Is Your Tecno Smartphone Having Problem? Fix it Here

Smartphone is just like a human, after over working yourself, it get to some point where your body assumes a state of rest. Same thing is applicable to Mobile phones. Today, this thread is for all Tecno lovers who are currently having issues with their Tecno mobile phones. Be it hanging, slow loading, whatever the problem might be, an engineer is ready to assist you fix your Tecno phone.


Don’t just seat and wonder if your sick Tecno phone will ever work again, save a life, save your smartphone and don’t give up on it yet.
So use the comment box, tell us what is wrong your Tecno smartphones and possible
solutions will be proffered to you.
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      • Pls good afternoon i have a problem with my screen just woke up and notice black vertical lines at the bottom of d screen pls what can i do?

        • Hello
          I Have canon 11 it takes more than enough to go on coz it keeps displaying techno but as it goes off and comes back then later after a while it goes on
          Remember when I put it on charger it can’t show that its charging ,how can I fix it
          Thank you, its still new

          • You is outdated and needs to be updated as soon as possible. Go to settings, about phone and check if update is available for your device. If not, you’ll need to download the update manually and flash it to your device via recovery mode. I can always guide you on how to do that.

          • My techno spark2 k9 is stuck in the techno logo and I try to do hard. Rest but the phone did not link with factory rest.I press up and power bolting but still not link or show factory rest system it only show techno logo pls what can I do please help my email is oyedele.oyewale @ yahoo. com

          • Hi,
            Your Tecno is bricked. To hard reset it, shut it down completely. Press the Power button and volume up key for like 10 – 12 secs, let go of both keys as soon as it takes you to recovery mode. Use the volume keys to navigate to Wipe data/factory reset…

        • Good morning. Pls my camon CX is giving me problem. Yesterday I was making a call and it suddenly switched itself off and on again. Since then, it has been overheating when I’m charging it or not and the battery keeps draining. Pls what could be the problem and solution?

      • Hello Yomi,
        Thank u so much sir. My Tecno Camon CX issue is insufficient memory. It says that all the time. I dont have a lot of music, no video at all, few pictures yet insufficient storage. I even had to do factory reset at one time, same issue o. And its very selective of SD card o. It will damage some & refuse to work with them. Please help

      • Hi I fucked up with ma Bluetooth settings while on phone connected on PC. Now I can’t connect to my Bluetooth speakers Some help

        • My techno phone was displaying ‘weather has stopped* with close app option which I clicked on, but it comes back fast enough that I cannot move round the phone. Please help

          • Hello Jafar,
            Sorry about what is happening to your smartphone. The problem could be too many application running, then hotness before it result to hanging. I’ll suggest you remove applications you are not using or completely factory reset your device and everything will be back to normal.

      • Was using my phone yesterday and the lower part of the screen before the home key and navigation keys stopped working

      • Hello, my l9 suddenly display a form of clock screen saver for like 15 mins, without responding to back touch , then it’ll now come back to normal some minutes. It started since it fell into water. Any solution pls??

        • Hello Toluwani,
          Completely turn off screen saver on your phone and watch the behavior after that. Also, since it fell into water, ensure that water is completely drain out of it by either placing it under the sun or closer to a very hot bulb where it can completely be drain under your watch.

    • My home and minimize button won’t work. The notification bar won’t come down either….I am using a techno wx3

    • My phone suddenly started display OTG and that I should connect cable. This is making my phone freeze and unbearable to use. What do I do

    • Hello Wisdom, if your Tecno drains so fast, you need to do the below;

      >>First of all Open your device'sapp Settings.
      >>Touch Battery. The screen shows a list of apps and the percentage of your battery that each one is using.
      >>Touch an app to get usage details and to adjust power usage options that could save battery life.
      >>If any of the apps listed are ones that you don't use often, consider uninstalling them.

  1. How can I get a custom romantic for my tecno phantom z? I'm tired of the stock rom. It has never been the same since I rooted, updated, crashed and loaded a stock rom from Hovatek.

      • I took my sim cards out of my Techno Spark because the phone froze and I couldn’t turn it back on. When I inserted the sim cards back in, a certain part of the screen doesn’t function. I’m unable to receive calls as the caller is always told that my line is busy, when is not the case. Please, I need your help

        • Hello Eli Kingdom,
          shut the phone down completely or allow the battery to run out of juice, then charge it to full. Power it on on safemode then check if it works well on safemode. If it does, then uninstall the last downloaded application on your device or update before your device started misbehaving.

          Turn it back on in normal mode; everything should work normal at this time.

          • Hello Yomi, i noticed that when using my xender application in my tecno spark 2, as soon as i view the progress of the content am sending or receiving, and try to go back, it will just disconnect totally, please what do i do?

  2. Hello Yomi, My Tecno R7, is truly misbehaving. ones mi wi-fi is on, the phone goes crazy and keeps downloading all sorts, like APUS and porn apps. now the screen goes blank wen a call comes through, even wen i turn off the wi-fi or data on myphone, it turns itself back on. What do i do?

    • it is atimes caused by dust. if you can open it up, just put a small spirit on a dry white handkerchief, use it to clean it up from the inside and your Z will be okay. If you can't open it up, then you'll need an engr to help you do that.

  3. I will advise anyone that want to enjoy tecno phone to go for phantomZ its very strong phone and u can feel it in ur hand when using it. An currently using phantom5 but i can assure of phantom Z

  4. Hello sir, first time commenting. My MTN Sim is showing invalid imei but it works on other phones. I haven't used this MTN Sim on this Device before. Please any help

    • Hello Ukpong,
      You can start by clearing the cache in the Contacts app: go to Settings –> Application manager, scroll down until you find 'Contacts' and select it, then select the 'Clear cache' button.

      If you already have your contacts backed up on google or sync, then click on clear data and force stop the reboot your phone.

  5. Prof yomi pls help! My tecno camon c8 hangs,d screen goes blank but a blinking light shows @ d centre button! D only solution is to allow d ba3 run down then I charge again b4 it works normal.i hv checked 4 update but it's up 2 date…Pls wat'd I do? Cos m so Damn sure I not a screen problm

    • @Nmaju, now u don hear am be dat…
      My colleague's has similar ish, he can't store nor receive file. Infact the inbuilt memory is damaged. The tecno tab doesn't recognize memory card any longer. I was thinking flashing it to another operating system will do d magic prof.
      Any solution to dat?

    • Your Phone Storage Part it on Is Corrupt And even If You Insert a Memory Card too It will Not Indicate,The Only Solution Is to Flash The Phone,Formatting the Phone Or factory reset Or hard reset Won't Solve it……..The Only Way Is Flashing A New Firmware or On It…..Am Noahdam

  6. Hello Prof, i'm really glad for this opportunity…i need tecno L7 stock rom to flash my phone please. i need it badly, my fone is bricked after trying to fix a irus attack which wiped all my data

  7. My sis has this M7 that that bootloops, shr took it to a roadside repairer for flashing, and after the flashing, it no longer switches on, doesn't show light at all, nor charges, nor vibrate. I've tried to flash ROMs from Romkingz, n Hovatech all to no avail. Please gurus help me resurrect this phone from dead.

    • Hello Kris,
      The only reason why your R7 normally reboots by itself includes… Overheating,if system apps are disable, and bad apps.

