How To Use Mtn Bis Plan With SandwishVpn To Browse On System

Good morning friends, it will be paramount to balance the
equation here, yesterday I posted on how Android users can browse with
Mtn bis on phone using Droid Vpn. Today, I will quickly share with us how PC
users can equally enjoy their Mtn Bis on PC  instead of leaving it to perish away.
It is not a new fact that you can use PD Proxy, Sandwish,
Vpn plus to unethically penetrate into Mtn server as an invisible chairman to
break loose your Subscribed Blackberry plan. This tutorial is specifically for

newbies who don’t know how to go about it.
I will quickly introduce you to Sandwish Vpn. SandwichVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN), a Tunneling
Software. You can use it to surf the net anonymously and securely. It
automatically hide your ip address. With this software, you can easily unblock
restricted website.
How Can I Use It To Connect With
My Mtn Bis Plan
Register  here and get a demo account – Proceed to Download
2.       Install it on your system and Run it as an administrator ==>Log in with your username and password
NB: On win7 users must execute the installer on run as admin
( right click on icon and choose run as admin) On winxp users, DOT NET is
needed before the SandwichVPN installation
    During its first run it will ask for a driver install just press
    Input your username and password on its proper field.
    Set proper protocol for your area and press connect.
    Once it connects the software will minimize to system tray and is
ready to use

Protocol:  UDP
Server: DEMO ( You can only use this server unless you upgrade to premium account).

Make sure your modem is connected before you hit the SANDWISHVPN connect button.

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35 thoughts on “How To Use Mtn Bis Plan With SandwishVpn To Browse On System”

  1. Prof yomi I jst exceeded the threshold policy on my MTN BB in which I did d BBC subcription without it expiring. Please hw can I continue using my BB to browse up untill the subcription expires without being charged ridiculously for data usage.

  2. the the 2hrs plan, but i can't guarantee you if it will make it unlimited because it been a while i used that plan.
    But on a normal occassion, whenever i exahaust my data cap while i still have the active BIS, i normally powered it up with the 2hrs plan. So give it a trial.

  3. yo prof u r da fucking man da sandwich vpn worked like a charm cuz ma bis dey work again.i hail u as da great one.dis na da first time i go say dis to another man i luv u bro.god bless kep up da good work nd fuk mtn and dey china hacker

  4. Have registered and downloaded the app but no modem iz there no way out i subscribed 2days before dey blocked the tweak…

  5. bro jus buy da bbcdayfor 100n nd text to 21600 nd try it first it worked for me real talk in fact am using it right now.good lucks props to prof yomi da great

  6. Sandwich is kinda slow and hectic to connect,der is a beta vpn call above vpn which is very fast in get the free software send me an email to [email protected] yomiprof for everything u are d best

  7. Recommended VPNs
    VPNPLUS – I encourage everyone to patronize this; it's a Nigerian based VPN service by Nigerian Youths based in Abuja. It's genuine and they are at your service anytime. Very cheap too when compared with PDPROXY and fast. I have used them when MTN BIS was working and their customer service was good. Always at your service.

  8. prof yomi. this is the message i get when ever i try to connect the sandwish vpn after registering 'CHECK ACCOUNT/TRY AGAIN LOGGING AFTER 60 SEC/ACCOUNT MAYBE CURRENTLY USED'. pls what am i doing wrong?

  9. prof yomi. this is the message i get when ever i try to connect the sandwish vpn after registering 'CHECK ACCOUNT/TRY AGAIN LOGGING AFTER 60 SEC/ACCOUNT MAYBE CURRENTLY USED'. pls what am i doing wrong?

  10. @Everyone, It is not compulstory to use Sandwish Vpn, i Just used sandwish as an example. VpnPlus, Above Vpn and Pd Proxy also works fine and fast. Please if Sandwish is not working so well for you, please use any of the above Vpn. I just felt it is not necessary to right about it again since we are familiar with those vpn. But if you are confuse on how to use any of the above vpn, just drop your complain and i will direct you on how to use it here. Thank you.

  11. My BBCDay plan expired after I used up 2GB of data with a VPN. Does this mean that the plan is not unlimited??

  12. Meaning Mtn BBC Day is 2GB? O Boy, you mean only you finished 2GB for one day? I have been strugling to finish my 200mb but how do i do dat?

  13. Bros, stay there and be counting your fingers and toes. My current download queue that I want to use to 'test' this tweak before I move into it completely is 8+GB, so I need nothing but UNLIMITED download.
    The day I find it en, empty hen go see wen! They stole my 1k, and boys are not smiling right now.

    • One thing i discovered with this Droid Vpn of a thing is it makes your GB to be unlimited despite the fact that i have been downloading heaven on earth with my Airtel unlimited GB, it did not move an inch. I guess the same thing also applies to the MTN Bis subscription. Wether Day or Month.
      With your Mtn Bis one day plan, using DroidVpn, you can download Dem Mama ' Dem papa until you are fed up of downloading. Mtn are seriously in Trouble.

    • Hello house….for all those using MTN bis with VPN such as Tweakware or GatewayVPN have you been having problems with disconnections. When the mtn connection disconnects I have to manually disconnect and reconnect the VPN. This can be a problem if you leave your laptop on overnight for downloading. I have written a script that automates the process and keeps you online even when you are not in front of your computer.

      OK here it is. Enjoy all the auto connection you can handle. Posted it to my blog cause it has step by step pictures

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