Mtn BIS Blocked With VPN – What is The Way Forward?

And it all started like a joke, When we taught MTN network
administrator won’t return form Brazil, unfurtunatly, he returned and the tweak
eventually got blocked. Without much doubt, you’ve been able to enjoy the MTN Bis cheat before it got blocked. If yours is still working, don’t hesitate to
codedly release it. 

What is The Way Forward?
Well, Glo Bis still rocking on Android, BB and PC but not on
iPhone/iPad. You can always port back to glo in order to enjoy the full validity of
this tweak. Remember, you need to change your imei before you’ll be able to
enjoy this on your Android device.

Mobile Uncle Method works perfectly for tweaking yourIMEI if you’ve
not yet done that. But those who are finding it difficult to tweak theirIMEI
should try this method below.
First of all, you will need to get the
IMEI number of any OS7 BB or click here to generate it yourself.  Remember we are only trying to clone our
Android device to look like a bb device to glo server.
Blocking this tweak by glo simply
means Glo BB subscription will stop working on all bb phones.

You Need

You’ll need gravity box and a glo sim.

==>Download gravity box here
==>Run and install it on your
==>Make sure your glo sim is insert on your device.
Open gravity box. On gravity box, scroll down to the end, you will see
engineering mode

Click on engineering mode.
Swipe to the left once
Click on CDS information
You’ll see Radio information.
Click on it.
Phone 1 represents your sim 1
While phone 2 is your sim 2

After clicking phone 1, you’ll see something like this;
With a tab for Send At Command under and your imei no under.
Copy down your IMEI no in a safe place.

Click on it and type E.

Something like this will pop up


Select the first one which has 7 at the end.

Then click inside the box in between this symbol “”

That’s where you will input your new IMEI.

Then click send command and reboot your phone.

Your IMEI has been changed.
==>Change your apn to and subscribe for Glo BB plan for 1k

I can’t really say if this will work
out for Samsung User but… maybe if it’s didn’t work for samsung users, I’ll need to show you on how to Port your ROM to mtk
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106 thoughts on “Mtn BIS Blocked With VPN – What is The Way Forward?”

  1. Well i think i am part of those who are lucky on mtn bis but working like a snail. Tanx by the way it gotta keep me online for a few days and i hope it got any better.

  2. Yomi, please how can I use the glo bis on pc
    without having to tether it with a bb or Android phone because I don't have any

    • Hello Hisabimbola,
      The only way to use the glo bis is to tether it either from a bb or Android as it doesn't work directly on a modem.. except you want us to tweak the modem imei again…lol!

  3. Yomi pls help me i can't log into blogger blog account with my phone infact i'm only able to use pc whenever i want to make a post

  4. must i root my fone..b4 using gravity box….cos i installed and opened it opened and told me * gravitybox system framework not responding.exiting* Whatz d way 4ward…mr.yomi

  5. it advisable to subscribe for mtn bis via simple server now that it seems blocked or make i wait for update on a newway

  6. Pls yomi, I have ported back to glo and I have successfully tweak my Android imei to that of blackberry. I have also subscribe glo bis on a bb and put back to my Android and everything works fine. But my question is this……. Can the subsequent glo bis subscription done on Android phone with out using bb?

  7. prof.please i want to root my tecno q1.pls can i use the framaroot app if not pls send me an easy procedure tanx

  8. Pls sir I have a rooted p5 still the gravitybox still saying "gravitybox system framework not responding" any suggestions?? tanx

  9. Thanx..

    Bro Please Help Me..
    Am using rooted Techno M3.
    I downloaded
    "mobileuncle Tools"
    to my android phone so that i can use glo bis..
    I opened the APP,clicked on
    "IMEI Backup Restore (MTK)"
    but "No support" message showed on my screen
    i ignored it and clicked on "Engineer Mode"
    another popup showing
    "engineer Mode(Android)
    Android Parametar ajdust"
    i clicked on it but i didn't see
    "CDS Information" "radio information".

