Update On Mtn Magic Sim – Get Your Money Back

I just want
to use this medium to inform you all that the Mtn magic Sim tweak has been fluctuating since yesterday therefore making it difficult for new subscribers
to subscribe to the magic stuff. Though some guys will still be selling the Simall in a bit to regain their money back but it is still the same tutorial you
read on this blog they will still give you. 
If in any way you have subscribed for the magic sim and your own Sim seems
not to even work at all, send your phone number and email address to me and I will
send you the amount you use in subscribing for the 2Hr data plan. 

I don’t post
fake tweaks, I post what I have tested and trusted working. Should in case you
are an

Etisalat subscribers, the new Etisalat bis plan is unlimited and works  on pc with unlimited downloading; or to all
Mtn Bis subscribers, this tweak works like magic as it will allow you to
download unlimited (Now that the mtn bis subscription is now #1,000), you don’t
have anything to loose.

So please if
you have not subscribed before, please don’t subscribe for now until I can
guarantee it stability and functionality. And if you have subscribed before but
your money was deducted and the Magic Sim seems not to work for you, relax, their will always be a way out.
Like I said,
I have five(5) Mtn Sim in which I have already used for the magic Sim stuffs; I
have an active Bis subscription on the fifth one and it is already subscribed
for unlimited. I can help you out if you are working with the Bis tweak; but aside
of this, the normal Magic Sim subscription should be discontinued until I confirm
it’s effective functionality again. One love guys.
NB: Should
in case you have a bugging question, don’t hesitate to use the comment box and
you will receive immediate reply. Please Don’t Spam!
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181 thoughts on “Update On Mtn Magic Sim – Get Your Money Back”

    • Before you subscribe for etisalat Bis, give me 2hrs to run a check should incase there are any loop holes while browsing with it on system. The cost of subscriptin is #1,000.

      When you turn on Mobile Hotspot mode, you can use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot so that other Wi-Fi enabled devices can use the mobile network connection on your smartphone. For example, you can connect your smartphone with your laptop and use your smartphone's Mobile Hotspot mode to access the Internet on your laptop.

    • You can activate it. But the magic takes place the moment you exhaust your normal blackberry data cap (3gb) before the expiration period. After then can you send 2hrs to 131 to activate it.

  1. First, you're doing a great job here brov. After 13 years of GSM in Nigeria, we are still being exploited. So unfortunate.

    Please, do you have any tweak for Airtel and how can I subscribe for the Etisalat BIS tweak.

  2. hi yommi,thumb up 4 ur gr8 work.i tried d magic sim stuff a couple of days ago,it worked quite alright bt it jst stopped workin 2day.pls enlighten me on hw to get 3gb or so with 1000naira on mtn coz mtn seems to b fast nd stable for me while my airtel flunctuates alot from 3g to edge to no netwrk which pisses me off.thanks

    • Hello Mr Dave, i appreciate you bro. Concerning the magic sim stuff, it has been fluctiating since yesterday and i will advice you not to subscribe again. If it connects a couple of days back, and it just stopped to day, it will still connect later. But to get the Mtn 3gb, just load your phone with #1,000 and send BBC to 21600. Mtn will give you datacap of 3gb which you can always use on system.
      To use it on system, set your
      Apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
      username: web
      password: web
      Access number: *99#

  3. thanks bro, may God bless u..i subscribed 4 d mtn magic sim yesterday it didnt work..i already sent u an email…pls can u send me d tweak u use for d airtel 08161262346

  4. bros, you are such a kind hearted person.but i think dat you should not have bother yourself about refund becos u only try to help by providing the information free for everyone to benefit. this same information you gave out free, some people collected #5000 for it. i trust Nigerian, some people that did not try it will be the first to send you message

    • Yes. D moment u exhaust d normal data cap(3gb) before d expiratn period; then u can subscribe for d 2hrs plan and it will automatically b activated to unlimited.

  5. Bro.. Tnx for the tweak but I got mine subscribed today with the 2h to 131 and I used it for 1hr and I checked my status and it was telling me that it has expired and I should send 2h to 131 to activate another bundle but to my suprise I'm still browsing with it. Can my sim still work as unlimited?

  6. My own sim is nt even conectin at all talkless of even browsin i activated 2h yday and did as u instructed.u dont have to talk of refundin money 4 sub let dem go and die if tís not workin its nt ur fault.

