How to Enable Whatsapp Calling Feature

I made a post on whatsapp calling features few days ago but
a lot of peeps seems to be confuse about it. Though the calling feature is
still in the beta stage meaning its not yet out to the public but you can
enable it.


==> whatsapp latest version(version 2.11.508 )
==>terminal emulator

How Do I Enable The Calling

==> Make sure you have the
right version of whatsapp
==>Open terminal emulator in your android phone
==>type in the following:

am start -n com.whatsapp/com.whatsapp.HomeActivity
==> Whatsapp should now open with the calling feature

==>if you want to call someone, the
other person must have done the same thing (enabled this feature) in order for
that person to receive your call.

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  1. Yomi i did mine by just installing the whatsapp call future add me on whatsapp08107569972 let me share the app it's very easy than this one

  2. Hello Pls, I've enabled the calling feature using terminal emulator , but each time I close or minimize the whatsapp and open it again, I'll find out that the call tab won't be there again, , Pls what do I do to make it permanent. Thanks,.


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