Airtel Introduced New Data Plans, 6GB For N500 & 2GB For N200

My dream is gradually coming to pass… the time will come
when 1GB will be sold for N100 and the manifestations is already happenning. Weeks
ago after Glo angrily unleashed killer data plans that can make you pee under
your undies without knowing, Airtel NG decided to follow suite today.

Airtel nicodemusly introduced 2GB for N200 and 6GB for N500
data plans. This is not a weekend plan, not a night plan but plans that currently
works both day and night. 
Before you start jumping airplane, flying fences upandan, you must know these Facts about
Airtel 2GB and 6GB.
 6 Facts You Should Know About Airtel 6GB & 2GB Plan
1. It is a new Plan
2. It works on all devices except for coffin nailed
Blackberry OS7
3. Upon subscription, it automatically deactivate any
existing data plan
4. It only works on 2G network
5. No matter the strength of your network, it must be set to
2G network or else it will just be looking at you in the eyes
6. 2GB lasts you for 14days and 6GB lasts you for 28 days.
How Can I subscribe?
Dial *482#
Final Verdict
I want to believe Airtel just want to see if this plan will
succeed or not. If you want to compete with Glo, come out and stop hiding under
2G network. What do you think?
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41 thoughts on “Airtel Introduced New Data Plans, 6GB For N500 & 2GB For N200”

  1. This is totally nonsense… Imagine! they expect us to use this stuff on edge network huh? They should introduce better plan instaed of all this trash..

  2. So long it can ping, whatsapp and telegram, I'm done wasting N1000 for mere 1.5GB that won't even last me a week. Nice plan

  3. Yomiprof, this is unrelated oo… PLS PARDON ME. I ve an lg g2 verizon vs980 its on lollipop and rooted pls i need a stale custom rom for it as d 5.0.2 on it is buggy and eats up d ba3. Thanks in advance.

  4. Glo would be the best but I don't know what's the problem with the network. The network is very bad this days. Glo is on 2g network now their Internet is even worst.

  5. good day da prof 2g in this era of 4g lite they are sick by the time they wake up they would have lose all there subscriber to other network that no business


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