How to Fix “No Command” on Android

 Android device is
very fragile… it can decide to just go a-wire sometimes even without you doing
anything to it. Perhaps you just updated your device to the latest OS and
instead of it to reboot normally, you are now seeing any of this option “no command”…  which
is caused when super user access has been canceled or denied during the
installation process of appstore or OS update

How to fix no command error  on Android

Turn off your device and Hold Volume Up button for like 15
seconds and then just tap power. It should work, but kinda tricky to get the
first times. It will display some more options among which you’ll see
– reboot system now  
Just click on reboot system now, and your device will be
back to life again.
What if I Can’t get out of Recovery Mode?

2.       START
with your phone off
3.       Press
down volume up, at the same time press and hold HOME button, then press and
hold power button, DO NOT LET GO OF ANYTHING. You should be holding down volume
up, HOME button, and power button, DON’T LET GO! HOLD ON… and proceed to next
steps, don’t let go!
4.       As
soon as the phone restart, THEN LET GO of volume up, HOME screen button and
power On button.
5.       White
Vibrant logo disappears, Phone begins to enter recovery mode and you will see
blue and yellow small text. 
6.       You
will see 5 options:
– reboot system now
– apply sd
– wipe data/factory data reset
– wipe cache partition
– format internal sd-card
1.       using
volume down button scroll down to “wipe data/factory reset” then press HOME
button to select.
2.       on
the next screen select “Yes – delete all user data” by scrolling down using
volume down button then press HOME button to select
3.       on
the next screen press HOME button to select “reboot system now”
4.       phone
will automatically reboot itself.
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37 thoughts on “How to Fix “No Command” on Android”

  1. Oga mi wot if my fone can't power on anymore and nt charging BT only gv sound if I plug it to PC lyk. Its still bin detected by PC.wot do u knw I can do t bring my fone to life pls help my number 07032667879 [email protected]. pls sir help me

  2. Mr yomi good day i have similar problem on my lenovo A3300 , i updated it an since june it has not been working , i tried this suggestion but all to no avail , it will reboot but still wont work any help please?LENOVO A3300

  3. Prof good morning I just upgraded my infinix phone I tried dis but it didn't work for its not bringing any option wat will I do

  4. It was the normal phone update under setting that is where i got the update from , i've tried checking their website for soluting but still not getting anything useful there, probably if you know someone with the same tab it might help.LENOVO A3300. .location Akure Num 07064732613. Thanks prof.

  5. hi im having problems with my tablet i cant fix it the no command message its been 2 hours fixing it. can you help me. i dont want the option wipe data and wipe partillion.the only options are -reboot system now,apply update adb, apply update from external storage update rkimage from external storage apply update from cache recovery system from backup-

  6. This is Magic
    It worked..My phone was inactive since yesterday night with " No Command" mode..i was rendered incommunicado.
    I did the up volume long press..then Tap start button..and violla..It worked.

    Thank You friends..
    You guys are too much

  7. Tried to download paid app R-play. When clicked.
    Automatically a link get open in safari of tu tu vip asking for
    the 1 year payment in order to download this app. U said its tutu app vip is free.Its not.Any solution?And pls help me for ifile.I need to download ifile on my iphone.I am not jailbreaked.
    I tried using cydia impactor with ifile ipa file. But it gave me error 42.
    32 byte something.I have latest ios installed on my iphone with 11.2.5 version which is released something
    three days ago.Pls guide me for iplay.I appreciate u in advance.U r great man.Keep this kind
    of work always.Love u. Always supprort u.And definitely pls reply on my comment.I
    am waiting.Thanks man.

  8. Please help, after pressing down my volume down and power button from no ccommand status it is now showing factory mode. What else can I do please.


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