      Any of these can cause your device to constantly reboot.
      First of all,
      >>Uninstall apps you don’t necessarily need. This goes especially for any apps that control sound, ringtones, wallpaper, have fancy widgets, or use GPS.
      >>Ensure all apps are on the latest version. Upgrade everything you have from the Play Store by going to “Menu” > “Settings” > “My Apps“.
      >>Uninstall apps that run in the background. From a fresh restart, go to “Settings” > “More…” > “Applications” > “Running“. If you see anything listed you can live without, uninstall it. If you cannot uninstall it, freeze the app if possible.

      Settings” > “Applications” and swipe over to the list of apps that are “Turned Off” or “Disabled” and enable any apps that may be needed for your device to function properly.

  8. My tecno h7 has been attacked by virus,apps that download themselves in the likes of sexy hot,porn club,lock screen apps,apus app,torch light app,jumia app and a host of others. the phone can’t be operated,other apps have stopped working,the battery has been affected. someone said it is “adware and malware virus”. Am so confused now. the phone storage and sd card storage was wiped out still the virus is still there. Even antivirus like the likes of 360 security,clean master and the rest of them are not effective. tried the formatting procedure but it didnt work

  9. How do I increase the speed of TECNO 8h Droid pad, it's slow. Even Responding to touch takes too much time, I have tried using cm cleaner but it doesn't matter. Thanks

  10. Hello Engr. Problem with my Tecno Y6 is that the data reception does not go beyond 'E'. Before this problem, I used to get as high as 'H+'. How I knew the problem is from my phone is when I put the sim into another smart phone. It showed 'H+' in that same location where my Y6 was showing 'E'. Please what do I do?

    • Did you try another sim card inside your phone and it still display E? Go to your network and set it only to 3G Only. That should fix it.

      • Hello,
        My Tecno phantom 6 Plus freezes such that it does not respond to any touch on the screen. What I try to do is press the power button and it responds for a while but freezes again. I repeat the process over and over to do a simple Job like typing a message. Please help. I want to unfreeze it for good. It is a good phone.

        • It freezes because so many applications are installed your device, and are running at the background of your device, at that point, your Tecno smartphone becomes hot and it freezes.
          To fix this, go to settings>>Apps, clear apps cache, and delete data but don’t touch google play store and Google services. Do it for all the apps installed on your device. you can as well uninstall irrelevant applications you don’t use or need from your phone. Check apps that runs at the background of your device and deny them access. REboot your device and it will be okay.

  11. Good Day Bro. My Tecno H7 has been having issues since it got flashed. It comes ON but screen display flickers then goes off. It sometimes shows different colors while shaking then goes off. Thanks 09072021635 Emmanuel

  12. Good day Prof. one day, my tecno g9 told me 'usb storage damaged' and i discovered that everything in my file manager disappeared, all my pictures, music, videos nd everything. also, i discovered some apps would just appear on my phone and even when i uninstall them, they reinstall themselves. i factory reset d phone but there was no difference. its really frustrating. can u help?

  13. In my TECNO H7, phone most times apps I never installed nor downloaded gets into the phone, it gets hot, and will not respond immediately if I press an app, sometimes the app will not even open. At times, the phone gets very hot. Sometimes, it goes off on its own. I flashed it for more than 10 different times, after some time it develops the same problem, even with free downloaded antivirus from the play store. Most times, ti says "unfortunately, contact has stopped" , "unfortunately, contacts has stopped working", or any app has stopped working. I flashed it on 20/12/2016, it went blank on 20/12/2016. I flashed it again on 24/12/2016 and I am afraid to use it, for fear of malfunctioning. I do not know what to do about the phone, could you, please, help me. I am afraid to put my data for fear virus though the internet. Please, help.


  14. Hwllo Proff,

    I have an issue with my phantom G pad. The memories are no longer showing, both the internal memory and SD card no longer works. It keeps saying USB damaged and i should format it.
    It also keeps downloading unwanted apps all by itself. I will delete these and immediately it downloads all these apps all over again and many more.
    I have done factory reset 2 times without any changes.

    Please help me out here.

    • Hello Adewale,
      Your Phantom G pad OS has been corrupted by virus, and I even doubt if you've ever updated the OS. To fix this, you need to reload the Operating system. If you can do it yourself, download Phantom G pad Stock rom and flash it…

      And if you can't do it yourself, take it to a tech geek let them do it for you.

  15. I have an issue with my h7. The memories are no longer showing, both the internal memory and SD card no longer works. Phone memory damaged..It keeps saying USB damaged and i formatted it but,no changes.

    • I think you are having thesame issue with the commenter above you. You need to re-install the Tecno H7 stock rom or if you can't get the stock rom, get a custom ROM for your tecno H7.
      once the installation is done, your phone will be back to normal.

  16. My TECNO h6 is having a Video issue while displaying image after a sudden fall to the ground and soon i had realised that its not a screen that has crushed, is it a problem with its motherboard? Because i can't afford to buy a new motherboard!
    Please help me on how to repair!

  17. Please Sir, Am Chuma!my Tecno H7 is showing "Phone storage is damaged.Try reformatting" and "Damaged SD Card" All my pictures videos and documents are gone. I cant just access my SD Card. Before it happened i noticed that whenever i log in to Facebook my phone trips off and rebooth.This happened like 3days for this damage. Please i need help i have formatted the phone and even flashed it. yet it's the same issue.

    • Hello Josephone, your Tecno Y6 is reacting to that errors because it has not been getting system update for a very long time.

      Solution: save your files and document then factory reset your phone. It will fix it afterwards.

  18. Prof yomi pls I hv a techno h7 I hv flashed d phone more Dan 5tyms bt afta flashing it works fyn for sometime den it strts downloading tins itself wen u put on d data nd all manner of sorts. Of a h7 users also complain of the same tin happening with their phone. Pls wot cld d problem be with h7

    • Your phone is expose to MonkeyTime and test virus. the reason why it always goes back to thesame stuff after flashing for some times is because your h7 doesn't have any system update hence making it expose to different attacks.

      My advice,
      Flash it again and sell it. Phones that don't upgrade shouldn't be sold in the market.

  19. have been unable to pick up calls with my tecno L6, each time i try to pick up an incoming call, it says phone has stopped working… I've done factory reset so many times but it still isn't able to pick up calls…please help me out on this…….
    And my Tecno L8 closes apps the instant i minimize it, making the application to restart.

    • On your tecno L6, firmware is outdated, you get that resultant problem. Since you've factory reset it and the problem still persist, then I advice you flash it with original L6 stock rom.

      On your Tecno L8, go to settings>>Apps>>Clear individual apps cache except Google services and Google play. Then reboot your device.

    • Hello Coins,
      Fake SDcard will always be damaged on that device except you get original sd card.

      What message do you always get after the damage or it won't detect at all?

  20. Hello prof I have tecno phatom pad G9, it's suddenly developed problem in accessing the inbuilt memory and SD card; I format the SD card and also reset phone the problem still persist. Now I can not receive any thing from another device whether true Bluetooth or Xander. Thanks in advance.

    • Hello friend,
      Factory reset it. errors like this happen because system updates are not been provided for that device.

      Before you factory reset it, save your files, fotos and doc.

