompted you to flash your device with Miracle box? You can change TEcno camon c9 IMEI once its rooted, install Camelphon app and it will change it.

      You don't need any other long process.

    • Chamelephon can't change the imei.. Instead it will only corrupt the imei, it will change the imei to 9wrxyv… And u can't browse with airtel with such imei.. That's why I flashed back to stock Rom….. Chamelephon can't change tecno c9 imei……

  3. i got camon C9 and the ba3 dies faster dan any ba3 of phone i have eva used. it doesn't take me for 12 hours i dnt know y.. is their any help?

    • Hello Freshice,
      Your Tecno Camon C9 battery dies faster because some application are busy consuming your battery at the background.

      Go to settings, app>>battery, see the lists of applications eating down your battery, disable them. Go back to settings>>apps>>Click on individual apps and clear their cache but don't touch Google play services and google play. Reboot your device and you are good to go.

  4. Hello Prof., i really need your help.a friend of mine resentfully bought techno camon c9 which was synced with his Gmail account. He mistakenly reset the phone and on restarting the phone, he is to login with his gmail account and password but the system wouldn't recognize his password even though the password is correct. Please anybody with a solution should help.

  5. Oga Yomi, Pls can u help with my Camp C9 that shot down itself? Sometimes if I try putting it on again, it wouldn't boot pass "camon" and shot down again.
    Pls help. I'm getting frustrated.

  6. Hello ? camon c9 has issues with snapchat and Instagram snaps because anytime I try to make a snap, the video keeps cracking.. I can only take pictures and watch other peoples snaps… I'm frustrated… pls help

  7. Hi guys am havin a big problem wiz ma c9 all the apps except youtube dont connnect to internet and play store is not opening to and the worse part is other apps that i installed from other phone are not connecting to internet to so plizzzz help me i have resated the factore to their is no chage help help help help

    • Tecno Camon is not design to get OTA updates. for now no update is available for Tecno camon. Though we are still waiting for for tecno to roll out custom updates

    • Hello Sandra,
      Go to settings, apps, click on individual apps, clear cache. Clear the cache for all the apps except Google playstore and services.

      once you've done that, reboot your device, and you'll be prompted to login afresh if you use an app that require login.

  8. please my calls are not connecting on my canon c8, it says calls not sent when i use both sims and when using any app, it hangs and goes back to homescreen. Please what could be wrong and how can it be resolved

  9. My c9 can't access any social media but can you google search and youtube. I have changed sims but not working but when i insert the same sims into different phones, am able to access any social media. Can you help?

  10. My tecno c7 camera is not working. It says can't connect to camera. Make sure all apps that might use camera or flashlight is off. Please help me fix the problem

    • Hello, Wiping your camera cache should fix it for you.

      >>Visit Android Settings.
      >>Click on Apps (usually under devices)
      >>Find the Camera app and tap on it.
      >>Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data and confirm your action.

      >>Restart the phone or force stop and disable enable camera before giving it another try.

  11. Hello yomi
    My tecno c9 showed a screen message that my phone battery is too hot. Then in like 2mins the phone went off and never came back on. ..been charging it but still not coming on. .What could be the problem? ?

  12. hello, pls my camon c8 just went off within a twinkle of an eye, and has refuse to come on even though i have been charging it all day..pls what can i do? i really miss my fone!!!!

  13. please i was trying to root my c9, and now its stock on first tecno logo. i have tried flashing with miracle box crack but to no result. the computer cannot see the phone. what should i do please?

  14. my Camon c8 when I put on my 3g as prefer network the sim network will go off totally please need it help…… for God sake

  15. I don't know what I've done with my phone, I guess I updated the phone (tecno c8). Since then, my back camera is no more showing while the front camera has turn upside down. Please is there any ways you can help me solve this problem sir? Thank you

  16. pls my camon c7's bluetooth and wifi hotspot have been malfunctioning for weeks now….pls what can i do to solve the problem?

  17. Hello
    My techno c7 just restarted itself, since then it has been misbehaving like 1. It wont past the Techno screen so I did a hard reset (lost my data and all) 2. It refused booting complete and kept restarting . After several tries, it took me to the welcome screen, I registered Google account, it then froze 3. After several trial restarting it again took me to registration page 4. On pressure next, the screen changed and looks like a destroyed screen with hormonal white lines, it froze and the circle continue.

    • Hello Hamza, sorry about what you are passing through… but the bad news is that your software is corrupt and needs to be fix. It can only be fix through flashing. You need to Flash your device with C7 custom rom

  18. Hello,please my phone has been showing user busy to my callers for days now,I called customer care of both lines and they said my sims are good.I also checked the call forward/call barring settings and the are off/disabled.iv removed the sim and taken it back in too but its still not working.what can I do please?