  7. @Valentine Uwechie… Tanks a million friend! One luv.
    @Anonymous and Joecares, a fellow commenter posted this on the other thread, and i think it will be usefull if we can try it out.
    According to what IK posted, "Magic sim is still going, i did 5 sims monday against Tuesday. This is the update, subscribe and don't browse with it, just pull your battery,leave ur sim ,for like 25hrs or more,insert it back sim hacked. .mtn might be sending u msg that u ve used some percentage of ur bundle,ignore such msg.Browse for like some hours,then send 106 to 131,if u received msg like this Dear customer, your 2 hrs 1-Day Data plan is still active. You have used 0 mins of 2 hrs. Expires: 23-Apr-2013 16:03. Start surfin its now unlimited. as you can see mine suppose to expire on 23 but it is still active. Note Never send 2 to 131 it will be deactivated or exhausted,use mtn pulse". Just try it out and don't hesitate to give me feed back on how it goes. Love you guys.

    • @Ibroman, don't worry i got ur details and i will sure fulfil.
      @Anonymous, though i hav'nt try the new trick but IK said he succeeded in doing five sims and they work perfectly. Since they work out, it will continue to work. My fear now is this, mtn might decide to stop the subscription for the 2hrs plan because of high traffic subscription 2hrs plan is generating. If they eventually stop it, then we will need to look for another alternative.

  8. Gud morning Yomi, pls my bb data cap has expired since last week and since then dey've been charging me but my subscription still runs till May 15 b4 it will expire. Pls can I subscribe for the 2Hr plan now nd will it be unlimited? Thanks for d great work done. Expecting ur reply pls

    • Yes, subscribe for the 2Hrs data cap. The moment you subscribe for the 2hrs data cap, it will turn it into unlimited till the expiration period i.e May 15

    • Thanks bro. Pls will it go if I use it on my modem? Then considering d latest development abt blackberry.net apn dat is nt going, which oda functional apn can I use for it to browse unlimited wit my pc? Tnks

  9. @all those asking yomi to send them there money back are the most ungreatful bastard on earth..like seriously…i did what he said it work for three days and then stop when i got a message have exhusted my time……everyone are paying to get these things he gave it out for free and you people still want your money back…what happen to those who went to pay 3500 and its not working or my friend here in delta who paid 15k for mtn magic sim and didnt work for even one day….haba make o na take am easy oga yomi i beg update me on this airtel gb top up things [email protected]

  10. Pls I subscribe to d 2H plan after I exhausted my 3gb nd dey gv me d 150mb but they re still charging me when I tried to download wit it. Pls wat's d cause nd pls wats d way out. Tnks

  11. yomi, pls i beg u dont refund money back to anybody again if you have started, or do you pick money from ground? is not today that we have been trying tweak with even #1500 and it would not work. i beg dont let dem take ur kind gesture for granted

  12. Bros tnx a lot 4u gud work here. God bless u. AMEN. Pls can u help me out with football betting(nairabet). Pardon me if i posted dis on d wrong place. Tnx in advance.

  13. what's all this crap about you sending money to people that their tweak didn't work? what a funny conversation going on here. @Prof, If you want to become Father Christmas, it should be to the people that deserve it like the less privileged. The so called magic sim tweak is still on sale by some people while it is free on your blog.

    Funny how people return bad for good.

    • Mtn will never tell you the truth. that is just what normally pain me wth all this mobile networks in Nigeria. it was 250 before, but the 250 mb does not finish; therefore making it impossible to browse with it on system except with the use of softwares like spotflux. Now they have removed the data cap which is now 3gb. This 3gb can finish depending on your download level. Just about 2days ago, they announce another reduction on the tariff price i.e BBC and BIS but not on the data cap. So it is still 3gb. Don't worry, i will make a post on 'Why you should choose BIS when subcribing'.

  14. oga yemi, tankz 4 all u hv bin doin nd still tankz 4 wot u will still do..as for dose folks dat are askin 4 dier moni,dey dnt knw wot der nid..cos dis same tweak is wot some1 told me to pay 50k to learn it..nd some evn get it for free here while oders are askin for dier 250…chairman i jst hv some question to ask about d bis u posted..wel i am usin nokia E5..so if u suscribe for the bbc whc is 100 naira, do u min dat i can surf d web, unlimited download,stream online nd still connect it with my nokia pc suite,…or it can not wrk for symbian phonez…and can u update me on the airtel [email protected]..tankz bros may god bless u

    • You are welcome my brother. The BBC Plan i'm talking about is not the daily plan but the monthly plan which goes for #1,000 and you can surf the net unlimited, life streaming and even connect it with your PC Suite. All you need to do to make it work effectionally is just to input the apn parameters.
      I will keep you updated about the Airtel Stuff as soon as possible.