    • Hello Adeniran,
      Tecno w3lite is not design for multi-tasking. The ram is too low and the memory is beyond low.

      My advice,
      Don't install too many apps on that smartphone. Uninstall irrelevant apps. Free space.

  21. Av flashed my tecno phantom z mini with d original stock rom more dan 5 times using sp flash Tools and its always successful, but d phone keeps bootlooping anytime I put it on. Pls prof any solution to this?

  22. My phantom z mini suddenly went off and starts bootlooping, I then flash it with d original stock rom and the flashing was successful but wen I switched it on it continues to bootloop, av tried dis several times buh its still d same tin. Pls prof wat can I do?

  23. my tecno r7 is saying 'phone storage is damaged, try reformatting it', and it doesnt recognize external sd card either. i cant download(except playstore apps) music/videos or take picctures. ive formatted the phone still same. whats wrong?

  24. When I put ear piece on my tecno w3 its not always compatible will be playing on loudspeaker and little on the ear piece . my mum gave me the phone though I don't know when it stated.

    • Hello Nuel,
      Remove the battery, plug in your charger to the phone without the battery, if it display notification light, then you'll need to change the battery or try using another charger to boost it up.

      • My tecno l9 plus one day just failed to charge . when I tried to power it so that it charges while on,it tried to power but failed on the way and spent some time with the word tecno on screen and then went off. When I tried to charge it , it failed . I took it to the nearest mechanic and they told me that the charging system is OK plus the battery and that the problem is on the motherboard. Which problem is this and how can it be solved ?

  25. Hello Prof! My techno L8 doesn't ring out, it only vibrates. Tried setting ringtone but gets this response " unfortunately, the process has stopped. Pls what's the way out?

    • Boot your Android device into safe mode and check if that "unfortunately, the process….'' still display. if it doesn't, then an app you recently installed most of caused that… meaning you'll need to uninstall recently installed app on your device.

      Another solution is to factory reset it and everything will be back to normal.

    • My tecno l9 plus one day just failed to charge . when I tried to power it so that it charges while on,it tried to power but failed on the way and spent some time with the word tecno on screen and then went off. When I tried to charge it , it failed . I took it to the nearest mechanic and they told me that the charging system is OK plus the battery and that the problem is on the motherboard. Which problem is this and how can it be solved ?

    • You can fix it. Open it and dry it under the sun for 24-48hurs, after which you should couple it back and try to turn it on.

      If the result is still negative, then take it to smartphone repairer, they'll fix it for you.

  26. Good morning Prof..
    My H7 is Giving serious headache… I'm unable to receive calls when even I try too pick up it will end the call saying. stopped… And several times it says launcher stopped of which I have wipe out the factory reset many time I don't know the problem

  27. Mine is I rooted my Phantom 6, and tried changing the imei with chamephoen but Instead of changing, it wiped the whole imei and cannot accept any other imei even the original imei…. All sim slot are writing invalid sim but my Etisalat can receive network and make a call. My other sim MTN receive signal but doesn't make call . What can I do to bring at least the old imei back? Please Sir

  28. Good day to you bro,please my tecno boom J8 was rooted and i tried to unroot it with root uninstuller as i click the unroot, it keep rebooting up till now. Happened countless times. What will i do to it to become normal?

  29. Good day to you bro,please my tecno boom J8 was rooted and i tried to unroot it with root uninstuller as i click the unroot, it keep rebooting up till now. Happened countless times. What will i do to it to become normal?

  30. Good evening prof. MY=y tecno J8 was rooted so i tried to unroot it using root uninstaller but instead it keep rebooting after i click on the unroot key on the root uninstaller app. its still rebooting up to this very moment. pls help me out prof

  31. Hello. My tecno r7 just pup up with this message. Damaged Phone Storage. Phone storage is damaged. i try to use th phone camera but it is asking me to insert SD card before i can use it. Please w
    hat do i do.

  32. Hi pro yomi. This is the second time that I will be flashing my techno G9 but I keep facing a lot of unknown installations of multi virus applications.The most annoying part is the screen jumping up and down. Pls what else do I need to to…..

  33. Please each time I browse with my techno c7 downloading takes ages and disconnect at times am using airtel on sim 2 with sim1 port being empty, some app like twitter, WhatsApp,mail etc has failed to connect even when I have data

    • My techno spark2 k9 is stuck in the techno logo and I try to do hard. Rest but the phone did not link with factory rest.I press up and power bolting but still not link or show factory rest system it only show techno logo pls what can I do please help my email is oyedele.oyewale @yahoo. com

    • Did you try other charger in charging it? If yes, then try and connect it to a PC to see if the PC will recognize it. If it doesn't, take it to CC to check it for you. They know what to do

  34. Hello sir, I have a problem with a Tablet called Blu studio 7II, I soon found out that the Tablet network band is not supported for Niaja Telco networks for 3G services, pls I want to know if there is any possibility of changing its band, because I tried using mobile uncle to change the band but all the network bands can not be selected manually.

    • I have answered you severally on all the thread you've posted this same question. Please always ensure you follow up the thread you posted your question.

      You cannot change any phone band. That is how the phone was designed.

  35. hello Yomi my android keep saying "unfortunately.system ui has stop repeatedly n I.cant use.d phone. even.the apps r not.oppenining.even settings.

    • Hello friend,
      boot it into safemode by Press and hold your phone's power button for a few seconds until Android prompts you to turn off your phone—just as you would normally do to power it down. Next, tap and hold Power off for a few seconds until your phone asks you to confirm that you want to enter safe mode

      go to apps and uninstall the last applications you downloaded. boot it normally. if the problem still persist, factory reset it and your phone will be back to normal

  36. hello Yomi my android keep saying "unfortunately.system ui has stop repeatedly n I.cant use.d phone. even.the apps r not.oppenining.even settings.

  37. Hallo yomi. Am Eric. My techno g9 has a problem with adware virus. I have severally flashed it using so flash tool and its rom. It returns to normalcy but after sometime adware viruses pop up again. Please help

    • What is causing it is because your current OS version is prone to these adware at attack. I'll advice you install a custom rom, then stop downloading applications from unknown sources. You can use only Play store as your ource. Also make sure you install a strong antivirus on your device

      If I can remember, Tecno g3 hasn't got an update for a very long time which alone is an attractive force to malware.

    • I don't know how it got into system. Rarely do i download apps apart from the google apps store. The virus came in overnight. It changes security settings and unchecks security measure for downloading apps from untrusted sources,makes my g9 to hang, can't do anything. This virus is called netalpha.

  38. Hi yomi. Am Eric. My techno g9 has been a problem with adware virus. Severally, I have flashed it using special flash tool and its rom. Normalcy returns but after weeks the adware virus pops up again. Please help

    • Format The Whole ROM With So flash tool before Flashing The ROM,Flashing the ROM Alone doesn't remove the malware,you need to format The Phone first With So Flash tool before flashing

  39. My Techno L8 is 6months old but the touchpad is not functioning. Everytime I have to strike an item five or more times get something out of it, what can be the problem?

  40. my tecno phantom a+ is always showing launcher not responding. A and my front camera is not working. what should i do?