    • I'll suggest you try it on another phone to see if you can receive calls… if you can't then its the sim and if you can, then its your phone.

      If its the phone, check if you've disallow all calls, and allow them or factory reset the phone.

  19. Hello, please my tecno camon C9 can't be operated while charging, it will start misbehaving, I can used it when disconnected to charger, or I remove the back cover of the phone, please sir I need ur help

    • Normally it is not adviceable to be using your phone while charging, it will have a negative effect on the phone.

      I'll also suggest that you upgrade your camon system for any systme fixes or lags

  20. my tecno canon c7 misbehaves, its camera pops up and starts taking pictures. minimum of 40 pics and saves in picture gallery. I have done reset to factory more than twice and the problem still persists.

  21. Please snap chat really lags.videos can't be taken on my canon cx air. Really painful considering the price n high hopes I had for the phone. Playing what can I do

  22. My tecno camon c9 restarts on its own suddey,my facebook,messanger and boom play are always crashing,the phone is always freezing.please help

    • Hello Omonyra,
      You need to restart your camera app. Exit the camera app, wait for like 30 sec and restart it again. If the problem still persist, then do the below;

      clear the cache and data of the camera app by Settings > Applications > Application manager > Camera app. Then tap Force Stop, and go to the Storage menu, where you select Clear Data and Clear Cache.

    • Hello Princess Diana,
      You need to clear your camera app cache from settings… Once you are done, reboot your device and check it out if its bn fixed. If not, then you'll have to factory reset your device.

    • Because you have too many apps installed that is draining the hell of juice of your battery. Uninstall apps your are not using after wch you should go to settings>>apps>>clear individual cacher and reboot your device. This should fix it.

    • Hello Diana,
      Then its a software issue. You need to install system update for your devices to fix this glitch but I'm not sure if its currently available. Howver you can check by going to about phone and click on update.

      Another alternative you have is to factory reset your phone and everything will be back to normal. If you are going with this option, please back up your important files on google drive or your gmail before you proceed.

  23. Hi,

    My Camon C9 is less than a year I bought it but recently, the battery goes off to 0% at 61% and then when being charged, shows 61%.

    Secondly, the hotspot doesn't stay on and neither does the bluetooth go off after every use.

    How do I get these fixed

  24. Hello, my camon cx isn't charging properly, first it started charging very very very slowing after trying different chargers, charging ports and source on energy and now it won't even charge atall, even though it's showing charging icon it doesn't leave 0%, please what can I do, though my charger go blown but I bought another tecno charger

    • Hello friend,
      You need to try it up with another CX battery. if another battery still gives you thesame result, then you'll need system update to fix this ish.

  25. Hello, please I was watching a movie on my phone camon cx and all of a sudden the screen was white, up till now it's not coming on or charging except d white screen. What can I do pls. I can't remove d battery charger I think it's inbuilt

    • Hello Aisha,
      turn the phone off completely for 5min, then turn it back on. If it still remain thesame, you need to carefully loose it and remove the battery otherwise you'll need to flash it

  26. My Tecno Camon i has a bug. When i turn on accessibility service of an app, it shows on but when I go back it shows off. I can't seem to turn it on, even though it shows on in that particular app. Happens to every app with accessibility service..

    • Hello Sajith,
      Since your phone is new in the market. Their suppose to be a system update the moment you turn it ON on your first use. If their is none, then check your about phone if its available.

    • I did update my phone after first boot. I didn't check it before update, but it was definitely not working after update. Right now I given it to service center and they asked to give them 3 days. Hope it fixes.

    • It is virus. Its likely you downloaded an app that led to that.

      If you can start it in safemode, navigate to your last downloaded app and uninstall it then boot back to normal mode.

  27. Hi. I have a tecno camon cx. But recently my google playstore won't launch. It keeps saying "google playstore has stopped"
    I have cleared the cache also uninstalled updates. But it doesn't seem to work. I use Wi-Fi most of the time. So i really have no idea whats wrong. Please help

    • Hello Mummin,
      Try to delete your Google account and add your Google account again

      – Go to the menu -> settings -> account remove your current google account then add it again here.

      If you still have same issue after the above, then use any of the steps here

  28. Hello, I recently got a camon CX not up to 5 months today. I have been recently struggling with google play as it won't download apps or even open. So I decided to reset the phone. After d reset it started behaving abnormally. It would just freeze as I'm working on it and other pages and apps I'm not on will get opened BT themselves. Mostly d tab drops down n starts opening my notifications n other apps. The top of any page I'm working on too does dis but mostly d tab drops down. I have to lock n unlock d screen each time to continue work on it. Please help me.

