#3 Ways To Fix Any Bricked Android Phones And Tablets

The rate at which Android phones and tablet is been bricked this days
is super alarming. And I think a permanent solution should be proffered to it.
So if you’re among those who have successfully bricked your
Techno Android device, then carefully

read the procedures below to fix it
aright. I’ll quickly share with you three different method to get your device
fix back no matter when or how it was bricked.

Method One

The first thing you have to do here is to boot the techno android into recovery
mode and  Wipe the cache and factory
reset. If it didn’t work, try method two below;
Method Two:
1. Get a phone of the same type that is not bricked
2. Boot the good phone into recovery mode (hold volume up + power button while
the phone is off)
3. Go to Backup and restore
4. Select Backup then yes to confirm
5. After Backup is complete, copy the backup file / folder from the SD card of
the good phone to the SD card of the bricked phone (maintain the file path)
6. Boot the bricked phone into recovery mode
7. Go to backup and restore
8. Select Restore
9. Select the backup you just copied and click yes to confirm
10. Your Tecno  phone should come back to life

If  perhaps your techno phone is so
stubborn and method two doesn’t work, then try the next method below.

Method Three
Before we begin, I want to believe your Techno Android was rooted before it was
bricked or else you are wasting your time reading this method.

1. Download PdaNet
2. Download MTK Droid tools
2b. Get the the boot.img for your phone type from someone who has the same
phone as your bricked one (via MTK tools backup) or downloadboot.img file for your Tecno phone.
3. Put on the bricked phone then connect it to your PC (don’t mind that its
stuck at the Tecno logo)
4. While the phone is connected, install PdaNet on your PC
5. Still with the phone connected, launch MTK Droid tools and extract its
contents (take note of where they are being extracted to)
6. Open the MTK Droid tools folder and launch MTK Droid tools (green logo)
7. MTK Droid tools should display your phone’s details and the box at the
bottom should be yellow
8. Click root at the bottom, select Yes to any prompt and wait till the box
turns green
9. When the box turns green, click on the root, backup,  recovery tab
10. Click to choose boot.img file
11. Click Recovery and Boot then navigate to the boot.img from 2b and select it
12. Click yes to every prompt
13. When asked, click yes to boot into recovery mode
14. You should now have Clockworkmod recovery installed from which you can do a
restore, wipe cahe partiton, wipe davlink cache, reset to factory state or
flash a new stock or custom ROM.
That is it friends. Or are you still having problem with it? Post it here let’s solve it together.
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38 thoughts on “#3 Ways To Fix Any Bricked Android Phones And Tablets”

    • Please I have an infinix alpha and I tried booting it into safe mode, it is not responding at all. Held the power button, added the volume down and even the volume up. None working. The phone doesn't even respond to charger (it doesn't display the notification light). What happened is that the screen went blank while I was using it. So I did a reset by holding the power button. But then it stopped booting after getting to the logo screen. So I did another hard reset, this time, it hasn't come in at all

  1. Only rooted android can be brick… Whenevere you are rooting your phone always install cwm recovery. It widely saying "precaution is better than cure" only step 3 is sure others are just idea, for almost all tecno you can install Cwm without pc

  2. What are you trying to do when it get brick? And if an operation want to see your phone rooted "it doesn't need root access o, it just want to see the bridge" and you perform the operation without rooting your phone will get brick e.g activating wallpaper from zedge

  3. baba, i need advice, i am using phantom and had access to free wifi in my area but now i no get free access to the wifi again, so i decided to get bold 5 cuz of bis. which bis should i go 4 dat will be unlimited or almost unlimited like wifi? (Airtel is bad in my area)

  4. Oga yomiprof my own tablet is event entertainment Tab and it's a China product have not seen the tablet before with anyone and I even searched for it online and I didn't even see anything like that. Please what can I do

  5. Hello prof
    Plz I need your help, I got my infinix race jet bricked while trying to root the phone. I can not boot beyong the infinix logo
    Plz what can I do to unbrick it,
    My e mail is [email protected]
    Plz can I have your. bb pin? Mine is 29289293

  6. please Gurus i need the stock rom for infinix surf spice x403 as i soft bricked it when trying to install a new font. all efforts to flash it proved abortive. i thank you all for your quick response.

  7. Hello Prof, I could only get the pdanet file, one of the other files has been deleted and the other one is waiting for some sort of approval. I need to unbrick my tecno p5. The first two methods haven't worked..I am hoping the third one will. please could you give me a link to download the files that are still pending?

  8. please i need a rom for my tecno s9 i have already rroted it nd done d oder proccedurez buh i dont hav any custom or stock rom … pls send me any link of s9 custom rom..

  9. Pls my infinix x403 got hanged when i was trying to uninstall go launcher, bt when it boot, it only stop at d infinix logo, pls what is d way out?….08162719834

  10. Pls the PdaNet is requesting that my phone be in debugging mode, but it's already bricked and I can't get past the logo. How do I turn the debugging mode in or is there any other method?.

  11. Oga as your name suits you(Yomiprof.),please my oppson d1 has been bricked and its not turning on even when charging,it won't appear any charging icon,and it didn't also connected when USB is been pluged to it….please and please,kindly help me with this,how can i get out of this pee?

  12. Oga prof,my opsson d1 has been bricked,no charging icon and not showing usb connection on the p.c…and its not switching on…help me pls

  13. have a pre_rooted bricked TECNO L6 phone.
    Mtk Droid tools is not detecting it, nor flash tool. I have tried the above method. And all other methods in other sites to no avail.
    The current condition of the phone is that it boots and stays on the experience smart life logo.
    Won't boot to recovery mode. .


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