This App Allow You to Recharge in Less Than 3 Seconds, Just Take A Photo

Technology keep evolving everyday and it makes life easier.
This time, it gives you access to recharge your phone without typing any
digits. Typing those long 16digits a time could be boring and tiring… It is time
to dump that old boring way of  loading
airtime by typing those long digits, and embrace the new method of recharging
by Snapping the digits.

This crazy app was developed by an innovative Nigerian
company called Oasis Management Company, it allow you recharge your line by
snapping the digits.
The app is called SnaptoRecharge. Just snap and your
recharge is done. It supports all GSM mobile network.
This is what you can do with the app
+Recharging mobile phone airtime
• Easy Money Transfer.
• Automatic Data Bundle recharge
• Automatic Caller Tunes purchase
• E-Top Up for all banks using DSSN code
• Transferring Airtime
• Checking Airtime Balance
• Borrowing Airtime
• Dynamic advert placement
• D-Direct
Where Can I Download it?
Download it here
How Can I Recharge With This App?
*All you have to do is scratch the card to reveal the hidden digits
*Press “SCAN” button and take a picture of the recharge card
held in your hand.
*Press “OK” and on the next screen, if text in the image
appears sideways or upside down rotate it, OTHERWISE Snap2Recharge won’t work
*Press “OK”, and wait for a text to process to establish a
connection, the longer the text on the card, it may take some more seconds to
complete. (Note that the very first time application is run, this process will
take slightly longer in other to load utility resources in cache ). 

*If results of Snap2Recharge are satisfactory – great, if not, click
“CANCEL” button and repeat the process.
It is that simple!
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  1. Pls Yomi.. Hw do i bypass surveys.. Der is a game i wont to dwnload bt dis survey wont let me.. Symtyms it says its nt available in my country.. Hw do i dwnload without dis. Survey interferin

    • You can't bypass survey but you can't always download whatever you want elsewhere without survey.

      Use cloudvpn to bypass country restriction.

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