See The First Images of Clone iPhone 7 in China

When creativity meets opportunity and invention is born.
Meet the newly clone iPhone 7 that hasn’t been launch.

In recent time, Chinese company has often taken a back stab
at apple either by simply copying its most recent iPhone or filing for absurd
infringement lawsuits and trying to block iPhone sales in the country. But now,
reverse is the case…. they already have a product that doesn’t even exist it,
iPhone 7. 
Look at the image below as seen in china with a striking look similar
to the leaked images of iPhone 7 Plus or Pro that we’ve been seeing for the
past months.
When it comes to cloning, China always top the table.

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8 thoughts on “See The First Images of Clone iPhone 7 in China”

  1. Clone or not cloned, fake or not fake, copied or not copied, Atleast they are "doing" something, unlike the "giant" that love complaining without showing/giving out something to the public.
    China REVERSE-ENGINEERED(what you called "Copy") almost everything–this save them from starting from the beginning and making the same mistakes those before them made. There are Reverse-engineered Range Rover that are very affordable, not phones alone. Their aim is to make sure people have access to the kind of Luxury(on a slightly lower standard) they can get in Expensive Automobiles and Electronics Gadgets.
    Let's stop this demeaning stuff. We also saw what Innoson(IVM) did with Mercedes G-Wagon Look-alike.


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