    • Hello Friend, Hope you didn't buy a clone Camon CX?
      I'm afraid your device must have been expose to virus but before I draw my conclusion, go to your settings>>Apps>> click on each apps and clear the data cache but don't touch your google services and google play store

      once you are done, reboot your device and watch its performance. if the problem still persist, then you might have to reinstall the stock rom

  29. Hi Yomi prof, my tecno CX switches on and off by itself for hours. I have tried factory reset but the problem is still. It just goes off and on on its own continually, please help me!

    • Hello friend, if you have successfully done factory reset and the problem stil persist, I'll advice you try it with another cx battery otherwise you'll need to flash your device with the default stock rom

  30. Hello. I can switch from front to rear camera in my Camon CX. The switch icon is nowhere to be found. I've restarted severally and even downloaded another camera app but still no luck. I'm stuck with front camera, I wish it was the other way round. Please help… Thank you.

    • Hello Ghaneeyyah,
      if it doesn't come on pass the Camon sign and it doesn't go beyond that, it means your Camon 9 is bricked and will need to be unbricked before it will work back to normal.

      I don't know if you are going to be able to fix it yourself or get someone techy enough to fix it for you. Once it's unbricked, it will be back to normal.

      Also regarding the battery going off, it seems your need a battery replacement.

  31. Pls I can't type with my c9 anymore.I can only read but cannot comment or reply and the battery shut down itself at times

  32. hello, i was updating my software update to android 7.0 but there was some interruption during the installation process and now myc9 wont turn on completely it get stuck at the tecno logo screen.

    • Hello friend, your C9 is bricked. Every interruption during software upgrade on android device always lead to bricking or killing the device. Go and download Android 6.0 stock rom for camon c9 and use it to roload your device. It will be back to normal after that.

  33. Hello, my c8 automatically cancel applications and go back to home page. Also, I want to remove security partern but it show it has been disabled, I can only change it to another partern. Also, at times it will show "battery temperature is too low switch off your device", please help me

    • Hello Nicki, the easiest way for all this issue to be solve at once is to factory reset your smartphone. Please back it up so that you won't loose any doc or information. All your pictures, videos, music and contact should be automatically backed up on Google if you have your gmail connected to your c8

    • Hello Henry,
      Remove the back cover, and the battery then station it under the sun or hot environment so that the water can fully dry up. Once it dry it up your flash light and camera will come back up.

      Water is still inside your phone

  34. Pls, dis is a serious issue. I cudnt send msg on my phone wit my mtn sim1. It wil always fail and i hav above 2k airtime on it. But my mtn sim2 is goin normal. Wot cud b d issue, and i ve clear d msg cache. I reboot.

    • Hello Val,
      swap sim1 to sim 2 and sim2 to sim1. Then try sending message if it will go. If It didn’t go, then you need to call Customer care to fix it for you.
      But if the sms deliver after swapping then you need to check your config of sim1 message center.

  35. Hello boss.
    My Camon CX battering is not charging forward and it indicates charging. Its presently in 20%. I’ve tried different charger and also switched it off and still don’t charge forward. it only shows that the battery is charging but its not going forward. Please help me out.

    • Hello Timilehin,
      I’m guessing you’ve been charging your phone with the wrong charger. Please use another good charger, put your phone in flight mode and allow it to charge fully

  36. please sir, i tried factory reset on my phone, but it has been showing me erasing since, after which it shows a red caution sign…please help.

  37. i went to settings on my phone and clicked on the backup and reset, and then on factory reset..
    since then it has been showing erasing on the screen..

    • Hello Nelson,
      the process you followed was not bad. i just hope you didnt interrupt the process before it finished erasing everything.
      That red caution sign showing along side your android logo means your device is bricked and you only way of fixing this is to flash back the stock rom.

  38. please sir yomi, can i flash back the stock rom from another working camon c7, please i just need directives on how to do it using a memory card.. I appreciate what you’ve done for me so far…

  39. I don’t how to stop resetting my cell phone which is Techno CX Air and how to turn it on, What shall I do?

  40. Hello Prof, please what do I do? My Tecno CX touchscreen suddenly started misbehaving. Sometimes it freezes and sometimes it just goes out of control, I can’t even type in my password.

    • Its either water splash on the screen excessively or the phone is getting hot. Seperate the battery from the phone for a while, insert it again.
      Go to settings and stop any background app that may likely be consuming the battery, hence making it hotter than imaginable. Also go to settings>>apps>>click on individual apps and clear data and delete cache. do it for all the apps except Google play store and google services. reboot your device and watch the performance.

