How To Install BBM On PC

I’m about to drive you gaga with this new tech update. BBM will not only run on mobile but will also be empowered to run on PC. Before I take
you on this journey, it will be pertinent to observe a moment of silence for
all those who purchase blackberry phone just to use of BBM…
No long stories, I’ll just dive straight to the point
without bugging you with much discussions.


==> 1.Android SDK, you can download
and extract Android SDK bundle from this link.
==>BBM APK, you can download and extract BBM Apk from this link.

How Can I Set Up BBM For PC

1.       Go to the
extracted adt-bundle folder. Open SDK Manager.exe
2.       In the
opened window select Tools -> Manange AVDs…

3.    Create a new Android Virtual Device with RAM
greater than 512 MB and then start the created Virtual Device. Check the pics

1.       Copy the
downloaded BBM.apk file to the Extracted Folder /sdk/platform-tools/
such that the file should be /sdk/platform-tools/BBM.apk
2.       Now move to
the folder /sdk/platform-tools/ using file explorer.
3.       Select
File->Open Command Prompt within the platform-tools folder.

4.     Now enter the command in the command prompt
without the quote “adb install BBM.apk”

Wait for
some couples of  minutes for  BBM to be installed in your Virtual Device . Open the BBM
app from the App launcher, and enjoy bbm’ing on PC.

My sincere sympathy to those
running Android 4.0 below, I’ll look for a way you can also run BBM on your
device. Happy New Month!

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27 thoughts on “How To Install BBM On PC”

    • ideally, bbm is designed to work with internet but if you have an android phone with wifi connections, you can tetther it to your pc without using modem.

  1. Dats great to hear…bbm+ing on pc….tnx prof yomi….i wnt to ask if u kno anytin abt glo services…i jus got a new glow sim…i wish to kno dia order of services and d best plan which will offer free bies and mb at every 100 naira recharge or mor..tnx in anticipation

    • sorry for replying you all late please… Glo is really a nice network and if you really want daily mb, you should be considering Glo Gbam for daily 5mb and at times, this 5mb can be unlimited. To migrate to glo gbam, dial *100*5*1#

      Another package you should consider Glo bounce that gives you 30mb every rcharge. To opt in to this service Dial *170*9# to opt in

    • Mtn 3g is working with Sandwich but atimes mtn intentionally deactivate 3g in some areas. Did you confirmed if you actually have 3g in your area? Even with edge, sandwich still connects

    • Prof..the signal strength is good .the bars are full…..the issue is that the sandwich does stop at 40% but when i use a universal modem wit the same mtn sim the sandwich works good

  2. Mr yomi,pls i'm in need of your mobile no urgently….Nid to talk wit u,pretty exigent! Must commend your good work. Keep it up man!


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