Get MTN 500MB for N25 All Night

Airtel went back to sleep and Etisalat has been snoring for long, I hope someone
wakes them up early enough… MTN just assumed the mantle of leadership and they
already vowed to keep it forever. This is more or less data champions league.

increase their unlimited timely plan of 60min to N500; while MTN newly
introduce night plan of 500MB for N25. Now tell me who is sleeping among the
two Telcos?
may not be a perfect replacement for the increased Airtel Unlimitd Night plan
but surely with common sense, it’s a timely replacement.

Can I Get MTN 500MB for N25?
is pretty simple, just do the below;
to MTN Pulse package if you are not already there by dialing *406#
sure you have minimum of N30 in your phone
NIGHT to 131 via SMS and you’ll get a message like this “Dear customer, you
have successfully subscribed to Free Night Browsing between 00:00 and 04:00.
N25 has been deducted from your account.”
this plan is usable only within 12am – 4am.
I accumulate it?
No, you can’t accumulate it
I Subscribe for it again when I exhaust the first 500MB?
No, you can’t till the next day.
you have more than 1 MTN sim, with just N100, you have 2GB staring at you.
this a Yea or a Nah for you?
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45 thoughts on “Get MTN 500MB for N25 All Night”

  1. Oga yomi pls I need to know if I buy anything on gear best whether it will arrive via couriers like dhl or FedEx or they have their stores in Nigeria. Just put me thru on how its done. I want to buy a few things there

    • They don't have any store in Nigeria. But your Goods will arrive via NiPost. I have bought severally from gearbest. My smartphone just arrive again 3 days ago. Nipost will call you to come pick it up or you go to their office to pick it up.

    • Oga yomi plz I wanna order stuff from Gearbest. U said my order will arrive via nipost. Pls I'm in warri, does it mean my package will arrive at nipost headquarters maybe in Lagos or it will be sent to warri? Secondly, since gearbest only accepts PayPal and no longer credit cards, how can I fund my PayPal account? Thank You.

    • Hello Uche,
      Your order will arrive at Warri Nipost. The Nipost closest to your address.

      Your PayPal will be linked to your bank account. Hence, no need of funding so long you have cash inside your bank account.

  2. Oga yomi I did this early this morning on two of my sims around 3.30am e no work ooo. After one page load finish, that was the end. E no gree browse again o. Both sims are on pulse as instructed. What may have gone wrong?

  3. So I subscribed and slept off only to wake up at 4am at the dot, lol. Anyway, guys who made use of the data last night, does it zap easily, what's your experience?? Thanks..

  4. I did mine at exactly 12:29am it worked for some time and stopped some minutes after 2am. I tried powering it with psiphon, it worked a while as well and stopped eventually around 2:30am. Anyone with similar problem

  5. yomi thanks for this timely info. It is fast, it is cheap and it has already handled my download needs. 7MtN sims is what I'm currently making use of now. I love this site. Keep it rolling bro


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