Whatsapp Call Re-Open Again For Android 4.0 – iOS & Blackberry Users Still on Queue

I think the testing stage is over and Whatsapp calling feature is now available for all those running Android OS version 4.0 and
above. Not just that but iOS and Blackberry users are still on queue, I heard
from an insider that any moment from this weekend, it will start rolling out to
iOS & Blackberry users too… But the calling feature surfaced on Blackberry
beta zone. You can download Blackberry beta zone from appworld>>>
Register and be part of the community of testers.

 It was initially
stopped by whatsapp lastweek due to some unknown reasons  but the feature has been open again.
Like I said, to activate this features, you need the latest
version of Whatsapp  directly from
whatsapp site 
You can also download the .apk file in
the computer
Now go to your SETTINGS > MORE >
There is no need to uninstall or delete
your old WhatsApp.
> WhatsApp.Apk (the place where your downloads are saved), tap the APK and
it will be installed.
To activate the call features, someone
with activated whatsapp call need to call you and yours too will be active. If
you are not active, drop your number here
It get more sweeter when I can save my
airtime to call with Whatsapp.
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62 thoughts on “Whatsapp Call Re-Open Again For Android 4.0 – iOS & Blackberry Users Still on Queue”

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  2. Hello Pls, I've enabled the calling feature using terminal emulator , I'm using whatsapp+ V6. 76, but each time I close or minimize the whatsapp and open it again, I'll find out that the call tab won't be there again, , Pls what do I do to make it permanent. Thanks,.

  3. Pls i need help on how to use mtn bis via my android fobe using SS with my laptop via hotspot.. Most times d laptop will connect but won't browse. Sometimes wen it connects and i use about 200mb ,it will stop browsing on d laptop even though browsing will still be going flawlessly on my fone. I av autoproxy installed

  4. There's something confusing me there. The person who will call me to activate my own, how did the person get his own activated? Who's the first person that activated his own before calling other people and how did the person got it activated?


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