Etisalat Discontinues Blackberry Internet Services, MTN, Airtel & Glo to Follow Suit

This is the final nail on Blackberry users. If you are still
glued to your old Blackberry Smartphone, it is time to sow it as a seed to
someone else or separate the battery from the phone and keep it in a safe place
for reference purposes.

The first blow that kept Blackberry unbalance was when
Whatsapp discontinue supports for Blackberry devices, this extensively affected
their market share and caused Blackberry to bow to pressure by producing her
first Android powered device in 2015 called Priv.
However, Priv failed the company, failed the city and failed
her customers; hence T-Mobile, one of the largest retail store in the US
have stopped the sale of Blackberry Priv, AT&T one of blackberry
Allie also backing out. 
CEO John Chen said in October that the company
would exit the smartphone business, which has been on life support for years.
And now, Etisalat have discontinued Blackberry
Internet Services also known as BIS subscriptions. Here is the message they
sent to their Blackberry subscribers.
“Dear Customer, our BB service will no longer be available.
You will continue to enjoy your current subscription till it expires. Thank you
for choosing Etisalat”
I expect MTN, Airtel and Glo to follow suite. If you are still
using a Blackberry Phone, this is a final opportunity to upgrade your device to
iPhone  or any Android devices now that
Black Friday is around the corner.
R.I.P Blackberry!
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15 thoughts on “Etisalat Discontinues Blackberry Internet Services, MTN, Airtel & Glo to Follow Suit”

  1. this is what happens when you refuse to upgrade your information bank, When you refuse to improve on yourself. The world will leave you behind and you'll be obsolete.

    Life is design for daily improvement and not for stagnancy. RIP Blackberry

  2. Blackberry 7.1 and blackberry 10 do browse without BIS subscription, just sub for any Android plan n browse . BBM gonna work on these devices forever!!!????


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