Having Problem With Glo Bis On Your Android? Try This…

It’s obvious from 3:30am this morning till now, Glo network has been so bad to the
point of data not even coming up on some Android device. Most peeps are even confused maybe Glo BIS
have stopped working  on Android and
other device but it’s not true.
Glo blackberry services has been bad in some locations which
to me its not ideal; this is just a mere network

 problem and I believe probably before today
ends, it will be fixed.

However, you can fix this by downloading a SuperVPN. This VPN has unlimited bandwidth and it bypasses every 3rd party restrictions
of all kind, it encrypt your internet traffic as well as speeding up your
Where Can I Download SuperVPN?

==> Download it from Playstore or here
==>Run and install it on your device
==>Choose any country of your choice
==>Click on connect
And bam your Glo bis will be connected on your Android device.
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26 thoughts on “Having Problem With Glo Bis On Your Android? Try This…”

  1. please help iphone users tweak their imei… i tried tweaking with ziphone but its not detecting my device all it shows is searching for device… please help

    • You mean hotspotshield? It all depends on u. This vpn gives u 20days free trial, after which it will only give u some hours of use daily except u upgrade to premium, however, u can always get d crack online.

  2. Oga Yomi pls how can i change ma galaxy s2 imei n wat re d disadvantage of changing imei n finally can I reverse back to me previous main imei no if I want to? Thanx

  3. What about how to tether android phone to pc using glo bis, am browsing on my phone using this vpn but unable to tether it to my system, prof please help ooo

    • Now that your imei as been changed, and you've subscribed for glo 3gb, is it active or pending? Dial *777*0# yo check ur data balance. Set ur apnto blackberry.net
      Passwd and username, leave empty. Save it asur default and connnect

  4. After changing my Imei and browsing for some minutes my phone stopped detecting my sim but if I insert any other sim apart from the glo sim I subscribed on, it works. Please how can I solve this problem. I use a techno f8 device

  5. am using glo bis on my android,but when i tether it with my laptop it doesnt open https websites….only
    nairaland and some blogs do open….but it doesnt browse
    secure websites please what can i do to make it browse all websites..Facebook doesn't open…. prof please help


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