Airtel Introduced Unlimited Data Plan For Night Users

This is really getting interesting… And I’m sure the time will come when you don’t have to pay heavily to surf the net regardless of the type of devices you are using. I must really commend Airtel Telcos for braising up their data plan beginning from the local mighty weekend data plan N100 for 1GB, hourly based internet data plan and then this.

You’ll all bear me witness that the fastest time to surf the net or download is at the middle of the night beginning from 12 am, but who want to make that sacrifice? Airtel, the good guys have decided to unleash midnight unlimited data plan for those who really want to download heavy files, movie lovers, anonymous wicked downloaders that has the intention of downloading the internet.

This Midnight unlimited data plan comes in three categories just like the hourly based plan.
Category 1: 1hour plan for N100
Category 2: 3hours plan for N300
Category 3: 6hours plan for N500.

How Can I Activate it?

For 1hour plan, dial *481*1#
For 3hours plan, dial *481*2#
For 6hours plan, dial *481*3#

Will it Work on my Device?
Yes it will work on all eligible Smartphones ranging from iPad/iPhone, Android, Blackberry10, Windows Mobile and for PC users.

Note that it is unlimited download based on the plan you choose until your plan expires. The time for this data plan offer its from 12am -6am every day.

Will you rock this unlimited plan if you’re opportune?

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15 thoughts on “Airtel Introduced Unlimited Data Plan For Night Users

  1. Prof pls I received my order, snokor z500, 2 weeks ago and so far I'm impressed, the only problem I have now is how to root it, I have tried framaroot, kingroot, iroot, kingo but none seems to work, pls do you have any idea on the kind of app that can root it ?

  2. pls don't waste airtime subscribing for dis rubbish,it's a scam,d download speed is reduced compared to normal data subscription.u can even use it to download large files.

  3. confirmed..i have been using the 3 hours plan since last 2 weeks when i discovered it while tryin to subscribe for opera mini bundle..but 3hours plan was 200 naira then,maybe it must have been increased.

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