Snerpie Pay: Simplify Online Payment With Your Phone Camera, Overide ATM

Technology is indeed going ahead of human and in order not
to be left behind; you need to join the moving flight. In a short while from
now, you will find it boring to use your ATM card for shopping or paying
online, POS probably will be outdated because I can’t imagine me want to make
payment online and I had to fill series of form, login and log out before
payment will be made… that’s so stressful.

An application is about to be launch in September ’14 that
will allow you to make payments via your phone camera. It sounds awkward right?
Well Snerpie Pay will do that for you.
Snerpie Pay is an application yet to be launch, it will
allow you to make payments via your phone camera; according to the developer,
this app will change how  we do payments from old fashioned SMS method,
web login, low-efficient black & white hardware, filling of form that’s
equal to opening a bank account.

Snerpie Pay is accepted Online, Peer-2-Peer, P.O.S, Utility Bills, Donations
and all other platforms for making and taking payments.
No more worries about your Personal Banking Information & Log in being
hijacked, with snerpie pay you need not to provide any vital details to make or
take payments.

Supported SmartPhones
It will be available for Android,
iPhone & Blackberry phones… Windows phone users should back off.
You can keep up with the developer
on twitter follow Snerpie so that you can get a personal DM when the app is launch in
September. But the developer site is Static. You can check it out here
The question is will you support
this upcoming innovation?
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  1. Prof Yomi, I am a regular visitor of your blog, wanted to message you but this is just the best method I could use. What actually happened is that I want to get a new phone and I am considering the tecno phantom Z, but the reviews I could get on various websites is conflicting so I wanna ask maybe u have actually handled the phone so u can just give me the correct specs. Does it have memory card slot? Removable battery? Otg? Sim size? Etc. Please help. Thanks.


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