How To Unbrick Any Android Phone

One of the
greatest fears of every Android user is the fear of “bricking my device”. It’s  no longer news, the rates at which Android
phones are been bricked is beyond imagination. From the info I’ve gathered so
far, the major problem of any android phone is bricking the device. Some of you
will bare me witness that some bricked android device are been fixed while some
are not been fixed. 

But for those
who already bricked their Android phones and don’t know what to do next, I’ll
like to summon  you to draw your learning
chair closer, let’s see how we can  unbrick it.
I’ll quickly
share with you two interesting ways you can unbrick your device, even though
you are been told by your device Engr that there is no more hope for the

How Can I Un-brick
My Bricked Android Phone?
First method
1. Get a phone of the same type that is not bricked
2. Boot the good phone into recovery mode (hold volume up + power button while
the phone is off)
3. Go to Backup and restore
4. Select Backup then yes to confirm
5. After Backup is complete, copy the backup file / folder from the SD card of
the good phone to the SD card of the bricked phone (maintain the file path)
6. Boot the bricked phone into recovery mode
7. Go to backup and restore
8. Select Restore
9. Select the backup you just copied and click yes to confirm
10. Your Android  phone should come back to life

If  perhaps your Android phone proves stubborn,
then try the next method

Second Method
One Click Unbrick Method

What You Need
==>Java installed on your computer or
download it here
==>One Click Unbrick tool or download it
How Can I Unbrick It Using This Method?

of all extract the OneClick.jar file you downloaded (Right click the file and
select Extract) 
you will get a folder named OneClick
==>Copy the file OneClick.jar (the one
from which you extracted the folder) and paste it into “OneClick>heimdalloneclick>resources>HeimdallPackage“
it, now run the file “oneclickloader” which is on same folder
will open and installation will be completed (grant access if it asks)

after installation, you’ll see the software running
your phone via USB and click on “Unsoft Brick” to unbrick your phone.
That is it, your Android phone should now be back to life. Any Question?
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50 thoughts on “How To Unbrick Any Android Phone”

  1. Please Mr Yomi, am sorry for posting in the wrong thread. I got an iPhone 4 but it's stocked in the activating stage. When I try setting it up it says "the sim card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported" tried a method I saw on YouTube but once I get to the home screen I cant do any other thing except for one app face time dat opens.. please what do I do? I was told to pay 20k to have it done but felt I ask you first. Thanks Prof. Here is my number for ur WhatsApp and telegram group 08035767961 email [email protected] pls prof help me. Thanks

    • I used glo mobile hot spot via my z10 as my active Internet service. And no its not linked with icloud I tried it with itunes. Still got same msg…

  2. Dear Yomiprof,
    Kindly help me to UNlock this Nokia T-mobile (window) detail below;
    FCC ID:QMNRM-809
    MY E-MAIL: [email protected]

  3. Gudmrnin Mr. Yomi. I know this is not the thread but I really do need this info. Which is the best data plan or tweak I can use on an ipad. I'v been followin this blog for years now lik SLOW DNS lols and u av done extremely well. Weldone sir

    • I think it depends on the network you love. I'll suggest you go for MTN or Etisalat network. Get your data from trusted 3rd party agent since it's more cheaper than the conventional data sales.

  4. Ok. Another thing. Does airtel bis data work on ipad or glo bis? I'm a heavy internet user,I want smthin affordable and sustainable.

  5. Prof I have a techno q1 and it got brick I format it with sp flash tool and it deosnt power on talk less of booting to recovery, wats d way frward

  6. My oga please I just changed d imei of my mtk android phone to the one u send to me and I use my phone to send comonth to 777 but is not browsing I don't know which APN to use please help me. Thanks sa

  7. Baba Yomi i greet you,,,Im one of ur true Fan…please i wanna Root my Samsung Galaxy S5,please give me necessary guild…Thanks,,,i awaits ur response here..

  8. Prof, Thanks for your good deeds, Please how do I change the imei of Infinix x530, mobile uncle and engineer mode is not working for it as it is not showing the CDI Information tab..Please help

    • Since it's not showing cds information, then it simply means it cannot be changed over installations of these apps (Mobile Uncle, Engineerin mode.apk, and Terminal emulator) with the use of an hardware box just like Samsung user.
      However, I'll love if you can visit the samsung thread and call the guy who changed for samsung user if your infinix x530 can be changed via his octupus box

    • Thanks Prof, I will do just that. I also have a techno f7 but I mistakenly deleted a music player app and so my music player stops once a while, I know you wil ask me to copy from same model but how do I go about it?

  9. I need your help with a techno phantom a+ that is rooted and I mistakenly unistall an inbuilt music player supporting file/app, how will I go about fixing it by using another techno f7 phone?

  10. prof is the back up file the same as the stock ROM. Can I install clockworkmod in a bricked phone put a custom ROM in the phone even when it is not rooted.

    • It is thesame as stock rom. No it has to be installed before your bricked it. In a case like this, you can only install SPflash tool and flash cwmrecovery.img to your bricked phone in order to make an headway

  11. Hello Mr Prof, I need help with my Galaxy S5. It says my baseband version is "unknown" and my IMEI shows "null/null". Would the methods you posted above work on my device? I'd appreciate any help. Thank you.

  12. hey mr. Yomi im very curious when it comes to android devices i recently bricked a galaxy y s5360 android 2.3.6 While trying to install a new jellybean status bar and i got a brick. My usb port is faulty and cant use any of the methods provided by the xda developers using odin and i dont know any one who has a similar phone like mine since they all upgraded to new jellybean phones. PLEASE DO YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR ME….?

  13. Prof I flashed semaphore kernel with odin to my Samsung galaxy s gt-19000 running on android version 2.1update1 Éclair, since den it av been hanging on Samsung boot up logo…

  14. Thanks for your sharing
    I just wonder on thing. I know all manufacturers wouldn't give you warranty if your phone is bricked but i don't know whether they would continue this warranty if i unbrick my phone. They would discover that your phone used to be bricked

    Jio TV app

  15. Prof. I greet you ..please I have a techno k7 That Is booting only to hois screen and refuses to complete. Please what should I do?. I tried the first method but it’s still giving me the same result.please help.


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