Airtel Scrap Unlimited Hourly Data Plan

I don’t know who press their mumu button just in such a time
like this when MTN is busy releasing cheap data plan, Airtel is busy scrapping
their own unlimited timely base data plan. A lot of people complained bitterly about this
yesterday night. Someone else tried it this morning and the normal 1hr
unlimited plan of N100 and he was charged N500, called CC and he was told that
the price has been revisited.

The question is how can they revisit the price without any
prior notice to this? 3Hrs and 6Hrs plan refuse to work. If you have anything heavy file to download, you’ll need to wait until this is resolved except you have a better alternative to this. 
Those of you that has
been using this plan, did you succeed in activating yours last night?
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19 thoughts on “Airtel Scrap Unlimited Hourly Data Plan”

  1. Nope tried it last night, and they were like insufficient balance for the N200 for 3hrs. Call CC this morning she said I should retry and call them back she even told me the price . it's still 200 but will call them back.

  2. After digging around the Airtel Hourly plan.. I confirmed that it's not scraped just that they've revisited the Subscription.

    1. Night: 60 mins and 360 mins.
    2. Time: 5 mins and 10 mins.

    1. Night: 120 mins.
    2. Time: 30 mins and 60 mins.


    (1) Night 60 mins:
    *481*1# =DISCONTINUED.

    (2) Night 120 mins:
    New Price =N1,000.

    (3) Night 360 mins:
    *481*3# =DISCONTINUED.

    (1) Time Based 5 mins:
    *439*1# =DISCONTINUED.

    (2) Time Based 10 mins:

    (3) Time Based 30 mins:
    New Price =N300.

    (d) Time Based 60 mins:
    New Price =N500.

  3. I rock d hourly plan more than I can imagine.
    It gives me great value for surfing on d web for almost free.
    Usually at night 3hrs for N200 , I do consume at least 5-6GB.
    Oftentimes I lack storage to store Android firmwares..
    Airtel really hurts me on this


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