  41. Hello, my camon cx internal storage is not complete is just 2G and d Ram is 512MB, what can i do to fix this?

    Moreso, d camera is not clean, no color effect in the camera….

    And i want to upgrade to the latest HIOS, from HIOS 2.0

  42. My camon c9 is not Responding when I try to put it on…. So I don’t know what to do.. And it not even charging

  43. Hello, my tecno camon c7 automatically restarted and my recents and home button stopped working. I also can’t see notifications on the notification bar. Please, is there any solution to this?

  44. Good morning,

    My Tecno Camon C7 goes off immediately it comes on whenever i tried to put it on. Please what should i do?

  45. Hello Sir,
    Great job you are doing. Bless you.

    My CAMON C9 just wont come on, fell sometime, the screen was replaced and it worked. But didn’t use it for a while and was using another phone. Now, i want to use it, i put on the sims and it came on for while, after which it now went off and has not come on again. I have sent it to neighborhood Techy people who have tried with another battery and all the works but still to no avail.
    Kindly advice.

    Sorry for my epistle.

  46. Please My Tecno Camon C7 goes off immediately it comes on whenever and i try to boost the battery sometimes it will work but sometimes it will not work.. i tried to put it on. Please what should i do?

  47. Good evening sir my techno CX front camera just stopped working this evening what exactly may be wrong with it.Thank you sir

    • Hello Patience, it happens most times especially when your phone haven’t been updated for a very long time. Go to settings>>apps>>Camera app, clear the cache… reboot your device and try to check if its fixed

  48. Hello my techno camon cx upper screen is not pressing, it cant even show me the tabs there, and d screen is also malfunctioning by pressing itself. I have restored the factory settings, I have done the system update, up to no avail.. I’m confused, please help

    • Hello Chioma,
      Did you install any app, did it slipped off your hands before this incident? Is the screen shaky? TWo things are involve, its either a virus or screen problem. And since you’ve done system update as well as restoring factory reset, then its not virus. You need to change the screen.

  49. I never install any app, neither did it slip off my hand. The funny thing is the upper screen works from the lockscreen when there is notification,but once I unlock my phone, then the upper screen would stop working.

    • From the home screen, press the Menu key.
      Tap Settings.
      Scroll to and tap Phone Settings.
      Tap Calibration. …
      Tap all cross-hairs until the message “Calibration Completed. …
      Tap Yes to save calibration settings.

  50. hello here, my techno c9 camera got blur after not using it up to 6 month. I have clear camera cache and also reset factory data, still yet the camera is still blur. please what can I do

  51. My Tecno Camon CX Air is developing multiple problems. I don’t know if it’s a virus attack or what?. First, the App (Phone Master makes my phone a living hell). Always asking to clear this or that, clean storage and this happens almost every minute. Until I decided to force stop it since I didn’t see an uninstall option. I thought that’s the problem of the phone. Now my screen is malfunctioning. I can’t use the phone screen effectively as some parts are non-responsive. Sometimes, the phone would just hang or lag for a few seconds, restart itself or just operate itself, attempt to unlock itself… I’m fed up and I feel like destroying the phone. Please help me before I do something crazy to this phone and live to regret it. Thanks.

  52. please my tecno camon cx(ce0
    197)the back camera is not functioning once you try it, the app closes and my flashlight is not functioning. please help.

    • Hello,
      Clear your camera app cache. Go to settings>>apps>>look for the camera and clear its app cache. Reboot your device and check if its fixed. if it didn’t fix, then your other option is to factory reset and your device will be back to normal.

  53. Hello my c9 has developed some problem. The apps on the phone do not show their true color. Thus the color quality(picture quality) of the phone has changed after it was flashed. I’ve tried several methods to reset it but to no avail. Can you please help me?

  54. My phone Tecno c x has a problem of misbehaving like crazy when I checked out in settings I found alarm’s (on and off ) set on and doesn’t change at all. When its time to misbehave come, it switches every on or off simultaneously. I even calls and misbehaves crazy and it doesn’t change so help me please

  55. Hello, my tecno cx has developed problems It misbehaves ,it switches ,opens all da apps and its alarm is switched on, no turning off. what it keeps popping .so please help me, what can I do ?thanks

  56. Hello my Tecno camon C7 has refused to come up. It will attempt to come up but it doesn’t. its showing the Hios with a red exclamation mark.
    Please how can i fix this.