  41. Hello, Each time I spend so much time on Instagram and stay on the app for so long, my phone touch light stops working, the rear camera flash no longer works and the touch light no longer comes on. I'm using a Tecno Boom J8 and it also happened on my former Lenovo A5000. My front camera flash still works very fine. Since last night, I have tried switching on and off, going on flight mode for a long time and removing SIM cards, nothing works. I have checked my phone settings​ to see if I can get the touchlight app but couldn't find anything cos it seems the rear camera flash and touchlight didn't come with a separate app. Since it's a nonremovable battery, I slept with the phone switched off only to turn it on this morning with the problem still persisting. What could be wrong? Is there a Qualcomm Snapdragon device that malfunctions like this or is it an MTK thing? I love my Tecno J8 and it never has been rooted and I've never ever done an upgrade on the device since I got it August last year cos I've never had a memory card at all. What can I do to resolve this issue?

    • This is where the place of system updates occassionally comes in. smart devices are design to be updated regularly because of issues like this. But TEcno hasn't provided any update yet for this device.

      The Solution is to factory reset it. This may not be convenient for you but this is the only solution for now.

  42. hi prof. my tecno R7 phone misbehaves alot. it brings advert like gphony, jiji app and others like that and they automatically install themselves,thus making my phone to trip off and on at intervals. i think those adverts are various and they are all over my phone. i keep deleting and uninstalling. seems its not working. kindly help. this is my email, if there's any possible solution

    • Hello Folusho,
      Your Tecno R7 is infected with Monkeytest and time virus. the only way to fix it is if you flash your phone with the stock rom.

      But I'll suggest you factory reset it first if it will fix it. If it doesn't, then you have to go with the first option.

  43. Hello Yomi prof ! Pls I have been having issues of frequent freezing on my Tecno Droidpad since last year, and I've report this to tecno via Error report and even try several antivirus app hoping it's virus. Yet the problem persist. Pls can you help me out in solving this ?

    • Hello Alli,
      You are experiencing constant freezing from your dreadpad for some of the reasons below;

      1. Your cache is full
      2. You have too many apps installed on your device
      3. Your Ram capacity is small
      4. Tecno hasn't provided any update fixes for the device mention above since it was released.

      To solve your problem,
      1. Uninstall apps you don't use or need from your droidpad.
      2. Go to settings>>Apps>>Click on individual apps cache, clear the cache one after the other for all the apps you have installed except Google play services and Google playstore.

      Once you are thru, reboot your device and check the performance.

      If the above solution didn't fix it, then your last option is to factory reset your droidpad.

  44. my tecno L8 lite has a problem with internet. its not stable. at first it was working but then stopped all of a sudden. i have tried to reset it i even set it to default but its not working i cannot access my all my apps that use internet Watsapp Facebook everything PLEASE HELP ME THANX

    • Hello Linny,
      check your apn settings if its correct. If it is correct, and you are sure about it, then you have to options;

      1. Download a a free vpn from playstore, it will mask your IP and power all your apps or

      2. You factory reset it which I won't advice at the moment.

      But most likely, your apn settings might be the culprint. Delete the existing apn settings and enter a fresh one then save.

  45. Hello admin,my tecno L8 plus is having problem opening the camera it keeps telling me unable to connect to camera, close other apps that may use camera or flash light even my flash light is not opening. Please how can I solve it?

  46. Hello admin,

    My tecno pahntom z(A7) currently has issues to power off.My screen is blank though the home key show the phone is on.What might be the problem?

  47. Hello prof. please I need help my techno l8 plus stated hanging recently and the hanging is really frustrating, I've manual formated it like three times and even deleted all files yet the problem still persist.. Pls how can I solve this problem…this is my mail and number [email protected]..07033636245

    • Your phone is hanging because your ram is very very low. Not upto 1GB ram. Uninstall apps you don't use.

      Or Factory reset it back to default

  48. hellow my techno R7 power button seem not to b working how can i put it on without d button, secondly d touchpad is cracked was is the idea of fixing it

    • Hello Ebuka,
      Such happened when your device is clustered with too many cache. Go to your settings>>apps>>click on individual apps and clear its data cache but don't touch Google Play service and Google Play store.

      Once you are done, reboot your device and check the performance. If it doesn't fix it, factory reset your device.

  49. hello, saw ur blog by google.
    My tecno j8 powered off this morning due to battery. While charging this afternoon it came up but nothing shows on the screen. If i call my line it rings. I can the background light of the screen but cant see anything on the screen. Please can you proffer solution.
    Thank you

    • Hello Friend,
      Remove your battery for few minutes, connect the device to a power source and wait for it to power up. Check if it powers up normally. once it does, shut it down and insert the battery back.

      Power it into safemode and uninstall the last application you installed. once done, power it back normally and your device should be back to normal life.

  50. Pls yomi prof my tecno w3 is always showing storage full on d notification and I have 8gb memory card and 6.58 space is still avilabe..

    • Move some of the applications you have installed on your internal memory to your sdcard.

      Like your facebook is consuming a lot of space.

      Go to your settings>>Apps>>clear data cache of individual apps but don't touch Google play services. Once done, reboot your device

  51. Hello. Please my tecno droidpad 7 pro keeps crashing. All my apps will suddenly start crashing unless I restart the phone. I won't be able to do anything. It will keep bringing all my apps has stopped working like whatsapp has stopped working, facebook has stopped working etc. The most annoying thing is somtimes it deletes my whatsapp messages. I'll have to restore to gave the previous messages restored.

  52. I have been having camera issues for 4days now on camon c9, i have done hard reset like 2times and its stil not working…. Its saying camera may be in use by other applications close and start again…. Pls hlp

  53. Hello yomy pls my phantom 6 plus is always showing system ui has stopped,all I can't really access all my app becos d three touches at d down are nt working well,pls I nid your help

    • hello Prudy love,
      In most cases, powering off and on your device will completely fix it.

      turn it off and ON,

      1)Navigate your device "Settings";

      2) Select "Applications", tap on "Menu";

      3) Select "Show system application" in pull-down menu;

      4) Then find "System Interface" among all applications. In "Memory" section perform clearing all data and cache.

      This will fix it. Let me know if it helps

  54. Hello bro Yomi Prof ,
    I urgently need your help , my techno phantom Z always display com.andriod.systemUI and it won't let me use any app on my phone except if not connected with Internet , have formatted it , reboot it and factory reset it but no still same issues , I cleared the ceache as well but no avail plz what do I do ? I need your help urgently plz

  55. Hello Anonymouse, you can easily fix your Tecno Phantom Z issue by simply uninstalling updates. Go to settings>>apps, locate google updates and unintall it. If the notification pop up didn't allow you to navigate around yours settings, just boot it into safe mode and uninstall google updates. reboot your device and you are good to go

  56. ptof, for 2 days now, my tecno phantom 6 plus isnt turning on. what can i do? i have tried pressing power button for a long time. i have tried volume up + power button. i have tried volume down + power button also i have tried volume up+ volume down + power button.

    kindly help

  57. Hello Prof, my DroidPad 7c Pro Hans especially whe I'm using the Internet. Moreover, I can't update apps on the phone, download stops after sometime.