    I went on to download
    " Terminal Emulatör "
    from google play
    (through your link),
    the app was successfully installed.
    I opened it and typed in "SU"
    but i didn't see the "Enter " button
    I could not
    get Superuser permmison.

    Please help me bro Yomi..

    • Hello Prince why not try d specified method men't for HTC. I've already written somethn on dat.
      If your motorola is an mTk device, it will work for you.

      Check ur mail for d imei.

    • Pc user shld manage Airtel 4gb for 1500 or mtn night plan, which you can also use during d day; pending till when we find solutn to d cheapest way to surf d net.

    • Hello,
      I'll upload another gravity box frame work, or better still, google search it and download another. What kind of device are u using?

  10. Am using Tecno A2 I even downloaded anoda gravitybox also downloaded gravitybox unlocker but still saying same tin

    • Don't stuggle with it bro, just uninstall d gravity box. I believe you A2 is rooted, then use the mobile uncle method. It will work for ur device.

  11. Good afternoon prof. Am using Nokia XL, hw can I tweak my imei to bb imei without rooting fone? Pls add me on whatsapp 07036803690 thanks

  12. hi boss am very happy today coz am be able to post here i realy apreciate ur good work i wish to know you better pls add me on whatsapp 07032280132 nd also i av some problem wich i want u to solve for me and i will be happy if you can firstly d gravity box is telin me no respond from framework and also i will be very happy if you can generate bb emei ofor me and also create blog like dis for me am very sorry if my request are too much is becoz i was unable to post since all dis while infact i subcribe mtn 2hrs plan on my android coz u said opera cant post here i use mozzla on my anroid insteat odf dat my nokia 110 i will be glad if you can help me here is my email [email protected] thanks you as you help me hope to hear bak from you soon……………

    • Hello Mr Abbey,
      Sorry for not been able to comment on this blog all this while…
      First of all, what kind of device are you using? That will determine Wether gravity box will work on ur device or not

      I'll generate BlackBerry imei for you and send it to ur mail box.

      You said you need a blog like this… well, it's very easy to create but you need to know why you wanna blog as well as blogin in d area of your passion.

  13. YP, I was able to get gravity box running on my Samsung galaxy mega duos, only issue is that I couldn't find engineering mode on scrolling down ; went through each item listed yet nothing like engineering mode.

  14. Prof, i hail thee, pls is it pssbl to use da mtn bis on pc via da blackberry desktop software….cx i cud cc an option on da software showing "Mobile Internet"….wil await ur reply. Tnx.

  15. hi brother is abbey again am very happy to see your respond i pray GOD will bless you than your expectation amen. about the phone am using TECHNO Q1 and abt the blog i want to be using to help youth about information and also all those things am seeing here i wish i can do samething. just as you do. thank you and am still expecting your request on whatsapp thanks

    • Hello Abbey,
      The imei tweaking will work on ur device using mobile uncle method but make sure it's rooted.

      Concerning the blog, send me a mail on this let me guide you tru on how to go about it.

  16. prof yomi..pls i need ur help..i hav followed all d necessry info on mobile uncle..and my m3 is well wen i clik on send command…d response i got was AT command is failed to send…pls what shud i do???..thanks

  17. Pls prof wahts wrong with my mobile hotspot? It will connect but will not give internet access to my PC. I'm using BB BOLD 5. And pls I want a dc unloacker to unloack my. Huawei e303 modem. Will appreciate the link to this email [email protected]. Thanks for ur help brother.

    • Was your PC able to see your mobile internet? If yes, what network are you using on your mobile. Also, check your mail for the dc unlocker

  18. Hello prof, I have a few questions. in case this glo bis thing stops, can we reverse the process and get our original imei back, and how do I generate an imei number? I should put up my email but the last time I did, I got bombarded with scam mails, took me almost a week to clear them. thanks for your work.

    • Yes, you can always reverse back the process of imei changing thesame way you changed your initial imei. Just make sure you copy and save your original imei in a safe place.

      You can always download the software for generating imei yourself. if you don't want to generate the imei yourself, send me a mail and i'll send it to your inbox.

