Mtn BBC Now #1,000 With Unlimited Downloading – Works On All Device

Good news guys.. whether you succeeded in activating magicsim or not, I have good news for you guys. You Mtn BBC is now #1000 and Bis now
 #1,500. I chatted with them few minutes
ago and the Mtn official who attended to me  said they just changed their price tag on blackberry
subscription. To crown it all, it is unlimited. Don’t waste your precious money
buying any data cap again, just subscribe for any of the two packages above and
continue surfing till your Mumsi call.

Bis was formally #3,000 while BBC was #1,500. The table is gradually turning; but i am still waiting for time blackberry subscription in Nigeria will be #200 for 2months. With BIS you can activate 10 email account, while with BBC you can activate only 1 email account.

To subscribe:
Text BBC to 21600 for #1,000
Text BIS to 21600 for #1,500
You can then continue to surf the net. Mind you, this is
unlimited oooo. I told you initially that the

rate at which networks  are
competing with each other in Nigeria is too much this days. Wether you are using
a Nokia phone, Android, Iphone or blackberry it is blazing wella on any phone
except China phones; even on your system.

To browse with it on your system, use the following
Password: web
Access Number: *99#
NB: This tutorial is for the heavy internet users, who are always on net.

That’s all. Please if you have any question don’t hesitate
to use the comment box.
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119 thoughts on “Mtn BBC Now #1,000 With Unlimited Downloading – Works On All Device”

  1. Boss I need your advice I'm using an android phone and I am currently using airtel blackberry social monthly plan which is 1gb for a month @1,200. On this blog I saw the magic mtn sim post I tried it but it didn't work I want to believe I used more than 2 hours that's why it didn't work. My airtel sub will be exhausted anytime soon and I need an unlimited data plan on this phone which of them will you suggest for me. Etisalat bb subscription, mtn blackberry subscription or to try mtn magic sim again. Thanks for your time

  2. Don't try mtn magic subscription for now since it did not work for you. I will update you about it soonest.
    It all depends on the network connectivity in your area. If you have good mtn network in your area, i will suggest you make use of mtn bis subscription since you can now get it for a thousand Naira. And it is backed up with an unlimited data cap. Airtel data cap is just too small, and i am pretty sure they will equally increase their own soonest.

  3. Ma Boss!on an attempt 2 try d mtn magicsim,I reloaded n subscribed for d 2H plan as instructed;I got a msg immediately dat it was succesful.without sufin; I got 2 other msgs within 1mins,the first was that I hav used 50% n den anoda that I hav used 90% . d next ting was dat I hav consumd my data plan n i didnt even browse @ al.after d 2 hours I stil removed my sim n kept it unused for d 24H,dat was yesterday n my sim hav faild 2 conect through out 2day.wat shud i do pliz??

    • Mtn BBC allow you to have attached only one email address to your blackberry plan; while Mtn BIS allow you to have 10 attached email address to your blackberry plan. Meaning you can configure to your blackberry device more than one email account. both plan are fast and reliable. BBC goes for #1,000 while BIS goes for #1,500.

  4. sorry Yomi guess am nt upto speed regardin dis email attatchment dis wot i hav 2 go through coz am a bit confused,or is it dat al i nid 2 do is get an mtn sim,send BBC to 21600 nd am gud 2 go.2ndly i cnt wait 4 d magic sim 2 com back on,so do i need to uptout of it b4 subscribing 4 d BBC data or not,if yes how pl?.3rdly can i do virtually evrytin wit d BBC data includin,watch youtube,download on system etc?

    • If you are not using a blackberry fone, you don't need to worry about the emailing things. You don't have to be confuse at all. Better still, get an mtn sim, send bbc to 21600 and that' all.
      You can do virtually everything with BBc data including watching youtube, download on system inshort anything that is internet based.

  5. i have quit a number of things to say.1. when i did my magic sim, i ddnt have to wait 24hrs, i automatically sent me a message that i have spent 0mins after i have used the original one for about 3days. 2. what is the code for mtn weekely since the monthly is now 1k how much will the weekly be?

    • don't mind MTN network, for now pend the magic sim thing. I will update you with it later.
      This is the code for weekly bis plan on mtn
      send BBCWEEK to 21600 for #499

    • Though i hav't tried it on Nokia Symbian phone before but i no it will work since it work perfectly on any pc. Before u subscribe for the plan, first of all subscribe for one day data plan to cross check if it will work with it.
      go to your phone settings – configuration – New: then enter this parameters
      thats all. Try it and give me feed back.