  58. Hassan Joel
    Hi Yomi Prof, My Tecno Spark K7 has fallen inside water, and it was promptly removed almost immediately. Now, the phone worked for some minutes before the screen went blank.It doesn't show anything from then on. When I took it for repair, I was told that the screen needs to be replaced. So, I want to seek your assistance on any possible solution.

  59. Hello Hassan Joel,
    You need to change your screen… it's obviously damaged. When next your smartphone fall inside water, the first thing you should do is to detach the battery and dry it under the sun before it causes more damages.

  60. @Bessboss,
    you don't need to replace your battery but disable apps that consume most of your battery life. Apps running at the background, apps you don't use often… like Fb and snapchat.

    You only need to do things. Change your charger and drain your battery to 0%… then charge it afresh.

  61. oga yomi i have asked this before but no reply,
    my tecno m3 just off by itself when i was watching film with it and since then it has refuse to charge or power up, it only vibrate and stop when i try to power it up, what might be the possible cause and solution?

  62. Hi Yomi, my phantom pad 2,tecnog9 has been infected with malware that seems not to be wiping off, even when I do a whole new install of the rom from hovatek. Once i connect to the Internet, the ads just keep coming back.. I think they are powered by some apps that automatically install, but I can't seem to find a way to stop them from installing or find a permanent solution to my problem.

  63. Hello, my Tecno g9 has been infected with a malware that seems to be automatically installing apps that cause multiple ads on the tab once I connect to the Internet. I have reinstalled the firmware countless times, all to no avail

  64. @Tayo TK,
    If your L8Plus is a removable battery, remove the battery and plug on the charger to the phone for few seconds, watch if it powers up then disconnect and insert your battery then power it up afresh.

  65. Hello Smart,
    You'll need to flash back your y6 stock rom. The roadside repairer probably flashed incompatible rom on your device that is why you are not getting 3G network.

  66. Hello.
    My TECHNO F5 is not booting on, it only writes TECHNO and off again.
    I went for flashing but the engr. Confirmed its not connecting to the system. Please what is the solution. ?
    I seriously and urgently needs it. Pls


  67. Hello My Name is Austin. My TECNO W3 is giving Me issues. Whenever I Turn it ON It will Show the TECNO Logo and it will not pass there. I Tried Flashing it,Computer could not Detect it. The Charging Port is 100% OK. The first Terminal by the Left side of the Battery Connector has Pushed inside. It's the Last Terminal by the Right side and the Middle Terminal of the Battery Connector that is still in a good Condition. I Can't Flash the Phone. The Computer can't Detect it.  Engr Yomi Prof.  Pls I need your Help on this.

  68. Hi.. I can't receive incoming calls anymore..but can call out. I thought it was network at first but this is taking longer than usual.. I am able to perform other activities except receiving phone calls. Please help me fix this problem

  69. Hello Austin,
    Your phone is bricked and the only cure is to flash it. Download SP Flashtool and Tecno W3 stock rom. use another usb cable and it will be detected on compt

  70. My Techno J8 says cannot connect to camera because another program is currently using it.
    And I have restarted, rebooted it to no avail it still bring this same message

  71. My tecno wx3 displays headphone on the screen and since then i cannot hear people talking to me tru the phone. It doesn't play out music anymore, except i plug in a head phone then i can hear people who call me nd also play music tru the headphones. Plz anyone with a solution to this problem

  72. Good day sir my tecno l8 lite is having issues some apps can't connect the internet net while others are connecting but will only connect via a Wi-Fi network playing Wat can I do

  73. Hello saw this Forum on Google,
    My tecno W3 fell from my bag on to a cushion chair. It immediately went of and since then I have tried all I could it still didn't come up, and it's Not charging either but whenever I connect to my Pc, it makes that sound that suggests it in sync with the Pc.
    I gave my brother who is an Engineer to maybe help me flash the phone on
    Miracle loader and the system showed err21002 boy said he doesn't even know what's Err21002.
    He confirmed the screen and the Charging port to be perfect and yet nothing seems to be working right.
    Please is there anything I can do to salvage my phone, the phone is even less than 2 months old to see money buy another Na real war.

  74. Pls the ''home''and ''minimise''buttons of my tecno l8 lite are no longer working..i bought the new phone last week… The phone can no longer minimise..please how do i fix the problem? N

  75. Please help. My Tecno L8 Plus sometimes show funny screen colours. Sometimes there are vertical lines of different colours but this morning the colours are faint.

  76. My tecno L8 plus screen color is terrible. Sometimes there are vertical lines of various colors. I tried the screen fix app but the problem keeps .ocurring.

  77. Hello there.a few days back my phantom z started becoming very slow is processing everything,so i though maybe the version needed t be updated.the version i was using was the original one that came with the phone when i bought i first downloaded the upgrade it unzipped for almost thirty minutes then i clicked then brought a notification that my phone willl go off and i clicked ok,that was the last i saw of it ,switching it on or even rebooting it isnt helping,the glowingcentre button shows that the phone is on but nothing is displayed on the screen.pliz help.thanks

  78. Hy.i bought l8 lite 4 days ago and discovered yesterday that the home key and minimize buttons whe
    re not working. I restarted my phone but the problem is still persistent.

  79. Good day Prof,

    My tecno r7 is not connecting to internet. everytime I try to update app on playstore, the message I get is "connect to internet" meanwhile I have data on my sim. pls help

  80. My tecno phantom 8 screen suddenly gone dead….haven't used it for even a week. It started with breaks in internet connectivity and finally unresponsive screen. I can't restart or even turn it off…..please what do i do?

  81. hello my tecno L8 plus suddenly went off and won't start I've tried charging and pressing the power button and nothing works. kindly help

  82. Hello Yomi,
    My Tecno L8 lite does ring out when people call me nor does the notification (sms) alert ring out. When I press the side volume control keys the ring tone & notification volume control look disabled.
    How do I enable them?

  83. Hello Prof….. My tecno spark k9 suddenly showed a msg that my media and DRM isn't responding. So I restarted it bt it didn't come on and it is just vibrating. Pls what can I do?

  84. Hello Prof….. My tecno spark k9 suddenly showed a msg that my media and DRM isn't responding. So I restarted it bt it didn't come on and it is just vibrating. Pls what can I do?

  85. Hello,i use a phantom 8 and switched to ultra power save mode to get the decide charging extra fast only to wake up with my pre-installed flashlight no longer working. What do I do?

  86. Hello Prof, my phantom z suddenly stopped displaying without been dropped, now there is a little crack on the screen without any ink showing on the screen. Calls come in but can't pick but at times it picks when I swipe in the screen even in the normal way I want to reject the call its still been picked. The call can only be disconnected using a earpiece, What can I do to the phone.

  87. Good morning admin, pls am having issues with my camera on the tecno j8, it has stopped responding, n i have tried going to settings to clear cache n data, but the camera app isn't showing in the application manager,so i reset my phone and still not responding. Keeps saying camera can't connect. Pls i would appreciate if you could help out with a solution. Thank you.

    • hello friend, boot it to safemode and force stop the camera app, clear the cache and data and reboot your device on normal mode. ..

      If the problem still persist, then you'll need to do second method. Your phone must be rooted, if its not rooted then we can't continue

  88. Hello prof good day please i downloaded the software update that came up in the notifications bar on my tecno boom j8 and since then my touchscreen has refused to work please what do i do?

