How To Use OpenVPN To Surf Mtn Night Plan During The Day

Before I write anypost today, I want us to observe 1minute
silence for the souls that lost their lives at the Abuja last night May 1st,
2014 bomb blast explosion; may their soul rest in Peace.
It’s high time we hit the nail on the head once and for all.
I’m damn fed up of all this crappy network 
with high data charge. I learnt etisalat just introduce a plan that I won’t
advice anyone of us to go for because it’s a very heartbreaking plan to sapp
you of your money.
I’ll deal tentatively on how you can use OpenVpn to surf
your mtn night plan during the day, to those having problem on how to go about it. God bless the dude who provided this extensive openvpn tutorial settings with Night plan.
How Can I Use Mtn Night Plan During The Day With OPEN VPN
For Android Users, Download open vpn from play store and use
the following settings
Proxy Settings:

==>Download the server files
attached below and input them into the server app
Download it here

Copy the username and password you see
there, once the server ask for the username and password, just input the one
you copied.
You can save the password in the app, click  settings button and then basic type in the
password then save.

Should in case it doesn’t work on your sim, toggle around the dns settings by
clicking on the settings image on the server, then go to ip and dns >>
then add any dns server and backup dns.
For pc users, connect to the internet and start openvpn.
The small icon will show on the taskbar,
Right click on it, go to settings, and change to
http proxy as above.

Once again, God bless the dude who compile this tutorial together for all android and PC users.

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16 thoughts on “How To Use OpenVPN To Surf Mtn Night Plan During The Day”

  1. Nice share.

    Yomi, Happy workers day.
    Will MTN daily BIS (BBCDAY) plan work on any of the OS10 BB devices?
    Can I share the data via Hotspot after subscription?
    Can I browse using a BB Desktop suite with my PC?
    Please, help with answers on ASAP. Many thanks.

  2. Yomi i dnt knw if u gat any idea about dis…. I formated my system recently, now my browsers installed(firefox & internet explorer) are not downloading more dan 300kb and its not network problem. Wat can i do?

  3. For all those that want to connect with PC, it is actually easy. Just follow the steps below(Please note that the steps may differ slightly if you are using a different OS. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate).

    1. First download OpenVPN Windows installer:
    (For 32 Bit systems)
    (And for 64 Bit systems)

    2. Install but don't run it yet.

    3. Click on Start => All Programs => OpenVPN => Utilities => Generate a static OpenVPN key(You may need to right-click and run as administrator)

    4. A command prompt window will come up and give a success or failure message.

    5. After that go to and download your preferred Certificate Bundle under the OpenVPN tab (I am using the first one – Euro1).

    6. Copy the free username and password available on the vpnbook freevpn page and save it somewhere safe.

    7. Extract the downloaded zip file and copy the contents of the folder to OpenVPN config folder in Computer => Local Disk(C) => Program Files => OpenVPN => config

    8. Connect your modem using the as APN

    9. After you are successfully connected, start OpenVPN by double-clicking the icon on the desktop

    10. Right-click on the OpenVPN icon in the task bar and choose settings

    11. Click Manual Configuration and enter the proxy details as provided above by YomiProf and click Ok.

    12. Right click on the OpenVPN icon again and you will see a list of available servers. Choose one and click Connect (I am using vpnbook-euro1-tcp80.

    13. You will be prompted to enter your username and password. Enter the username and password from vpnbook and you will be connected.

    That's all…

    That's what I am using now with my MTN Sim as at 12.34pm in the afternoon.

    Thanks@Yomi for sharing this. But it will be better if it was unlimited…

    Cheers and enjoy while it lasts.

    • Sup… Followed ur steps BT when I click on the openvpn GUI it says "error creating HKLM/SOFTWARE/openvpn GUI key…m a beg pls help my 2.5 g remaining must not waste did evening

    • Hello… if you have not done step 3 above, go back and do it. If the error still persists, in step 9 above, instead of double-clicking on the OpenVPN icon, right-click and select Run as Administrator. That should solve your problems.

  4. pls gurus in the house i still cant get the opekn vpn for my s4 and the one i downloaded in googlplay is not like the one u showed on here ………..pls i need the link thaks everyones

  5. Nice article ! Nowadays, there are a lot of software like VPN available to hide ip address to surf internet anonymously . The purpose of hiding ip address from the public view provides security to the browsers so, they can prevent from ip hacking . After hiding their original ip, one can check whether their ip gets changed or not by using


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