  6. yomi,do u know hw i cn migrate back 2 mtn supersaver frm enhance pulse,coz i've tried *406*2#,*408#,i also sent 408 to131 al to no avail,pls try 4 me bro coz d enhance pulse of a tin dey wipe my airtime wen makin calls

    • There is a difference. I use a HTC Flyer (tablet) and when I activated the BBC, I tried it with the 'web.gprs…' settings and it did not work (at least for me). When I changed the APN name to, it started working immediately. Slight difference but still works.

      …perhaps APN "" works only when you activate BIS/BBC on some phones and not others? While the "web.gprs" works for the majority…

  7. gud evenin oga @ d top…i tried d magic sim bet it dint wrk 4 me…so i hv a few ? To ask…i am using nokia E5, if i suscribe for monthly plan…can i be able to download anytin i wnt, stream videos online, and even still connnet it with my pc using nokia pc suit? Or it is nt available for symbian phonez…

    • if you subscribe for the monthly plan, you will be able to use it to download and watch videos on line. Don't subscribe yet. let me confirm if they have actually reduce the data cap on bbc plan. Two guys just told me this news this morning. I will call customer care representative for more clearification.

  8. Mtn just sent me a message that my bbc 1month sub wiLl end on the 30 may but I have reached my data fair usage threshol that I should sub again or continue browsing 5kobo/kolo this is just after three days I'm using ipad 3 and mifi what should I do

    • Subscribe for the 2hours plan. Dats what am currently using on ma device. After ur subscriptn, you should be able to browse unlimited till 30th of May. Try it and give us feed back.

  9. is it unlimited or not,i called their customer care to verify it and they said that they dont tell it to people.

    • Don't mind mtn, they are hiding the truth from us. But i learn't the BBC plan has a data cap of 2.5gb. Once you exhaust it, you can turn it into unlimited with the 2hrs plan.

    • Yes, you can use ur bbc or bis on ur galaxy tab. Well the settings is a bit lenghty but u must stick ur head to each steps.
      Let's get it rolling:::::::

      1. Find "Access Point Names"
      Press the menu icon
      Press Settings
      Press More….
      Press Mobile networks.
      Press Access Point Names.
      2. Create new data connection Press the settings icon.
      Press New APN.
      3. Enter data connection name
      Press Name.
      Key in MTN Internet (or whatever) and press OK.

      4. Enter APN
      Press APN.
      Key in and press OK.

      5. Enter country code
      Press MCC.
      Key in 234 and press OK.

      6. Enter network code
      Press MNC.
      Key in 01 and press OK.
      7. Select authentication type
      Press Authentication type.
      Press PAP.
      8. Select APN type
      Press APN type.
      Press Internet.
      9. Save and activate data connection
      Press the settings icon.
      Press Save.
      Press the field next to MTN Internet to fill in the field.

      10. Exit
      Press the home icon to return to standby mode.
      You are good to go bro…

    • David my brother, send status to 21600 to know if you have been given the bis data bundle. Please reply if you have not been given so that we can profer a solution to this mtn mess

  10. i subscribed wit nokia E63,dey sent me a text dat my active bis subscription wil expire on june 23rd,i evn complained 2 dia customer care nd Oops dey said i cnt browse wit it on my nokia nor on my PC bt only on if i got u rite u said one cud browse wit on any so gutted

  11. Ok… This is what you will do. If you are using Pc to browse, change the APN settings to:
    Username:web and if you are using Nokia, just send settings to 3888 and save the settings that will be sent to u as d default settings. If they say ur phone cannot be config automatically, just locate the config settings on ur mobile and creat a new apn with d above parameters above. Let me knw if u still have issues.

    • Manually set ur Phone… Use d without password or username.
      I wld have really love if u can get someone who really use bb and try it if actually that thing is active. I just don't trust doz mtn guys. Mine works on pc and tablets.

  12. @YomiProf. Good day. Can this Unlimited BIS subscription be used with Etisalat netwrk on a Galaxy S3? If so, how? And if otherwise, what's ur best suggestion(s)? Thanks bro.

    • @Anonymous, i have tried it on galaxy s3 but since for now, it's not working on system i doubt if it can be used on Galaxys3. But i will recommend you try out Mtn Bis subscription for #1,500

  13. Hey Mr Yomi, i called customer care to confirm. Sometin about there BBM Absolute nd BBM complete. Nd d lady said BBM absolute is unlimited while BBM complete has a data cap of 350MB. Pls can u review me on dis.

