Unable To Change Your IMEI, Consider This Alternative

I know some set of Android users have not been able to
change their imei to that of BB and it actually saddened my heart. Though I had
promised Samsung Users on porting their device rom to mTk but that method of
porting won’t actually work that was why I restrain myself from making a post
on that.

However, I have an easy alternative for all Samsung users or
those who have not succeeded in changing their imei perhaps it will help them
reduce cost while surfing the net.
Root Firewall is an android app that does so many things but
most importantly, block all applications running underneath your phone from
accessing the net except you want them to. This help will help you cut cost and
make your data last long if no any background app connect to the internet
without your permission.
You can as well go for Airtel 4GB for #1,500 on your Android
device and the data charges won’t be high as expected if you have Root firewall
install on your device. I can attest to the fact that Airtel BIS no longer zapp
data as usual because I’m currently using it on my PC interchangeably. 
Where Can I Download Root Firewall?
==>Download it here
==>Run and install it on your device and do the magic of
blocking any app you don’t want it to connect to the internet.
I believe nobody have monopoly of knowledge; so if you have
any vital information on how you have successfully changed your own Samsung
imei, don’t hesitate to share it with us.
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37 thoughts on “Unable To Change Your IMEI, Consider This Alternative”

    • Changing your imei to bb imei makes every network see's your android as a bb phones but at the moment, it's only Glo network that works with it. I'm working out something to make all network work with it. Let's hope it come out successful

    • Changing your android's IMEI to Blackberry IMEI? Yes MTN BIS will definitely work. A friend of mine uses MTN BIS on his android after he changed it to a bb IMEI

    • Yes, but it expensive except if you are buying from a trusted Third party agen. Normal glo data plans gives you 800MB for 2k (Expensive right?) But some third party resellers sells lesser than this.

  1. Pls prof, i tried porting my p5 ram to xperia and now all i have is a tecno p5 casing… the fone just keeps rebooting for like eternity. what do i do pls

  2. please mr yomi i upgraded my samsung note 3 to kitkat is showing emergency without network the imei at the back of the phone is different to imei the phone system is showing kindly help!!!!!

  3. Hello yomi thx for d post…i use techno phantom A3 and i changed d sim 1 imei usin mobile uncle bur didnt bother to change dat of sim 2 since i will be usin Glo Bis with sim1… bt its not workin with the bis…..i dont know if its compulsory i change d sim 2 imei before d Bis can work with sim 1….please treat with matter of urgency

  4. it still saddens me that i cant use the zain 3gig………AIRTEL just de zap my data anyhow even after blocking background data. PLEASE HELP…..Add me on whatsapp +2348181023093

  5. You can also install Opera Max. Its an android application that compresses data for the whole phone, even Instagram and Facebook, it also has the option to block apps from using data. All with no root needed. P s for those who want easy root, install towelroot, works better than framaroot for newer devices

  6. I had changed IMEI successfully, but now I need to return to the original IMEI but all efforts to revert has proved impossible as it brings on "AT Command is sent: Error"

    What could be the cause and way out. I need to update the phone but the imei tweaking is the only barrier as it results all the time in "error"

    Thank you for your endeavours.

    • Hello Edet Sam,
      I believe your are getting that error message probably because you are doin it wrongly.

      Reboot your device, then enter this command to change ur imei
      AT +EGMR=1,7,"ime_no" then send

  7. Thanks for prompt reply. However, would you say it is possible the IMEI tweaking to have been responsible for my OS update giving me 'error'. It is frustrating.

    Your response shall be appreciated


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