  15. all i ca say is that everyday i visit ur blog to check on the latest updates in town with respect to tweaks and to be frank, you have not failed to amaze me @Yomiprof. Pls send me the airtel Gb stuff @ [email protected]. Tnx

    • Amaiye Bryan, it is a very simple steps though, but because it is not discuss in this thread, i wouldn't want to say another thing about it but today, i will write a post on it for your sake.

  16. Prof my mtn nw only open mtnonline… Page and weneva i try to open oda sites its redirectin me bk to mtnonline page.wat cn i do

    • Joecares, i know it is a temporary network problem. Since atimes, Mtn will make us beleive that the Magic Sim stuffs have stuff, and latter it will keep going. In order to clear our benefit of doubt, try it and i will equally try mine for the whole of today to see how far it will connect.

  17. wow! U r really trying here bro…. May God continue to bless u… Though I neva visit dis site b4 bt I was highly impressed by coments by dos who in one way or d oda av comented on ur previous posts….

  18. Prof Yomi..may God bless u..u will never lack in ur life..success is urs..we appreciate all d things u are doing 4 us o..prof pls help we jamb student i know u av connections…my subjects are eng,maths,econs and govt [email protected]

    • Amen… i will try as much as possible to see if i can lay my hands on one. Surely, i will pass them accross to you as soon as i find one. You are the best.

  19. @prof yomi tnx for d magic sim!!! I followed ur instructions and i got my magic sim and it works well for me, i still rock it… Dou i exceeded the time frame which is u're suppose to remove d sim for 24hrs but mine clocked close to 48hrs, all d same it ROCKS!!! God bless Prof yomi. BiG thAnkS…

  20. hi yomi,what on earth do i do 2 optout of d enhance pulse bak to supersaver?i've tried evry posible code (*408#,*406*2#,408 to 131 even wit over 100naira in my acnt balance al to no avail,called dia custormer care tyms witout number dey kept tellin nd promisin me bullshit.bro asist me coz my main line is d 1 in question nd i cnt freely mke calls nawadays witout mtn wiping al my airtime in a twinkle of an eye,i nid 2 get bak to supersaver,thanks

  21. @Sam, some guys told me they activated theirs today and it's working fine.. Dis I have nt personally confirm. But let me still verify it's functionality.
    @David E.. Since you have tried all d possible ways dat I knw, mtn customer care is still d last hope 4 migratn. Though they hv bn havn serious problem with dir server due to upgrade. Even yesterday's evening, a close friend of mind could't access internet on his BB with active subscriptn still in place for good 5v Hrs. My suggestion is diz, if you can walk up to any mtn customer care office to rectify diz issue on time instead of calling them and dey giving u unjustifiable excuses.

  22. two days back i subscribe mtn 2h browsin and followed all d instruction given in order to activate mtn magic sim, #250 was deducted frm my acct, and afta 24hrs i slot the sim bak into my fone, hope to be browsin free,but instead dey swept all my money.. Is it dat the magic sim is no longer workin or wat? Here is my number:08068700250 email:[email protected]

    • It is not blocked at all. Mine is still working well with full internet speed. Only that atimes, network used to be bad. Yomi tanks a million, you are God sent.

    • Just cr8 new internet profile wt d folowin info…
      Profile name: Etisalat BIS
      APN: blackberry.net
      Username: leave empty
      Password: leave empty
      Advanced Settings: Primary DNS:
      Alternate DNS:
      => Save, select as the Default
      Setting and Connect to the
      Now open your browser and use
      the following IP and Port.
      PORT: 8080
      click ok & u r ready 2 surf d net unlimited til ur plan £xpired!

    • I tried this yesterday but it didn't work. My SIM is a newly registere EASYCLIQ sim. I activated Etisalat BIS with 1000. I received a message that my BIS has been activated. I tried to browse but I keep getting redirected to buy.etisalat.ng site. Is there anything I need to do to make it work.
      Note: I have used all the above settings as prescibed above.

      Yomi, kudos to u. U r doing an exceptional work here. I hail u bro. Please, discontinue the refund of monies to ppl. Everyone that undertakes this freebrowsing stuff must realise from the word go that it is a risk he/she is taking and should bear the consequences without recourse to anyone. I believe u r generous but u should mix up generousity with sentiments. They could as well have gome to buy the SIM for 3500, 5000, 10000. Well done bro.
      a quick one pls, this unlimited MTN bis, does it run unlimited till ur 30days subscription expires?