    • I always said it, Mtn customer care is not saying the truth. A guy posted here that he exhausted his bb complete and it was 2.5gb while another said it was 3gb but the BB absolute is what we are not sure of. Well lets still wait and see how it goes. But i know mtn is not saying the truth.

  14. for the benefit of doubt, is it that its best someone does the bis subscription instead of the bbc?… also in that regard, yomi can tell me if it will work on windows phone, lumia800, if yes hw shld i do it.

    • Yes.. it's best you go for Bis plan instead of bbc. it will work on your window phone. but before you fully subscribed for 1months, i will suggest you subscribe for a day plan and enter this configurations settings on it to be fully sure that it will work on ur device.

      Go To:
      Start, swipe to Apps
      Network Setup
      Click the '+' button on the toolbar
      Enter the details below (leave the rest blank):

      – Connection name: Mtn
      – Make this my current APN: Checked
      – Access point
      – Proxy address: leave blank
      – Proxy port: leave blank
      Click the 'floppy disk' (save) icon on the toolbar.

      once you try it with the 1day bb plan and it works fine, then you can go ahead and subscribe for the monthly plan. Should incase you still have problem with the configuration settings, just reply or mail me to help you out.

  15. Greetings mr Yomi. Love it here and kudos to you. Pls I'll like to know if I can browse on my pc with mtn bb sub. And if possible pls can I have the settings.tnx a lot.

  16. Hi guy…. Thanks for the Good works you guys are doing on this here.. @prof, thanks for your help and support, more grease to your elbow.. My question goes thus, " is the 2H plan still working.. " Cos a friend of mine just exhausted his BBC plan.. Please i need your help @ prof.. Thanks so much.

  17. @Anonymous1, you can browse on your PC with mtn bis plan. Just configure your access point to the parameters below. or you can use

    @Anonymous2, Though it's been a while i gave this a try but the 2Hrs plan can be activated by calling customer care. Once it's activated, keep it for a couple of hours and surf.

  18. If you send 2H to 131 and don't get a reply, try resending it or send 2 to 131, then chill for a while, you should receive a message that you "2H data bundle is still active"
    That verifies you've been subscribed to the plan.

  19. Please I need help,on this bis unlimited browsing, I have been trying evem 250, and 1000k own, Mtn have been eating my money please help here.

  20. i just active bbc #1000 two days ago and now i cant access the internet i send STATUS to 21600 i got a message that i have used my fair usage… i need to the code that will restore my unlimited plan back i think there is a code for that with price of #250 kindly assist.

    • It's so painful to be seeing things like this when you have not fully enjoy ur money. 'empty hen' wicked ooo. Anyway sha, you can try out the two hours plan, keep it for like some hours one's it is activated and it will automatically activate the unlimited data cap for you. happy surfing.

    • Hello Yomi Prof, kindly make this clear. u said the 2H plan rocks well. what i i wnt to know about the 2H plan, how long does it work? if is only for the two hours paid 4 or for the period which the bbc plan is still active…. Pls advise

  21. Prof Yomi, i've been going over ur posts nd reading positives replies. A great work u are doing o'ver here. But sir i too will like to post my own positive reply(which i know i will). Jst dat i did the bbcweek on my android, they confirmed it working and i even used it on a friend's bb. But its not working on my andy, pls is their any special setup for this?. 10nks nd God bless.

    • Good Morning OnlineDating, i will suggest you subscribe for the normal Blackberry Z10 data plan; because you don't need to set anything their. This are the available plans on the blackberry z10 from MTN.

      1 BB10 MAXI 1.5GB N3,000 *216*15# BBMAXIM
      2 BB10 MAXI Wekly 350MB N1,100 *216*14#
      3 BB10 MAXI Daily 50MB NGN200 *216*13#

      4 BB10 MIDI Mthly 500MB N1,500 *216*12#
      5 BB10 MIDI Wkly 125MB N550 *216*11#
      6 BB10 MIDI Daily 15 MB N100 *216*10#

      7 BB10 Lite Mthly 260MB N1,000 *216*9#
      8 BB10 lite Wkly 70MB N350 *216*8#
      9 BB10 lite Daily 10MB N70 *216*7#

  22. Hello Yomi Prof, kindly make this clear. u said the 2H plan rocks well. what i i wnt to know about the 2H plan, how long does it work? if is only for the two hours paid 4 or for the period which the bbc plan is still active…. Pls advise

  23. YomiProf,

    Thanks for this piece of info.

