4G LTE – If MTN Can Do it in Cameroon, They Can do it Here

This is not a rant anyway but I’m tired of waiting for Ntelto announce the release of the 4G LTE data network since November… Now that the
year has ended, no comment on the suppose data service. But Mtn seems to be on
the fast lane in Cameroon lauching 4G LTE network service this month and I want
to believe its been awesome because the speed will actually be out of this

If they can do it in Cameroon, they can do it elsewhere. If
they can do it in there, they can do it here. Let’s just hope they might have something
better and bigger in 2016. Then only will you appreciate the value of the 4G network
support on your device.
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14 thoughts on “4G LTE – If MTN Can Do it in Cameroon, They Can do it Here”

  1. Let's wait and see, given the fact that Nigeria is their biggest market I don't know why they didn't do it here first. Also prof don't forget they are still to pay us 720bn and tomorrow is deadline.

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