    • My brother, first of all i must sincerely apologise for the Etisalat not browsing on system. For now, the above settings no longer work on system. i am trying all i can to locate a better option to make it work. Am really sorry about it.

      The unlimited BIS runs unlimited till your 30 days expire. But Mtn will always tell you that Fair data usage policy applies. meaning their will an extent of download you will make limit your usage. But their is always a way out.

    • Please, whats the way out?
      secondly, does the subscription end after a month, to be renewed again for another 30days?

    • If you wana use your BB as a modem, you need to download Blackberry Desktop manager; connect it to your BB via USB cord. If you are still with me reply and i will continue to the next step

  23. @Yomi…bbc or bis wateva must it expired before activate the 2h bundle or person can activate it even with subscription activated?pls we re waitin for the airtel gb stuff pls…

    • It must expire before you activate 2Hrs bundle. The airtel stuff is still cooking. Give me a little time please. Will keep you updated about it.

  24. Yomi, I greet. Pls, is it safe to load credit into a magic sim for normal call and sms use or must it remain empty?

    • I wouldn't advice you to do that; the reason bein is that i don't trust mtn for any thing. Like me, my magic sim is different from my normal Line. And i don't load it at all. If you can, leave it empty. Though some people said they make calls with their own and recharge even though their money is not being deducted, but me Nbannnu! MTN is in trouble.

  25. Prof yomi pls hhelp ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ …I tried d tweak D̶̲̥̅̊@̤̥̣̈̊̇t̶̲̥̅̊ u posted and after a while I was downloading and it got stop nd since den I cnt browse again. Pls wht can I do….coz I tot it was unlimited download…pls help ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ !!!…08068338145…[email protected]………….plsss reply sir

    • Gidigba! It is working on existing sims but i don't know if it will still work on New commers sim. I already activated 5sims. So now, i rocking real bad my new Glo Line. Try it out. It will work.

  26. It is still working guys.
    2H is working as originally setup. Activated 2 sims yesterday, mina & my sisters'. working on a third one.

  27. @yomi,I hv my mtn magic sim browsin via my nokia pc suite which is jus an edge fone,am usin bold5 as my main fone bt d magic sim does nt work on d bb,I hv tried settin d apn,username n password on TCP IP option bt I can't still use it,is dere any help u can offer cos my bold5 has hotspot n it is 3g which means b browsing speed will b very fast. Suggestion pls cos d sim is browsin well on d nokia. I don't hv a modem or a good 3g nokia fone cos I sold my e5 3months ago. All I nid is hw to mak it work on my bb so I can use it as hotspot

    • Okay, which apn did u used on the bb TCP ip? Is it:
      Apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
      Password: web
      Username: web
      Plz reply so dat I can answer ur questn.

  28. @yomi, I subscribed to mtn bbc week yesterday and have received d status message from them but my bis is still not active. What can I do?

  29. What kind of BB are u using?
    Go to settings
    Device –
    Advance System Setting-
    Host routing table-
    Then register the network. It will be active the moment you register it.

  30. @yomi, plz i stil cant undastand hw to activate dis mtn 2hr stuff cos ve tryd it bt is nt workin wella..

  31. @ yomi…..it is web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net I used for d apn then web for username n password….pls tanks will b waitin 4 a solution from d prof himself

  32. plz what is the maximum speed dis trick can download with using 3.5g mine is just running on not more dan 120kb even in the night

  33. Network upgrade is still ongoing aith MTN network. For those in Lagos, u'll definately experience some slowdown. Even their normal network has some issue…be patient guys, it'll be fine-FEAR NOT!


  35. Apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
    username: web
    password: web

    Note: You can leave the username & passbword blank.

  36. Who can give a stable apn and dial up number for d sim, it flunctuate and also direct to mtn bundle site……..

  37. I have been using web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
    password & username is blank.
    it's been stable. most probably its network issue cos mtn is upgrading their systems.

  38. Hi prof…..i tried using d sim on my bb, but it only show small edge and 3G withouth bb sign, which means it hasn't been registered with bb wireless. I've done all required settings and i also send a message to registered from advance settings. But it didn't work(they didn't register it) what can i do?

    • I believe you just subscribe for BIS plan and since you have tried what is necessary, and d bb service is not coming up, I will suggest u call their customer care service dept so dat they can run a check on ur line. I knw its from their end.

