R.I.P Blackberry: Blackberry Priv Has Failed The Company, The City & The Customers

What do you think would happen when the savior of a brand
end up been the Goliath defeated by a small brand? What do you think would
happen when your most adored brand failed to meet up to its expectations…?

This is the case of Blackberry Priv, it is really struggling
to survive in the market and customers are already returning the one they
bought because it did not meet up to expectations. BlackBerry, once a global
leader in smartphones, hoped the Priv, which features a slide-out physical
keyboard, and the first of its kind to run Google Android OS would at least get
the company back on its feet in the mobile devices business, but reverse is the
T-Mobile, one of the largest retail store in the US have
already stopped the sale of Blackberry Priv, AT&T one of blackberry Allie
is also backing out.
CEO John Chen said in October that the company would exit
the smartphone business, which has been on life support for years, if it cannot
turn a profit in 2016.
Since Blackberry couldn’t survive even while running on
Android OS, will it survive despite the facts that it has two more AndroidBlackberry devices to be release this year?
Blackberry Priv has failed the company; it has failed the City;
and it has failed her Customers. What will be  the survival fitness of Blackberry
smartphones in 2016 considering the fact the lord of the ring NOKIA is coming

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12 thoughts on “R.I.P Blackberry: Blackberry Priv Has Failed The Company, The City & The Customers”

  1. Lol, they played themselves sticking to the blackberry OS for too long when it was obvious the street (Android) has taken over.
    Seems like the yet to be rolled out Android smartphones from blackberry is primed to be a failure even before it hits the market, shame!
    Maybe they'll make a comeback like Nokia, but it isn't completely over yet…until it is.

    Commenting from Nerddict Tech

  2. Blackberry should switch to java and symbian os if they want to survive just saying nokia touch lighlight is popular than bb just saying

  3. hello prof. i have a samsung gt-n7105. i restored it to stock recovery and after booting, i used it for few hours, the battery went down and trying to charge it, it did not come up, so i removed the battery to charge. putting it back the phone refuse to come up. it is rooted and nothing is responding. i think it is dead. what do i do?

  4. It's simple. their phone is for high class Rich people. unlike other Android phones in the market. the question is, how many people can afford their so called blackberry priv of 230,000 naira? To me blackberry company are just stupid.

    • That's exactly the point R&B… If they really want a comeback they should produce mid-range android phones that are pocket friendly that will support these high-end ones, so that average android lover can be able to afford the price… How can they grow their market if they keep producing all these high-end phones @230,000, imagine, instead of buying it at that price, i will just buy infinix carry the remaining start business, just saying

  5. When your business plan or feasibility study is wrong or not well planned that is what one will experience, they sell their products like it has something special , yet it all run down to normal settings, maybe re-strategising will help them , but with nokia around that would be hard. . .

  6. They use there hand to kill them self, when I heard that blackberry will be releasing there messenger to android and iOS, I could remember then I told someone that the end of blackberry, bcos that the only key features and the only brand that keep there product moving, then if anyone is planning to own 2 phones 1 must be a blackberry phone because of pinging, but now people can own 3 phone without having blackberry, it's even possible to own 2-3 android or iOS, so no one care about blackberry bcos u can ping right from your android, iOS or even window phone, to me if they have keep there pinging to there self maybe the sudden death might not come so soon.


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