    • hello friend,
      You need to uninstall all system updates from settings>>app>>tap on the app and uninstall all updates one after the other. once you are done, reboot your device.

      Alternatively, you should uninstall the updates you downloaded by flashing back the stock rom of Boom J8

    • Hello Okah Bright,
      Clear the camera apps cache from settings, restart your device… It should fix it. Otherwise, factory reset your device and everthing will be back to normal.

  89. Please help me MI tecno k9(spark plus) the camera stopped working each time l want to start it will rite l should off evry device making use of flashlight yet MI flashlight would be off n it was be hanging it just started today.

  90. Hi yomi. I use a phantom 6 plus. I downloaded some custom fonts and applied it to my phone using the Hi fonts. Now I can't change my fonts anymore. Can't even reset back to the default font. Stuck on this custom font. How can I fix this without having to reset my phone and lose most of my stuff.

    • Hello friend,
      If your phone automatically flashes it self, then it has a virus. You need to get the virus out. One of the symptoms is annoying pop up ads, slow engine and if care is not taken, it will steal your private financial details.

      RESET or Flash your device with same Spark 7 stock rom

  91. Thanks for the privilege. I use tecno tab p9. Presently it displays different colors and freeze and at times it restart continously. I gave it to engineer he changed the screen and battery but the problem remains. what could be wrong?

    • Hello Speedon Impact,
      The problem with your Tab 9 is not screen or battery. The problem is outdated software update. I'm aware TEcno hasn't paid much attention to most of its devices for system fixes but you can do this…

      Reset your Tab to Factory Settings. It will fix it. If the issue still persist, then I'll advice you flash Tab P9 stock rom again.

  92. my techno w3 shows Hios and goes off and it goes off every time.. when u switch it on it stays for minutes and goes off.. what's the problem.. help

    • Hello friend, I'll suggest you check your battery if the pin head is contacting well with your phone. You can try it with another battery to see if you'll get a different result.

  93. Hello, Thanks for this platform. I have an issue with my tecno whenever i make a call or try to puck a call, it freezes. When i make a call, it freezes so it takes a while before i hear the person or see the call screen and for incoming calls, after i answer it there is a lag before i start hearung the other person. Any idea how to fix this

    • hello friend, your phone needs a system upgrade. This is one of the reasons why upgrades are provided all the time for system fixes.

      But I"m aware Tecno don't provide upgrades for system fixes all the time. The only thing you can do now to fix this issue is to clear your apps cache one after the other without touching Google Play services and Gplay store or Factory reset your phone.

    • Strange behavior I must say but I'll advice you to connect it to power, turn it off and on again. If the problem persist, then your only option is factory reset.

    • It hangs because it performs poorly when it comes to multi-tasking and the ram is 1GB. The only to fix this is to uninstall apps you are not using. Don't keep too many apps on the phone.

      Also, go to settings>>apps>>Clear cache of all apps individually but don't touch Google services and google play store. Restart your device and it should be normal.

    • Hello Mushota,
      Your phone is bricked, I'm guessing you installed a software perhaps before you switched it off. To check if its a soft brick, boot your device into safe mode, check the last installed application and uninstalled it.

      Reboot into normal mode, and it should take you back to your home. But if that shouldn't fixed, then you'll need to flash your device with J8 stock rom using SP flash tool and everything will be back to normal.

    • Hello friend,
      Remove the battery, insert it again, make sure the pin to the battery head is touching the phone. connect your phone charger to it and power it on

  94. my tecno w3, only a week old but its so slow, i have uninstalled most apps but its still slow. i feel like hitting it aginst the wall!!!!!

    • Hello friend, please don't hit it against the wall. just do this

      Go to settings>>apps>Click on apps one by one >>cache, clear the cache. Do it for all the apps one after the other but don't touch Google Play store and Google Play services.

      Once you are done, reboot your device and it will be okay

  95. I charged my Tecno Phantom 6 overnight. Used it briefly in the morning and it just went off. Now I have a blank screen and the "TECNO Powered by Android" message is what keeps flashing. Kindly help please.

  96. Hello sir, My Tecno C7 began to misbehave this morning. The home screen touch pad and the touch pad that displays opened apps suddenly stopped working even though the lights are on. Secondly my callers can't reach me anymore as my phone is always busy.

  97. Good Morning Proff Yemi. u guys are doing a very
    nice job. keep it up and more grease to ur
    elbow…. pls I need help with my tecno w3
    device. it happened dat I had a low ba3 and d
    phone just went off without shutting down, I
    later got a new ba3 but d problem now is dat
    anytime I want to run any application on d
    phone be it watsapp, operamini or even open
    music, d phone will just start to misbehave, it
    wil start telling me your google app has stopped
    unfortunately, or your calendar has stopped
    unfortunately and stuff like dat and after
    sometimes it will just hang and go back to tecno
    logo and dat is it until I remove d ba3 again..
    I've tried to do hard reset several times but it
    didn't work. I've taken it to d place they flash
    phone, they told me d phone can't be flashed.
    pls help me, I'm really frustrated ryt nw. I can't
    even make a call d phone … so sorry for d long
    write up. I hope to hear from u soon. Thanks..

  98. Hello I'm have a problem with my new tecno spark k7 if someone call me I will hear that person but the person did not hear me a friend asked me to used earphones with it but still the same answer……Please help with that.. .Thanks

  99. Hello I'm have a problem with my new tecno spark k7 when someone call me I will hear that person but the person will not hear me a friend of my asked me to get earphones but the answer still the same please help me out thanks

  100. Hello. I've been using the phontom 6 plus for almost 6 months now and im having a good experience with it but some days after updating it, it started freezing and rebooting and now it wont come one. All it does is 'vibrate, show the tecno logo until i hard press at power button until it switched off' and thats it…. i really need someone's help

    • Hello Krishna,
      sorry about what you are passing through. Unfortunately the update you downloaded has a bug and have bricked your Phantom 6 Plus.

      Your only solution is to downgrade it back to the rom version it was before you updated it.

  101. Thanks Prof Yomi for your quick response. Can you please guide me, how can I downgrade my HIOS version so that I can reuse it. I tried to get hard reset through {power button + upper sound button } but it just blink the logo of Tecno and disappear in a millisecond. It is very tough for me to be beyond from my contacts and calls.

    Lots of thanks in advance.

  102. trying to install apps from another sources BT the final "install" part can't be clicked..
    using tecno L9plus. what might be the problem

    • Did you enable install from other source option (Settings, scroll down to Security, and select Unknown sources. Selecting this option will allow you to install apps outside of the Google Play store.)?

  103. I used a different charger to boost up my l8 plus,just for it to over heat and stop charging. Laptop can't recognize my phone anymore neither is it been charged via laptop.What could be the problem. Note; I have tried other chargers and nothing seems to be working.

    • unfortunately, your charger has burnt the charging port connected to your device and I'm afraid it might likely affect the panel due to over heating but not sure yet.

      It can be fix.

  104. Hi,
    I got this used tecno 8H a few days ago, and have already fallen for the device.

    But one thing, GPS signaling is not giving my apps turn by turn navigation. when you hit start navigation the arrowhead positions as though it will move as you move, but it never moves.

    i have used a number of apps (ie google map, uber driver, etc) but same attitude.