    I do have one challenge though. After my BB subscription expired (like 2-3 weeks of using it), I was told that I had reached my fair usage threshold then I subscribed to the 2H plan. After I had done this, I had barely used it for one minute when I was told I had exhausted my 2H plan.

    How do I go about this?


    • I tink Mtn just played you. How can you subscribe for the 2H plan and you hav'nt even used it for 5min before before being exhausted. Call customer care and they will rectify it for you.

    • ok, I've not been able to get customer care but I got some random info saying that the 2H subscription thing only works within the first few days of using the BB plan.. i.e finish your BB data fast enough within 2-3 days so the 2H plan can work.

    • Prof, I got to my BBC threshold, I subscribed for the 2H plan, yet, my credit is being used while the 2H plan is active. What am I doing wrong?

  24. Hello yomi prof, i must say it is a very gud job u r doing here, kip it up.. More grease 2 ur elbow. Pls i am using an android phone nd i av used my mtn bbc sub on it for a week now, but puttin on my phone ds morning it didnt wrk again. Then i put my sim back in my bb nd it wrkd pls wht could be d problem. Though i am nt sure if i av exhausted my data cap ao do i find out. Pls

  25. please prof have seen great comment here and i want you to help me too am using iphone 4s and the and web.gprs is nt working for me nd tested my bis on a bb pls help

  26. Some dummies are the ones making us not enjoy all these free stuff for long. Imagine, how can a BIG FOOL call MTN asking for magic sim? Do you think MTN came to Nigeria to count people or bridges? You people should wake up! When you here anything free is working try and find out how and where to get yours, not by calling any network provider.

  27. @Omolara and anonymous, change ur apn to username and passwd: web

    @donwise, u can ping with the bbc subscription. No data cap for bbc day subscription bt fair usage policy applies.

  28. Actually I haven't tried that with 20hrs, but I believe if you follow the normal process, the magic sim will be activated. Please try it and get back to us if it works or not.

  29. hello prof i tried the i month bbc subscription plan. after inserting the settings, i still could not browse until i use as the access point.after few days it stopped working. what do i do?

    • Hello Mr Dapo, the package for Blackberry Z10 is different from a normal blackberry plan; therefore might be a bit difficult to get an unlimited bis sub for your device.

  30. @Yomi Prof, i subscribed for the #1500 BIS and it only connects with the APN: and it seems mtn has programmed it with a fair data usage such that you cannot watch or download videos with it. when you try, it will stream or download for a while and disconnect. This implies that the unlimited access is restricted. it can only be used for browsing webpages but not continuously for a long time else it will disconnect.
    Any idea on how to stabilize the connection?

    • Good morning Mr John, first of all, do you have 3G network in your location?
      You are right about the fair usage but you can still download atleast upto 4gb of data with this package. You can use it to browse webpages, and download because i remember i still downloaded some couples of days ago with this plan.
      To stablilize the connection from your modem , download Speed Booster on your system
      Install and run. Connect your modem and run the modem booster.

  31. Thanks for replying Yomi. I have a 3G network in my area. I downloaded and installed the speed booster and used it as you suggested but it it did not improve the situation. it still disconnects at intervals. i wish there is some1 currently using it so as to verify if the problem is with sim or if it is simply how mtn programmed it.

    • Sorry mr John for what you are passing thru. But let me check out the best alternative software that will stabilize ur network since this did not work out fine for. I will get back to you in a gifi.

  32. Prof, it seems mtn has stopped the apn last night cos me n my frnds phone jt stopped browsin a d same time n up till now stil d same tin, i tried d web.gprs…… Apn but i was being charge pls we need serz help… Thanks

  33. Yeah, what "Anonymous 17 July 2013 06:56" just said. I cannot connect any more, and I switched to web.gprs… APN and that worked fine, PAYG data rate.

  34. @Anonymous and Afolayan, i think it is a general network error because right now, i don't have bis service on my blackberry phone. But try what @spmmoi said. Change your apn to with password and username web.

  35. Pls admin i subscribed to the bbc and it was working perfectly with my galaxy ace not until 17th it stop working i jxt used it for a week plus. Also my frnd i introduced that same day jxt b4 it stoped subscribed too. Pls help us with solutionz. Tanks

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