How Much Have You Spent on Data & How Much Data Have You Consumed This Year?

This is quite illarious and I found it so funny but interesting. Found this
post on Nairaland and I think I should share the opposite? How much have you
spent on data this year 2015? And How much data have you consumed in this year. 

According to the Writer on Nairaland,
I started the mtn 2,500 day and night plan for my blackberry
from February this year till December making it 27,500. Around October I got an
iPhone and I did the same subscription for three months which amounts up to

Everything totals up to #35,000 that I’ve used for subscription in the year
2015. This excludes the miscalleneous weekly subscriptions I made when there
was no money to subscribe. Description: cheesy

Well, on my part, I download alot as well as streaming alots…I’ve spent N68,250 on data subscription this year 2015 and
I have used more than 400 Terabyte of data. 

So I’m going to ask you the same question in the opposite
direction… How much data have you used this year? And how much have you
actually spent on data regardless of the network?
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34 thoughts on “How Much Have You Spent on Data & How Much Data Have You Consumed This Year?”

  1. Am not kidding but I think I've used approximately 1000TB for money maybe 30 – 40000, I stopped spending much when i came in contact with simple server and psiphon but now that mtn decided to stop musicplus and etisalat socialpak isn't working like b4 I have to use mtn BB10 PLAN to download movies

  2. Initially, I started with N1800 For 1.5GB which I did till August when tweakware came along. So I bought tweakware premium for the remainder of 2015. But the weekly subscriptions to use all tweakware Could tally Up to some extent.

  3. wrong thread prof. bt please i want to make an inquiry… what is the name of that virus that adds ads dto your fone and install unwanted apps. and how do i get it out of my phone.. pls sir i need your help… and again i would love if u add me up in your whatsapp group with 07061063486. thanks sir.

  4. Used 208,000naira for 300gb in total all legitimately. But made over 3 million from my business online. Thanks to mtn and partly etisalat

  5. Lolz.dis question funny sha.well,my normal sub is airtel 3gb of 1,500 which should amount tyms two every month plus ss sub of 1k per month dat does not last.dats a lot of money for me sha.lolz.oga yomi should know

  6. Pls how are you people doing this free browsing stuff,I have spent a lot of money on subscription ,pls help me ,I don't want to waste my money any more,I need mtn and etisalat for both BB and android

  7. All I know is that if it's on Android alone, nobody has used the data that I ve used I will appreciate if the blog owner can let's show it through our data usage because it pissed me off to hear some people talking 1000tb imagine, but it will shock you if I show my data usage if you have no picture to show you are out of the contest


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