  39. To remove the bundle issues and browser altercations, drop ur emails so I'll send u a software to fool mtn… NO PAYMENT.
    I browsed all night without a single stop… Well done YOMi

    • Mtn Magic sim still work fine. Please when you want to subscribe, make sure your sim is an old sim and you call customer care to help you subscribe for the 2Hrs plan to avoid your money being deducted without giving the plan to you.

  40. @anonymous, it is network erroe. Switch off ur phone and on it back. It should b stable after that.
    @sprado, so long it has 128kb, it will work.
    @#nonymous… It is nt wen u got urs dat matters bt turn d back of ur sim and u shld see either 128kb or 56kb;

  41. I don't tink d mtn magic sim is working again on new sims, cos av tried it on so many sim bt once d 2h is exhausted and I reset, it browse unlimited for many hours. Bt wen I disconnect, dats d end

  42. So SPRADO how did u go about this 4-in-1 sim. After sending 2H to 131, what did u do next….Did u just let it sleep for hours or did u send any other sma to make it reset?

  43. In my own view…. For the MTN MAGIC SIM. You just need 250 to do it.. I dis 2 sim and they worked.

    Follow these things…
    When you recharge, dont send 2H to 131. Pls dont…

    Just call the CC. Tell dem to activate it for you. (in my case, I called like 5 times before they could successfully activate just 1 sim. I think they got problem with the application or something)

    When it has been activated, Put the sim in a Phone or Modem (Browse for 1hr 30mins on Phone and Like just 30mins with pc and mind the site you open. so u don finish ur Data cap and PLs dont DOWNLOAD OOO!!!!)

    After browsing, stop and remove the sim from your phone. Note the time you stopped. Then start counting 27hrs from that time.

    After 27hrs.. You MAGIC SIM is ready.. Reset? Dash MTN dat one!!!

  44. @Prof. How far on the magic sim thingy, is it still working? My BBC bundle says I have reached "the fair usage threshold". Though my BBC subscription will expire on 12 June. Any suggestions at all?

    JustInCase… I also have an etisalat sim.
    Thanks in advance

    • The magic sim is still rocking wella. Since they say you have reached your threshold, subscribe for the 2hrs plan, then browse for 15 minutes with the sim on system but don't download ooo. then remove the sim and keep it for good 48hrs. After that, slut it back into your device and keep browsing until June 12.

      You can subscribe for etisalat 1day bis plan to download unlimited for that day.

    • I must sincerely appreciate your kind response.
      Since the mtn sim is my main line and I'm skeptical about switching it off for 2days, can I subscribe monthly with my etisalat sim and get unlimited download? Pls advise.
      Thanks in anticipation

    • Thanks once again. I have subscribed for the etisalat 1day plan but it is not browsing on pc. Maybe the settings…??
      God bless you.

  45. morning people, abeg which is the real way to go about this magic sim: send reset to 131 and 4777 or don't send anything??

    secondly, when does the 24 hours start counting: immediately after i subscribe or after i stop browsing and remove the sim card

  46. Yomi d Proff; I actually subcribe,but after browsin for few minutes the network went bad,came back after some hours,den I brows for few minutes again & I stoped..my qst. now dat will it still work.Thanks in antipation

  47. @Ifediora, any of the two method works fine. Your 24hrs start counting the moment you remove ur sim from your phone.

    @Anonymous, it will work. Just keep it for the required hours.

  48. hello, gud day pls i used 4 in 1 mtn simcard do to mine whch is a new mtn sim. dat has 1000146.5968274 its nt really 128k simcard . so i had it activated xterday arnd 6:40 nd i browsed from dat 6:40 to 12 am this morning nd i still used it to donwload upto 300mb. but wht am confused is dat it stop working nd open mtn online portal plz hlp me out i dnt knw if it has been blocked.

  49. hello, gud day pls i used 4 in 1 mtn simcard do to mine whch is a new mtn sim. dat has 1000146.5968274 its nt really 128k simcard . so i had it activated xterday arnd 6:40 nd i browsed from dat 6:40 to 12 am this morning nd i still used it to donwload upto 300mb. but wht am confused is dat it stop working nd open mtn online portal plz hlp me out i dnt knw if it has been blocked.

  50. i love u prof yomi u really doing a great work her and God will be with u and ur family…..pls i want u to tell me d latest and working well method on how to activate magic sim coz i hav wasted money on dis stuff….thanks.