  57. My Canon x is having internal storage problems and I can’t install any app. Also my whatsapp keeps crashing everytime due to internal storage

    • Go to settings>>Apps>>Click on individual apps and clear data and delete cache. Do it for all the apps but don’t touch Google play store and services. once done, reboot your device. Go back and uninstall applications you are not using.

  58. my camon cx air switches off my hotspot automatically like every 5 minutes and even when its connected to a device, it says “0 connected, 0 blocked” what do i do please?

  59. My Techno c7 purchased in January 2017 and developed a problem within 4months. returned to the seller but instead of giving me another one before expiry of my warranty they repaired the same phone.
    2018 October it developed same issue and when taken back to where it was taken for repairs by the seller they said it was flushed and they cant flush twice and advised i purchase a mother board. I am scared of techno phones cause i bought it at 12-13,000. Mother board is 7,000 this is too much for me for i have not even enjoyed the services of my new phone. As i write it is not functioning, it restarts itself then fails to load to the end. “it loads upto techno then camon and hangs there”. Please advise am so upset:

    • Hello Beatrice,
      You are not suppose to buy a motherboard. Its not a motherboard issue, it has been bricked and what you need to do is to reload the OS. I don’t know if you are techy or not but I’ll suggest you take it to another experience engr to help re-install the stock rom of your device.

  60. Hello
    I have a techno Camon C8 touchscreen middle section malfunctioning.
    it clicks on items in the middle section of the touchscreen by itself and its very interfering too. Please help me out.

  61. My canon CM doesn’t ring out when screen isLocked for incoming calls It just shows the indicator light but other sounds functions well, but when it’s unlocked it rings out..what could be the cause

  62. I travelled without my techno camon cx original charger and had to use a spare charger which i guess was too small for the phone, after charging my phone for few days which ofcourse couldnt charge more than 30% and sometimes less when charge through the night. Using the original charger now , its blinking and not charging

  63. Hi,
    My Tecno C8 is not switch on. It went when battery was 97%. It first displayed a message “phone over temperature” dismiss or snooze. Before I could an option it went off suddenly and can not switch on for days now. What do I do? Please help me.

    • Kindly check if it detected on PC by simply connecting USB cable from your phone to your PC. If it detects then you’ll need to check the battery. If it doesn’t then the motherboard might be faulty which can easily be fix.

  64. Good day Prof,

    My C8 dropped inside water and has sinced failed to complete booting. Power button doesn’t turn it on or off, it brings on screen the start up message “Experience SmartLife Now” which disappears after few seconds and come up again to disappear.
    I tried holding power button and volume up, the “no command” image appears and goes away almost immediately.
    Will my phone work again? Thanks as I anticipate your response.

    • Hello Gbenga, sorry about what you are passing through.
      It appears water is still stuck inside your Camon C8… Open the phone completely remove the battery dry it under the sun for like two days until the water is completely drained otherwise, it will keep malfunctioning until it goes out of life completely.

  65. Good morning, so I got my canon CX device and my boyfriend helped me set the Mira vision function and everything was fabulous, then I formatted the phone and after formatting it went aged to set the Mira vision function by myself and whenever I take videos and transfer it to my laptop or on YouTube it starts cracking, please how do I fix this issue

  66. hello . i have a camon cx . its screen has been broken . i bought a new lcd and i repaired it . the phone work perfectly but when i lock and unlock the phone , the screen work but i cant touch anything . do you understand me ? . each time when i lock the phone and unlock it , i can’t continue to unlock it . the screen , i can see but i cant’t unlock(touch) . and when i reboot it , it returns to work but the same problem ..
    i have flashed and reset the phone but the same problem …
    (sorry for my bad english )

    • Hello TM,
      The solution is not flashing or reseting… The issue is with the newly changed LCD Screen. remove it from lock screen code attach to it. Leave it open, check if it fixes it otherwise, you’ll need to get a compatible LCD screen for your device.

  67. hello good morning what’s going on I can’t play songs on camon 11 all the songs I put on the phone is not playing please help

  68. Hello goodday,
    some days ago i uninstalled a firstbank app and tried reinstalling but it could not asking me for some details. Anyway i could find what it asked for. i noticed after that until now i cannot receive calls on both my sim cards in the phone. but i can call out and receive whatsapp call and receive text messages. please what can i do

  69. Please help me out ooo my other pho e techno canon cx if I click the camera bottom it will start to hang before showing smetin as if I take a pix it will be long for a while before it will shoot ooo plsss help me out oooooo

  70. Hello prof, my tecno camon 11 phone which is just 2months old keeps restarting itself. It started doing this just 3 weeks after i bought it, i took it to carlcare who formatted it and it stopped. Now it started again and its worse. It trips off like every 5 mins no matter what i am doing. Please help me

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