Why You Should Activate Glo 12GB For Your Android & BB10

I had written about the cheapest form of data on mobile
device and I’m still going to make a little more emphasis on it due to the fact
that Network providers can be funny at times. At the time we expected Mtn Bis plusVPN to last long on various device, at least to ease Android, iPhone and PC
users of excessive data consumption was when they blocked the ish with unapologetic
anger.  Blackberry users are always lucky

this as they have the best data plan ever.

However, I believe soonest, it will be unblocked and
everyone is going to enjoy it. Samsung Android users should kindly accept my
heartfelt apology for not responding to your comments on time regarding
tweaking your imei; the last updates on that seems to have a little bug in
which I’m trying to fix. #BePatient!
If you are a normal Android users and you still spend more
money on data then you are missing something somewhere. Tweaking your imei is
something that has been so beneficial to almost all android users except the
novice. Imaging a typical Android user carrying 2.5Gb over to the next month…
isn’t that a testimony… lol!
But, as much as I trust my grandma, I don’t trust Glo network
provider, because they can decide to tweak  BIS subscription not to work on infected IMEI.
I know of some people who are finding it difficult to even subscribe for the
Comonth plan. So if you’ve been eligible for that plan, try and do the
following if you have it at your disposal.
How Can I get 12GB to Last me 4Months?
Well, it’s good to have advance subscription so that even if
they are going to stop android device from subscribing, you’ll know that 12GB
is smiling at you.
==>Send Comonth to 777 or dial *777*9# to activate 3GB
for 1k.
==>Send the same code above after like 30min or an hour
interval and your validity will be extended to 60days with 6GB. You can repeat
it again to complete 12GB.
It is better to have more than enough than not to have not
enough. Mind you, even if it’s only 6GB that cost 3k is what you can afford, I’ll
suggest you activate it fast before Glo Network will employ a Chinese hacker to
block all non bb devices from using Glo BB plan.

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51 thoughts on “Why You Should Activate Glo 12GB For Your Android & BB10”

  1. hi prof that ting you said we should be resending is it with 1,1k or free i mean are we goin to try it with empty account?

    • It depends on your kind of device. If you are using an android fone or a BlackBerry fone dat supports hotspot, just turn on ur mobile hotspot and connect ur pc to it, den u re good to go. But if you are using a blackberry without hotspot. Den you'll need to download BlackBerry desktop manager + pdanet.

    • It works for bbcmonth and Comonth.
      To use BlackBerry desktop manager to tether, you have to download BlackBerry desktop manager to ur pc and pda net on both pc and handset

    • @yomiprof heard it works on all neTwork..cos it create d hotspot using the bis plan without addition charges.but av gat no internet to research on it.will u wattsap me so I culd xplain beta.got issues wit my sony x10 too.wish u culd attend to me.thanx

    • @yomiprof heard it works on all neTwork..cos it create d hotspot using the bis plan without addition charges.but av gat no internet to research on it.will u wattsap me so I culd xplain beta.got issues wit my sony x10 too.wish u culd attend to me.thanx

  2. pls Prof, l wanted to extend my glo bis complete subscription before it expiration date. But ,l have tried the code many times to no avail by either texting Bbcmonth or comonth to 777, or dialing *777*21#. It shows " sorry, an error occurred,kindly try again later. Pls, help me with a solution. l am using techno f7 and l did the changing of the imei…..Thanks in advance…

  3. hi please asist me have rooted my phone with the help of famaroot and also tweak my imei with the help of gravitybox so the phone is now geting slow than usual and also my antivirus is teling me dat famaroot is unwanted software i just click on ignore what i want to ask now is dat since av rooted nd tweak my imei successfully should i remove those app? Hope if i remove them there wont be problem please advice me oh! God bless you as you do @abbey

    • Don't remove Dos apps at all. Leave frama root and gravity box u used in tweaking ur imei. Check which apps consume more space that you are nt using, uninstall such app.

  4. And I told my guy ooo, to activate this glo 12gb for me but he was so carried away with my breast. Now the code keep sayin error each time I dial the comonth code. any help will be appreciated @ all

  5. gud day prof pls will i need to load more dan 1k and can i do d bb sub on my android phone i already change my imei… pls will also like to chat with u on some issue…. Thanks Boss

  6. @Amarachi Press and Squeeze ur breast two times den send d comonth again it wit give u 2years BIS… "He was so carried away wit u flat breast" prof prof how fa Na ?

  7. Hi! Good stuff!!
    Would this work on my blackberry Q10 without any need for tweaks? I ask because the regular bis doesn't work on Q10 except the BB10 packages.
    Thanks.. looking to hear back


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