#2 Ways to Fix App Not Installed on Android

Happy new month everyone… I think we should start the months
by solving some minor problems. I’ve had series of people complaining of not
being able to install apps on their Android device, and it always display ‘apps
not installed
’ or ‘error encountered while trying to install app’ in the
process of  re-install an app on your

The most common causes of this error are:
==>Corrupted phone storage
/ SD card: This is the most common cause of this error.
==>Insufficient storage
==>Corrupted app (apk

==>Permission error: The
Android phone might be going through a permission crisis.
==>Temporary OS glitch: The
Android OS might have encountered a minor error.
==>Apk signed certificate
clash: Trying to install another version of an app (with a different signed
certificate) on the same phone will result in this error.
==>Installing an unsigned
apk: Trying to install an unsigned apk could result in this error.
==>Wrong app installation
location: Some apps will only be successfully installed on phone memory while
others can be installed on both phone memory and SD card. Trying to install the
former on SD card could result in this error.
==>Installing on a mounted
SD card:
==>Unacceptable apk name:
Renaming some apk files prior to installation has been known to result in this

Two Ways to Fix Application Not Installed on Android Phone?

I’ll show you two simple ways to fix this.
=>  Get your phone
rooted (comment below for aid)
=> Download any file explorer app with root access from
playstore or download solid explorer and unlocker  now.
=> Install the app(s) to your phone and launch.
=>For solid explorer, go to settings, click on
files, scroll down and check “Back goes to root” .
=>Click back untill you reach system root and click on
the folder, “data”.
=> Solid explorer will ask for root
permission, please grant it.
=> When the next window opens, look for the folder, data
and open it.
=> Now, you will see a list of folders (system folders of
all the installed apps in your phone).
=> Look for the one that has the name or company name of
your missing app and delete it. For eg. zarchiver is ru.zdevs.zarchiver.
=>You can now re-install the app with no hassle.
NOTE: Please, be careful of how you
access your system folders. You might mistakenly tamper with important folders
which leads to phone malfunction.  It’s advisable not to access it all,
unless you are aware of your intention and actions.
If the first method didn’t work out for you, then factory
reset your phone and everything will be back to normal. Before you factory reset, back up all your files to SD card and remove the SD card from your phone.
If you encounter any problem, don’t hesitate to drop comments below.
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  1. good day yomi.
    I am Benjamin from ng2g forum

    pls how can I root my sonyericson Xperia arc s.

    I have tried using frama root but to no avail.

    on the forum. I ask for help on how to start a data share business and you guided me well. am on that trail now, the problem am having is traffic.

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    on getting to the forum you will see the post "buy cheap mtn data"…. I posted it about a week ago. pls if you visit the forum you will see the post. it has all the details. pls yomi…. am a brother in need.

    thank you for reading.

    • Hello Mtn SHareData,
      Framaroot can't root your device… however, I'll provided a suitable rooting method for your device below
      How to root Sony Experia arc s

      I'll check the forum and answer all your questions… But in the main time, to draw traffic to your data share biz… You need to engage your FB contacts, Use it as DP on your BBM. Let your friends be aware that you are selling something like that.

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  3. boss yomi… m sorry for bringng dz up here…. buh a pals tecno h6 started asking for privacy password after d phone was reseted…. wat is to be done boss!!!? ayaf tried hard resetting it buh it didn't work still…. please help me look into it… thanks in anticipation…. n thanks once again for the good works

  4. Hello prof. Please how can I get paid apps from PlayStore? For free if possible. The annoying thing is I've tried to buy but it's not allowing me.

  5. I am still having the error after factory resetting my techno p9. Still can't install Skype and fiber. What do I do?

  6. Yomi good day, in the past you have always helped me with any android issue please i need your help again. I just got the iphone 6 and i am having issues downloading songs or videos on the phone unlike andriod that you just save to download, it streams live on the iphone. Can you please teach me how to download on the phone please? Thanks for your anticipated response.

  7. Yomi I ve tried Vroot, Kingroot, Iroot both Pc and Android version to root my Infinix Hot all to no avail, can you advise?

  8. Hi Yomi I have reset my Micromax a93 4 te but it does not help me . MX player and some other apps saying "apps not installed" but I installed these apps before resetting my phone . BT now these are not installing .Please tell me what should I do ……………………………….

  9. Hi, I have a problem. My phone is Android Lollipop and when I install an app in playstore it gives me an error of -504 then if I install an apk from SD card or from phone. It says app not installed. Any clue? Please Help

  10. Yomi pls I am unable to open an installed app on my phone. The app is 'LoanPair' it gives a notification saying app can't run on my device because it's rooted. I am sure my phone is not rooted becos I have verified using different root checker. Pls how can I solve the issue. My phone is Tecno H6

  11. Hello there, I tried to root my huwawei y3 model phone and worked fine for almost a week. Then I face a problem saying application not installed I try to fix it but I can't then I try to fix it by resteing the phone still didn't get the solution more over am stuck with default application only. Pls help
    And thanks


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