Airtel Launches Unbeatable Music App – Wynk

Music is good, music is life, it inspires and  music at times controls
how you feel. To all music lovers and Airtel Fans, I’m pretty sure you are
going to like this because Airtel NG don’t won’t to be left behind in terms of
Airtel Telecom just released an unbeatable music app called
Wynk. It is a music streaming and downloadable app that allows subscribers to
unlimited access to  foreign songs  and Nigerians songs on their device.

You see one thing I love about this Wynk is that it  allows its users to stream or download various
genres of music from major international music labels such as Sony Music,
Universal and EMI and create their own unique playlists on their devices.
And if you are a premium subscriber, you’ll be afforded the
 ability to sync playlists to three devices. 
Supported Devices
The app is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS. 
Where Can I Download it?
Click here to start your download with Wynk
When next you are looking for music of the soul, wynk will show you the way.
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  2. Mr Yomi, I complained earlier concerning the mtn bis not working for my PC… It works on my Phoenix perfectly well just that it doesn't open, instagram,twitter, and some other apps.. Doesn't even stream football viewing apps… Can u render any help

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