What is Happening to ntel? Have They Giving up on Lagos State?

Ntel, Nigeria’s most advanced 4G Long Term
Evolution(LTE) Network which commenced operations April 7th in Lagos
seems to have shift her focus from Lagos environment to Abuja.
Scanning through their site with my 3D
glasses, I saw where they announced more offices being open in FCT as seen in
the image below offering unlimited streaming and data for 30days with just


The first thing that came to my mind was
what happened to their shadow offices in Lagos? I remember how everybody was busy
reserving shadow numbers including me not knowing that Lagos won’t even have a
taste of it shadow network soonest.

It was rumored weeks ago that their SIM
chip got stuck  in Dubai, that why they
were experiencing delay in startup. But it’s over 6weeks and nothing has been
heard about ntel operating in Lagos state, Nigeria. And yet they promise to
start operations in PH soon. 
What is happening to
ntel? Have they finally given up on Lagos state or they lack capacity to handle
Lagos citizens as whole? What happened to all the numbers we reserved?
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17 thoughts on “What is Happening to ntel? Have They Giving up on Lagos State?”

  1. yomi pls i need your help..my newly bought tekno l8 closes apps itself, pls what can i do to stop this. its really frustrating cuz when i open 4 apps and switch to another one, i discover the previous ones i opened would have close. pls help

  2. Pls while updating my snokor it crash. And only display fall android icon. The engineer in my area said dey don't have the file. What can i do?
    One engineer said he has to loose the phone because it can't be flashed? Advise me

  3. I know something like this will happen bcos the first 100,000 people can make free call for some period if not for life, so abuja will finish all the goodies before they come to Lagos, I pray that MTN will start there 4G LTE before NTEL wake up from there slumber

  4. The fact is just that all this ppl think to get 10k on Nigeria is simple why can't day introduce cheap plans like 1k or 2k for maybe 8-10gig then they should wait for ppl maybe they won't rush into there company I don't know y these ppl just wish to be stingy something that u are the one adding the values ur self nonsense

  5. Hi Yomi. I'm a big fan of your blog. Ntel is a startup trying to place quality over quantity. If they started at Lagos, yes, they will get the subscribers they want within a week, but overall network experience will be poor. To those complaining about the price, well keep complaining. The price for unlimited internet at 10K is the best in Nigeria right now ($35). If you still hating, give the nearest transformer around you acuddly hug. Ntel is here to stay!abj-lagos-ph

  6. Nobody will be hugging any transformer… I don't think they are ready for Lagos or any other State yet and i hope when they are it won't be too late

  7. those ntel people dont know what they are doing. I subscribed for the 3k plan that is supposed to last me for a week. I subscribed on Saturday last week, and since Sunday I have never been able to open even google, the 4g signal keeps dancing, coming and going. and they told me that my plan will still expire today, so they re frud. I regret buying their sim

  8. @Prof I don't think it's the location where I am, I have been in 3 different locations, and it's same thing, I work in Transcorp Hilton where one of their customer center is, and I have taken the sim to their technician there and it's same thing. I even bought another sim today thinking maybe it's my sim, but no show, and it's not the fone either cos I v tried d sim on different fones, s6 and S7 Edge inclusive, yet nothing.


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