  51. The easiest way to activate this thing is not far fetch from what he has posted above. Just make sure you get your 2Hrs Plan. use is it for 3omins, remove it and keep it for 24hrs.. After that, put it back and send reset to 131. then you are good to go. To activate ur 2hrs plan just call customer care to do that for you if not.. na sorry be your name oooo. Mtn go hear am hot for naija.

  52. [email protected] But d one i did yestarday is d same and is not workin…..i use d sim to browse for 30min and kept it for 24hrs but wen i inserted it in d follow day it tell me that UR 2HR PLAN IS STILL ACTIVE U HV USED 30MIN…..LATER IT TURN TO 120MIN….SINCE THEN D BROWSE HAS STOP……ANY WAY OUT.

  53. @Prof pls do you have any solution/suggestions for my sim that I have kept for over 48hrs(after subscription) and it is still active as the time this post? I was tired of waiting then started browsing with it until mesg came from ISP that I have use 25% of my whatever whatever.
    Thanks for your help!

    • Did you send reset to 131? What was dir reply… after then, did you still receive thesame message that you have used 50%? If yes, then i'm afraid their may not be hope for new comers into magic sim.

    • No I didn't send reset at at all.I check yesterday it was still active but could browse with it after sometime.
      Should I send reset to 131?

  54. Abeg o! This mtn account balance code *556# is not working on my bold 3, wen eva I try it is as-if am making a call.

  55. Yomi prof…u r doing a great job on this blog…keep up d good work…u r one of those rare people that are not born with greed in their personality considering the fact that you help people on daily basis without collecting anytin for it….please i've been having problems with the magic sim since mtn only collects my money then they tell me my 2hrs plan is exhausted immediately after subscription..please help me i need this trick…and whenever i call their server is always down and they nevver profer solutions please wat can i do to activate my sim my number is 07064285782 or 08077766048…this is my email [email protected]…Godbless…

  56. Please oga yomi can I re used a sim card I sued befr bt it didn't work to subscribe anoder 2h nd try using anoder method or shud I jst buy a new sim?tanks

  57. Yomi prof. Thanks a lot although am a late comer but my mtn sim did magic yesterday. I suscribed 2 mtn bis day with N200 later my data plan was exahusted but they didnt send me any message, i thought it was a problem, i did the following things. I send Data off to 131 and data on to 131, i checked my data bundle. They sent my 2H has expired, then i send reset to 131. They sent me SUCCES.i slot my sim to my modem and connect. To my greates surprise it starts browsing . I even stream online movie from different sites. But later by 2 to 3am. It stopped working. I was unable to connect. When i try to connect. It shows connection terminated. I used this apn blackberry.net

  58. Yomi prof…u r doing a great job on this blog…keep up d good work…u r one of those rare people that are not born with greed in their personality considering the fact that you help people on daily basis without collecting anything for it….please i've been having problems with the magic sim since mtn only collects my money then they tell me my 2hrs plan is exhausted immediately after subscription. This has occurred 3 consecutive times ..please help me i need this trick…and whenever i call their server is always down and they nevver profer solutions please what can i do to activate my sim my this is my email [email protected]…Thanks & Godbless.

  59. Am new [email protected] yomi…I subscribd for dt 2h abt 2wks ago bcos i needed to downld a heavy file. Afta downldin , i was gvn a msg dt v exhausted it in whc i was tod to subscribe or send reset..i actually send reset and i ws replied dt; ur data is stl active and u av used 0min blah blah lik dt….since then v been browsing ,downloadin but the problem is , d server has been disconnecting itself…at times it wl go n at times it will not….wats making it not to go @tyms…….i dd not observe any 24hrs dou bt, i browse since then wtout dem deducting my acct

  60. Good Evening Mr Yomi, I'm New To Ur Blog & I Must Confess I Love The Many Testimonies I've Seen. I've Heard A Lot About The MTN Magic Sim But, I'm A Bit Skeptical. I Need Your Advice As To What Method Is Most Effective To Get The Unlimited Data, And How I Can Activate My Sim For Unlimited Internet Access. Here's My Email; Please Reply ASAP. Thanks.

  61. prof i dont knw what to do with this my own sim.i did that magic sim ishh but it few weeks back and later put it in my moderm then it browse so later i got a message that have used 90% of my data plan ,immediately i removed it so the later day i inserted the sim into my moderm but it didnt browse again, i checked my bundle expired date it keeps telling me i still have an active bundle and it going to expire may 23…funny mehnn please what should i do …..i will really appreciate if anyone can come to my rescue

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