Upgrade Your Android Device Running 4.0 Below Here

It doesn’t sound nice  seeing some Android device
infected, buffeted, defected  and
injected with Android OS version 4.0 below thereby limiting them to fewer app
installation on their device. It is a classical anathema to be making use of a beautiful Android device running OS 2.0 something when KitKat is now available.

Well, this is simply going to be a unique day because I’ll quickly engage you with  various ways to upgrade your device to Android os version 4.0+ except if an upgrade is not available for your device.
First of all, to the dude that demanded for HTC
G11/incredible upgrade to 4.03 Virtuous Quattro Alpha 3 ROM, follow this
tutorial below to upgrade your HTC g11 incredible device.
A rooted HTC G11/Incredible S, with
ClockworkMod installed
Backup of important phone data
At least 60% battery power
How To Upgrade Htc g11/incredible S To 4.03
Warning: Back up your existing ROM before doing this, do
this at your own risk
==>download the Virtuous Quattro Alpha 3 ROM   here  and save it to your computer.
==>Copy the package to the root directory
of the microSD card on your HTC Incredible S.
==>Turn off your phone.
==>Boot the phone into ClockworkMod Recovery:
  • Press the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously.
  • Highlight “bootloader” (use the Volume buttons) and
    select it by tapping the Power button.
  • Highlight “recovery” (use the Volume button) and select
    it by tapping the Power button.
==>Create a backup of your current working
ROM. You can do that by going to Backup and Restore > Backup.
==>Wipe the phone’s data by selecting the following
commands from the recovery menu:
  • Wipe Data/Factory reset
  • Wipe Cache Partition
  • Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache
==>After wiping your phone’s data, select
“Install zip from sdcard.”
==>Select “Choose zip from sdcard” and choose the
downloaded ZIP file. Confirm to start installing the ROM.
==>Once it’s done, reboot your
mobile phone by selecting “Go Back” and choose “Reboot System Now”.
Congratulations: You should now have a
branded Htc g11 running Virtuous Quattro Alpha 3 ROM
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30 thoughts on “Upgrade Your Android Device Running 4.0 Below Here”

  1. Thanks Prof for immense work y r doing here. Please Yomi how do I go about this: 2. Now move to the folder/sdk/platfo
    rm-tools/using file explorer (this file explorer is it WinRAR or from START Menu?)
    3. Select File>Open Command Prompt within the platform-tools folder? I have done the other ones on my system but can't exceed this stage.

    • File explorer is not winrar. File explorer is just a file manager that enables you access your files on your system. For instance, to locate that "folder/sdk/platform, you will need to go to your computer>>C drive/ and sdk.

      To make this easier for you, to open command prompt just type "cmd" without the quote on your search menu and it will come out.

  2. Prof, I later found the Command Prompt but I my command prompt can't start with drive c: rather it shows "c:usersuser>". i've tried clearing screen, still the same thing

  3. I copied that BBM.apk which I downloaded into the Extracted Folder/sdk/platform-tools.
    The 2nd step says: Now move to the Folder/sdk/platform-tools/ using file explorer, which I have done.
    Then the 3rd step which is giving me headache says: Select file->Open Command Prompt within the platform-tools folder. Then where can I see the file with the Command Prompt within the platform-tools folder?

    • Hello Femi, Glo bis works on Android and pc but it is very slow and risky to activate if you don't have a bb phone. A week is 7oomb and for a month subscription is 3GB

  4. Pls how do I root my htc incredible 2 so I can upgrade it and also does d virtuous Rom u explained above the same thing as upgrading it to 4. ?

  5. please prof yomi nd fellow readers…how can I download d Virtuous Quattro Alpha 3 rom cause d download link there is not working….and 2 must I root my device before I can upgrade it

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