    But using My Track, tracks are not drawn smoothly.
    It behaves as though I was hoping moving.

    Please help me, dont want to change my techno.

    • Hello Kffy,
      There is only one option you have to fix this… system update. If your device doesn't receive system update, then you may not be able to fix this.

  105. My tecno k9 camera is saying can't connect to the camera. please make sure to close other apps that may use camera or flashlight so what can i do

  106. Hello prof,my techno droipad 7c cleared my watsapp and ever since I've uninstalled,installed many times but it doesn't still work(the verification code sent to my number doesn't get confirmed,I tried it with various nos but its still the same old story)

  107. Hello
    please my techno l9Plus is not charging and has refused to on
    It was working perfectly only to wake up the next morning to discover the problem
    How do i rectify this please

  108. Hi, my Techno K7 always freezes apps and says they are not responding…its also really slow, its fraustrating, what do i do

  109. My TECNO C7 is giving me headache, it goes off by itself and reboot itself. It hangs whenever i try to access it, i don't know what's the cause of these. please help!!!

  110. Hello. My phantom 6 plus goes off and when I switch it on it vibrates and there is some light on the screen. After leaving it for some time the display appears. What can I do? I have tried flashing it in vain

  111. Hello to you. My tecno phantom 6 plus sometimes goes blank and vibrates showing dome light on the screen. After sometime it starts displaying normally. I hsve tried to factory reset in vain. I have also downgraded it to android 6. It developed that problem many months after upgrading it to nougat. What could be the problem?

    • Remove the battery and insert it again.Make sure the battery is touching the phone pin head otherwise it won't come up. Otherwise, try it with another battery.

  112. Hi,
    Recently my phone would take a while to open even the keyboard for typing and other apps as well just very very slow and also i would put the phone in the charger at 4:00am while the battery is at 6%/7% when i am going to sleep close all the apps and at 12:00pm the next day it is only at 70% or even 80% if im lucky

    • Your Phone cache is filled and you need to clear it one after the other then reboot your device.
      Go to settings>>apps>>open each app and clear the data cache. Do it for all the apps except Google play store and Google services. Once you are done, reboot your device.

      Note that after rebooting ur device, some of the app will prompt you to login again before they'll work.

  113. Hi,pls my techno spark k7 screen is not responding to touch but every other part of the phone is working,I can't switch it off because the screen is not responding

  114. my tecno l8 lite keeps returning to home screen whenever i try to do anything, ive tried to delete some files to create space but its still having desame problem

    • Hello friend, You don't need to delete any file, you only need to clear your app data cache from settings>>apps>>click on individual app and clear the data cache. Do it for all the apps you have but don't touch google play store and google services. Once you are done, reboot your device and watch the performance

  115. my tecno l8 lite keeps returning to home screen whenever i try to do anything, ive tried to delete some files to create space but its still having desame problem

  116. My tecno w3 went off when am upgrading system and started vibrating non stop, and I remove the battery and put it back, and is not on again, pls what can I do

  117. Hello, please i need your help. My techno L9plus keeps tell me "storage space running out". Yet the phone says 9g used ouy of 16g plus i have an SD card of 16g. I have reseted the phone several times n cleared cache data too. Please what can i do to solve this problem.

  118. Hi,I just got this site on Google now. Hope you can help me fix my tab. I have Tecno G9 table. He never fall down and water never fall on it too it just developed screen problem. The screen is moving up and down constantly. What do you think it affecting it and what is solution. My WhatsApp number is +2348068607071 mail: [email protected]. Looking forward to your reply.

  119. Helo. Please my tecno w3 flashlight ain't working all of a sudden and I noticed that the front camera only works and if I want to change it to the back camera, it won't. Please could you proffer a solution?

    • hello friend, some apps are running at the background of your phone. Go to settings and check the apps running in background, stop them or disable them

  120. hello.
    I just bought techno spark not up to a week and the camera isn't sharp like that of my friends
    have tried going through the settings but I cant find anything wrong with it.
    plz what should I do?

  121. good day sir,
    I have an issue with my tecno h6, it is showing "unfortunately, Power Saving Management has stopped". Please help me out.
    thank you very much.

    • Hello friend, go to settings>>apps>> look for that particular app causing the issue, clear the data and clear the cache option. reboot your device

  122. My Tecno GO smart Phone is not loading fast, 8t is also telling me "No enough space" Even if there seems to be space. What do I do?

    • Hello friend, go to settings>>apps>>click on each apps, clear the data and the cache for all the apps but don’t touch Google play services and play store app. Once you are done, reboot your device.

  123. MY Tecno K7 won’t go on when I put in the sincere but when I remove it it goes on. What should I do to fix this???

  124. Hello, please my tecno L9 power button spoilt and I can’t power my phone, please is there any other means I can use to power my phone?

  125. hello my techno k7 spark just of sudden stop responding to the internet I even removed all Sims to try through the Wi-Fi still not working and also tried rebooting the system but still not working I just don’t know what to go again please can you help me

    • Hello Gabriel,
      Sorry about what you are passing through with your phone. Do you mean when you open any browser, its not loading any page at all?
      Do this:
      Open your broswer go to settings>>click on Privacy>>Clear your data cache completely and try to surf the net after that. Let me know if it works
      out for you

    • Your phone is heavily fragmented. Go to settings>>Apps>>open individual apps and clear the data and cache
      do that for all the apps but don’t touch Google Playstore and Google services. REboot your device and it should be fine.

  126. Good morning
    My tecno k7 doesn’t show any notification for incoming calls when screen is off
    And always I get notifications that this or that app has stopped working pls I need help

    • Hello Akpe,
      Go to settings, apps>>open individual apps and clear the app cache and data. Do it for all the apps but don’t touch Google Playstore and google services. Reboot your device and check the performance.

  127. please i need possible solution for my Spark K9 screen. It’s screen suddenly blur with different colours on it sometimes

  128. Engineer Yomi
    Sometimes my spark k9 screen displayed with vertical lines on it… This my whatzapp number 07065860642

    • Hello Olosunde,
      If you take a screenshot, do the lines show up on the image (you’ll have to view the image on another phone or PC, though)?

      What about the position of the lines? Are they always in the same spot? Do they change? Do they flicker when you press a certain spot on the device?

      Unfortunately, most of the time, lines on the screen usually signify hardware problems, and those aren’t easily fixed unless the phone is physically repaired. It can be anything from a faulty LCD/LED panel, loose wiring/chips, or a damaged display control chip.

      Only if the lines appear also on a screenshot would the problem be software-related and probably fixed with a device reset or patch, but otherwise, you’d need to have it checked and repaired.

  129. Hello Sir Yomi, my tecno l8 lite battery drains so quickly. I’ve turned off everything I can and reduced screen brightness, timeout and the rest. It still drains so quickly and when I check why, it’s the Wi-Fi, screen on and phone idle that consume 95% of the battery. Note that I’ve already turned off my Wi-Fi and reduced usage. I bought the phone one month ago.

    • Hello Anita,
      Some apps are running at the background of your phone, try to turn them off completely most especially apps you are not using. When your phone is not in use, put the network on Edge, it will help save your battery.

      completely allow the battery to drain to flat rate then charge it to full when you’ve done the above. Also make sure that your location and GPS is turned off. They also consume battery.

