7 Notorious Android Problems And How to Fix it

Now that Android operating system has become one of the most
dominated platform, it is very important we point out Android common problems
and how to fix them. They are countless but we’ll just try as much as possible
to touch the notorious one.

>> Battery Drain: This you can’t avoid on most android
devices because a lot of people download applications they don’t need that in
turn consumes endlessly their device battery. We’ve posted 11 ways to make your
battery last longer… 
You can check them out here
>>Android Freezing and Slow Speed: This is another
notorious problem common to Android devices with meager internal memory. This
problem normally occurs when you have too many unused applications installed on
your devices and open too many applications at a time resulting into slow speed
or Android feeding.
How Can I Solve it?
To make it easier for you, download Clean master from Google
play store here and it will do the job for you.
>>Apps not installed Error: This happen a lot of time
most especially when you delete an app, and you try to re-install it again. Don’t
panic, there is a solution for it.
You can solve it via any of the methods listed here.
>>I Forgot my Pattern Lock, How can I Bypass it? Many times,
we tend to forget our pattern lock or someone entered wrong password, and then
you are locked out. Perhaps maybe something happen to your device and the
pattern lock decide to misbehave, there is a fix for it.
Any of the fixes postulated will fix it for you here.

>>Google Play store has stopped working: As an Android user, you probably might have come across a message
like this “Google Play services has stopped working”, or you are
currently experiencing it right now, this happen for a lot of reasons. Let not
talk about the reasons but solutions.

How Can I Fix it?
It’s pretty simple. I’ve got 9 easiest ways to fix this even
as a novice. Check it here.
>>Your Smartphone Can’t Connect to PC to Transfer
Ideally, when you connect your Anroid device via USB cable to your PC,
its suppose to auto detect it, but a lot of people faces this problem, no
detection of any kind. 
Here is the Fix
>>Detach USB cable from device
Enable Developer Mode by going to
Settings > About Phone (at the very bottom usually) > press on Build
Number repeatedly until the pop-up appears
Go to Settings > Developer Options
Enable USB debugging
Lock device (turn screen off)
Connect your phone to your computer
using a USB cable
Unlock your Android device
Swipe down to see notifications and press
on “USB for charging”
From the pop-up, select File transfers
Lock the device and unlock it again.
storage space:
A lot of people normal see this message even though they have
more than 8GB space on their devices.
is the fix… Check this guide here.
hope this post helps.
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24 thoughts on “7 Notorious Android Problems And How to Fix it”

  1. Oga Prof my own kind of error is strange to me oo though i saw online that am not alone, this the error message i get when ever i try to open google play store

    error retrieving information from server (rh-01)

    Helep me ooo

    • Hello Kling Kling,
      You are not the only one ooo but you can easily fix it by using any of the methods below;

      1: correct your data and time. If its on automatic, set it to manual.

      2. Refresh Google Play Store:
      Go to: Settings –> Application Manager –> Google Play Store –> Force Stop.

      Go to: Settings –> Application Manager –> Google Play Store –> Clear Data.

      Go to: Settings –> Application Manager –> Google Play Store –> Clear Cache.

      3. Reset Google Play Store:
      Go to Settings>>Tap on Accounts>>
      Select Google Account.
      Now Remove Account.
      Repeat Method 2.

      Now go to Settings -> Account -> Google Account -> Add an Account.

      Try any of the three method above, one of them should work for you. but if non work, then you'll have to manuall flash Gapps on your device.

  2. Morning Prof, i have tecno p5 with me but the phone will not on. it only brings tecno logo on after making the sound and i have factory reset and reboot the phone but i'm still getting thesame thing

    please help

    • Hello Omolayo,
      Your phone is bricked. You'll need to flash tecno P5 stock rom on it for it to come back to life. I don't know how techy you are… better still give it to a techy dude to do it for you.

    • Thanks prof, i know this too the only problem i'm having is whenever i connect the phone to PC or Laptop it just bring battery logo on the phone (indicating Charging) and the PC is unable to detect the device. i am unsure whats causing this

  3. Good Afternoon Yomi,
    I've a gionee p4, I can't send messages, browse or call when it's on 3g network, there will be network signal showing yet it will still be showing EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY I've tried changing location yet the same thing. I've even changed several custom rom to check but to no avail

    Please help

  4. pls prof help ooo i gave my tablet techno phantom 2 g9 to som1 4 a week he changed d font nw it keeps closin apps that are runing n i dont even knw hw to remove d font and i tink my default launcher ave develop problem pls wat can i do

    • I think the font he or she installed might be the issue. Go to your settings>>apps, locate the font installed, uninistall it reboot your device an check the performance.

  5. After upraging my gionee s plus n series of updates, i noticed dt my fone can't b detected by any pc. Even as i want to downgrade it bak to lollipop. Plz help me out.


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