  19. @mr.yomi prof… good mornng… I got this from a frnd..don't knw aw real it is…buh. this my frnd said its working

    MTN MAGIC SIM RELOADED…firstly, forward to me the MTN number u wanna use for d magic sim activation, so i can register it for the magic process, after i activate ur number, u can naw go to ur msg and send ''DON_PHEZTURZ'' to 5018…. Ignore any msg dat come in then go to d next procedure below…..1. LOAD #1300 ON UR MTN SIM….2. DIAL *131*5#….3. SEND RESET TO 131….4. DIAL *131*1*3*2#…. U WILL BE GIVEN 250MB + ADDITIONAL 100MB…. 5. MAKE SURE U EXHAUST UR MB AND DIAL DIS CODE TO KNW IF U AV FINISH UR MB @ *131*4#…..6. IMMEDIATELY U FINISH DAT MB AND UR BROWSING STOPPED, JUST SEND ''RESET'' TO 131…7. Load #100, THEN EXTEND UR DATE TO 01/05/2015 AND TEXT ''104'' TO 131….8. U WILL BE GIVEN 10MB BUH DONT WORRY, JUST GO STRAIGHT AND DOWNLOAD FILE UPTO 40MB AND SEE D SURPRISEE….NOTE: anytym it stops or disconnects, just follow procedure 7 and agin again. Then u gud to go……KEEP FLEXING BUH U MUST BE ON MTN IPULSE PLAN TO ENJOY DIS…Make sure u use mtn 128k sim….

  20. hi the magic sim tweak u posted can never work coz d guy u put his name dre dont av gud reputitn i dont even may be is you gan so forget abt it or you go and test it and gv us feedbak nd let me tell u notn like magic sim dis tym around or else if you want to turn urself to father xmas for empty hen hmmmmmmm thats alll………………BROTHER YOMI PLS ABBEY IS WAITN. ABOUT THE IMEI I NEED IT PLS AM USING TECHNO Q1

    • you never mentioned the type of phone you r using so that u cn get help. check wether it is an mtk phone. to do that goto setting- app-all and then check whether you have something like mtk live wallpaper or antything mtk. if you have you should go for for the mobile uncle method it works perfectly.

  21. thanks bro abbey got the imei you sent tanks for your tyme,money,energy and everytn u use to asist me God will asist you may you never lack in your life tanks soo much………but it remain the gravity box how to make it work on my TECHNO Q1

  22. Yomi how are you this Sunday evening? May God honor today's service and bless us abundantly.

    I'm having serious issue un changing the IMEI of my phone Infinix x350 ROOTED (2.3.6 gingerbread)

    Mobile uncle cannot be parsed, terminal emulator didn't do anything after typing SU and I noticed that gravity box is meant for android 4.0 upward. What can I do cos my last subscription wasted without using it.

    Thanks for your anticipated response.
    BBM: 73D66281
    Whatsapp: 08067315350

  23. Yomi how are you this Sunday evening? May God honor today's service and bless us abundantly.

    I'm having serious issue un changing the IMEI of my phone Infinix x350 ROOTED (2.3.6 gingerbread)

    Mobile uncle cannot be parsed, terminal emulator didn't do anything after typing SU and I noticed that gravity box is meant for android 4.0 upward. What can I do cos my last subscription wasted without using it.

    Thanks for your anticipated response.
    BBM: 73D66281
    Whatsapp: 08067315350

  24. Yomiprof pls I can't access the link you sent concerning how to root LG F200k. pls help I need to root my fone asap. Thanks

  25. Mr Yomi, I'm still expecting your response about my Infinix x350 ROOTED (2.3.6 gingerbread).
    Add me on BBM: 73D66281 or Whatsapp: 08067315350 so we can chat please.


  26. Yomi pls hlp me, I need to know why there is no engr mode on gravity box and mtk mobile tool even though I've rooted my phone. Whatsapp me pls bro 08075805392

  27. good morning prof pls how can i change the imei of my tecno p6. I have enter bb imei and tap "AT Commad " and I got a positive report but when i check the imei it didnot change at all pls what is the way forward.


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