  130. Hello Yomi,
    My techno k7 went off suddenly and has been showing the techno booting logo since yesterday. The battery is inbuilt so i cannot remove it , please can you assist me

    • hello Lilian,
      Sorry about what your phone is making you pass through. Unfortunately, your phone is bricked and will need to be flashed before it can regain sanity.
      However, if you can boot it into safe mode by first powering it off completely,
      >>Next, tap and hold Power off for a few seconds until your phone asks you to confirm that you want to enter safe mode. Tap OK, and your phone will restart into safe mode.

      >>Then uninstall the last applications you download before the incident. Reboot your phone in normal mode and it should be back to life. If not, flash your
      Tecno K7.

  131. please am not geting network on my techno l9plus when i checked they gave me an inscription “ATTENTION, NO AVAILABLE NETWORKS” how do i fix it?

  132. since yesterday my phone tenco j8 failed to verify my WhatsApp phone num

    it will be connecting for 6 mins and will send me an SMS saying please unable to connect check if ur connected to the internet n try again.

    but everything is on both data and etc n de network is effective
    what is happening wit this phone.

    • Hello Ridwan,
      Please, kindly remove your battery and insert it back again. If it didn’t come up, then you’ll need to boost the phone. Engr normally have the machine booster

  133. please my tecno L9 plus shows cant connect to camera.and also i cant use the flashlight ..for both front and rear camera or flashlights..
    if i upgrade the phone as its available, will it fix the issues,? if not, wat do i do next?
    cuz i have taken it to engineer and he said nothing is wrong with the cameras of it could be a software issue..i need replies please ASAP

  134. Hello
    Pls when ever I want to increase the volume of my phone when ever am listening to music a popup will show saying “system ui can’t be used Pls try to allow permission “Pls help me with this problem

  135. I’m Vic. my tecno boom j8 hangs and takes too long (and sometimes refuses completely!) whenever I try to save new contacts. also it doesn’t show the call log and contacts list. What might be the problem?

  136. good morning, please my phone was showing internal memory full, and now deleted some files and apps after them i remove the battery and since then refused to power on

  137. Hi. My tecno K7 screen just stopped functioning since morning, it has been hanging but the power button is still functioning. I can’t even restart or shut it down. Any help?

  138. hi yomi ,
    I noticed my tecno camon cm stopped blinking the blue notification light each time I have a nitrification message.
    it wasn’t like that before the phone is just a week old.

  139. I’m using Tecno W5 lite, my home and minimize button ain’t working but vibrates when touched, and my hot-spot, Bluetooth, power saving mode, are no longer working and my w5lite is now super slow, what is the cause

    • Heavy cache and too much apps running. Easy way out is to factory reset it. Back up your contacts, videos and fotos on google so that you won’t loose any doc or contacts.

  140. Mine is tecno l9pluse,the speaker suddely stoped being loud,it becomes loud if i OFF music and on it back,den de sound gose off again av tried all to restore de sound all to no avail plz can i get help here???

  141. hi prof, pls a Tecno K7 spark just keeps vibrating, I have restored d setting but it keeps vibrating and backing d phone to home page…any solution pls

  142. hi prof…. I can’t receive calls on my techno w5….callers keep getting number busy tone. but I can call out. can’t also get notifications on my notification bar.. please help

    • Hello Wilfred,
      It is a system bug that can only be fixed via update. I’ll suggest you factory reset it. Just back up all your files, contacts and docs on google. You are safe.

  143. Hi Yomi
    my Techno L9 plus usually uninstalls my instagram app each time I restarts it…

    what should I do?

    • Hello David,
      Did you installed instagram app on your Sdcard or the phone memory? If its installed on sdcard, kindly move it to phone memory or get another sdcard

  144. hi yomi gudaftnon, pls I gave someone my phone to fix d touch pad after fixing it d phone refuse to show light but is on wen I put my sim and cal it wil ring but d screen is blank,pls any help

    • hello Jessica,
      The touch pad is not properly fix or not compatible with your phone. Kindly return it and demand for a refix or better still, take
      it to an experience engineer to fix it

  145. Hello Yomi Prof. my screen doesn’t draw down. When I’m operating it, I can’t draw to see what’s on my home screen because of this issue. What is the cause and what should I do to resolve it?

  146. my to techo w5 lite is slow and also hanging and when ever I open app and go out from it than if I want to go to the same app I go, it will reopen again, what is the problem please help me out

    • Hello Chisom,
      Go to settings>>apps>>click on each app and delete the app cache. do it for all the apps except google play and google services. reboot your phone and it should be okay.

  147. Hello prof. am Tobi good day.. my techno k7 keypad bottons won’t work… Started few days.. The phone is not hanging… Just the three bottons…the back, minimize and home botton ..please kindly help

    • Hello Tobi,
      Kindly restart the keyboard by following the guide below;

      1. Go to the Settings menu of the device
      2. Scroll down to the Apps section and Tap on Application Manager
      3. Swipe to go to the “All” tab
      4. Now look for the app Android Keyboard and tap on it
      5. Now tap on Force Stop to stop the keyboard

      Exit the app and restart your device. Everything should be back to normal. Let me know if it works.

  148. Good day Mr Yomi, pls my techno k9 does not show back camera and flash light isn’t working too. It shows only front camera with no way of changing it. Pls what may be the cause and how can I resolve it, thanks.

    • Hello Uyi,
      Restart your camera app. “Go to Settings > Apps,Camera, and then touch Force stop. Go to Settings > Apps, Camera, and then touch Clear cache. Go to Settings > Apps, Camera, and then touch Clear data.

      Then restart your device without opening the camera or any other applications that use the camera.

  149. Gud morning my tecno k7 is having serious problem which make me to hate tecno phones,the problem is that it always stop apps even system apps especially when i on data and it will seriously hang to the extend you cannot operate the phone Again

    • Hello Success, there are two ways to fix this.
      1. Go to settings>>apps>>Click on individual apps>>clear data and delete the cache individually but don’t touch Google play store and google services.
      2. Factory reset it.

  150. Hello Yomi, tried what you said but still remains the same. Pls is there something else I can do to rectify this camera issue?

  151. hello,my tecno l9plus screen is shaking/flickering without falling but every part of the phone is working fine.i have tried restarting it but to no avail,what can be done ASAP …

    • Hello friend,
      clear your app and data cache then reboot your device. Go to settings>>app>>click on individual app and clear the cache and data. But don’t touch google
      play store and google services.

  152. Hello Engineer.
    I don’t know reason why my phone started to malfunction like restarting it self,hanging,and showing UI refuse to respond anytime I on my data for browsing. This started after I collected my phone from calcare center for repair of my screen phone line display.

    • I’m guessing you have lots of apps you don’t need installed on it. uninstall apps you are not using. go to settings>>apps>>click on individual apps,
      delete cache and data. do it for all the apps except google play and google services. reboot ur device and watch the performance

  153. Thanks the phone is not too slow again after I free some space on internal memory. I wanna know maybe I can root the phone. And am trying to use my fingerprint but its saying fingerprint hardware not available

  154. hi ,my techno spark k9 hanged up today at 11 a.m the screen displays all the apps well but its not sensitive plus the buttons are not working when i want to restart .kind regards