Why Don’t You eXchange Your Old Phone For a Brand New One?

Now that brands are releasing smartphones like chewing gum,
it will interest you to know that once new phones are released, attention are
shifted to the newer phones while the old ones are abandon. Those of you still
using old Tecno and Infinix smartphones, you can testify that it’s been a long
time you receive updates.

No matter how you pray, fast and fight, your old Tecno,
Infinix will never smell the gate of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
This will be the perfect time to swap your old phones for a
brand new one without thinking twice. For your information, Infinix Hot 2 and
Hot 3 are now old since it has a new elder brother, Infinix Hot 4. Tecno
Phantom is now old. Inshort any Android device you have that is still running
Android 4.4 kitkat and doesn’t support 4G is an old Android Smartphone.
These brands will keep releasing newer devices every season,
and the best you can do right now is to swap it for a brand new one. 
There are TWO ways you can swap your old phones,
1.From SLOT Nigeria
2. From MTN Office.
To Swap Your Old Phone From SLOT, Follow this guide here
To Swap Your old Phone from MTN Office, follow this guide.
Instead of leaving your old phone to rot in jail, take the
step and swap it to a smartphone that support 4G LTE. 3G or 3.5G is old
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9 thoughts on “Why Don’t You eXchange Your Old Phone For a Brand New One?”

  1. Honestly swapping phone in slot is not a big deal but u will almost dash them ur phone. They bought my brand new Samsung note4 of 130k for 60k. There's no big story, is either u swap it or u leave it. They don't care whether it's new or old but it must be in good condition.

  2. swapping of phone at slot is a rush it's like these people are there to exploit people .I went there last week. they valued my Techno f7 that I bought 42k (thounsand ) for 7 thounsand .and they want me to deduct that 7k from my new choice of phone. so its better to sell out our phone than SLOT EXPLOITATION called SWAPING

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