Will You Rock This New MTN Cheapest Android Phone Ever?

The rate at which Android is taking over the mobile market
this days is so alarming; as if that wasn’t enough, MTN Nigeria has finally
unleashed their own customized MTN Android Phone which has the capacity to do
what every other normal Android device can do.

According to the text I received some couples of hours ago,
“Get the new MTN Android Smartphones for as low as N8,000 only and enjoy BBM,
Whatsapp & access to over 1 Mill apps & games. Visit MTN Stores to get
yours now!”
This device is one of the cheapest Android Phone I’ve ever
come across with inviting specifications. If you have been looking for a
cheaper Android Phone to buy, most especially for those using Nokia Symbian or
Java phones, then this device came right on time; or if you have been addicted
to your own Tecno Android device, you can at-least get this  sexy device for your #DoroBaby
The device name is called MTN Smart Mini S620 with the
following specifications
Operating System – Android 4.2
Processor – 1GHZ
Battery – 1,300mAH
Display – 3.5” HVGA LCD
Camera – Front/Rear with Flashlight
SIM – Dual SIM (Mini-SIM)
Data – HSPA+/WiFi/Bluetooth/USB
Memory – 4GB, 512RAM
External Memory – MicroSD, expandable up to 32 GB
FM Radio – Yes
BBM Support – Yes

Though I’ve not yet set my eyes on it but I know it’s data consumption is going to be far lesser than the normal Android phones because
this is coming from MTN Telecom themselves, and they won’t want users to spend
much on data. This alone should give you a clue that in a short while, MTN is
going to launch cheap Android data plans.
To get the device or more info, walk up to any MTN office
and purchase your own. The question now is will you rock this new unique cheap
MTN Android Phone?
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22 thoughts on “Will You Rock This New MTN Cheapest Android Phone Ever?”

  1. Hi yomi its me from south africa . Tell me how can i use all network on s2 bcz my s2 only using 1net work and beside that how can i swap my s2 emei to blsckberry ….. My phone is rooted when i m using setdns an setting my spn like blackberry.net effect its not working yomi

  2. thanks for your reply.so does that mean i can also do an airtel monthly subscription and be able to use it on the phone??

  3. prof how long does google takes before granting your adesense registration and how long will be bloging before attend to register with it?


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