What You Don’t Know About OLX – How You Can Make Money With It

I almost don’t want to write about this but for the benefit
of newbies and novice who still don’t have knowledge on what this post is all
about; and I’m pretty sure that by the end of this post you’ll stylishly thank
me for this post.

OLX is not a word that is new to you but perhaps you must
have been seeing it everyday but don’t have deep knowledge on what it’s all
about, then this post is all for you.
OLX is an online exchange platform that gives everyone an
opportunity to make money by selling any old/new stuffs you don’t like or don’t
want to use again. The truth is with OLX, you can sell as little as your
infected, defected and rejected radio set; or as big as your house or a car.
Do you know you can make money on OLX without any capital
start up… I’ll show you how to go about it.
How To Make Money On OLX
OLX gives everyone the opportunity to make money online from
the old/new stuffs and you keep the commission. Regardless of where you are
residing across the country, OLX works perfectly with your localities.
 How Can I Make Money With OLX
==>You can make money with OLX posting Ads but before you
begin posting ads; click here to begin your ads. Put the
below into consideration;
1.  Sign up with a
nice name, upload a real photo as profile picture and write about yourself in a
way that will give people the confidence to do business with you.
2.  Use a valid
email address
when signing up.
3.  Use titles that
you know people are more likely to search for and include keywords. eg Cheap Blackberry Phones.
4.  If the ad is for a
product you are selling, then in the product description,  list your location, when you’d be available
for pickup, types of payment you’ll accept (typically only cash), if delivery
is an option, etc. Never include your phone number inside the ad itself.
5. Use nice photograph
6.  Re-post your
at-least once in weekday and once on a weekend.
7.  If you’re posting an ad for an online service
which you can render from anywhere, you can consider posting such ads in
popular towns on the classified site.
==>Another way you can make money on
OLX is to Buy products  believed
to be  hot cake at a low price and sell
at a higher price. Imagine you getting an apple Tablet for 25k and reselling it
on the same platform for 35k… That’s 10K profit. 
Mind you, the moment you post your ads, it won’t take time
before buyers will jam pack you with mail showing interest to buy.
So what are you waiting for?
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  3. Professor please help me out, I've sent you a mail with [email protected] but you've not not replied… help me to activate my ox. EN. Dict.. help me with the activation code. I've downloaded the app. Data to enable it work offline but still it's still asking for pin.. please help me

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