UPDATED: Whatsapp Calling Open Again For All Android & iOS

Thank God its Saturday, a lot of things have to be achieve today.
I know a lot of individual has been craving so hard to enable the whatsapp calling features for months now… But majority didn’t succeed. Today, no long
story, invitation has been open again by whatsapp to all its users who are yet
to enable this functions.
All you need to do to get this function enable the easier
way is to download the latest version of whatsapp which is version 2.11.528
from the Play Store, or 2.11.531 from WhatsApp’s website (also

to APKMirror).

Once you are done installing, your calling feature will be
feasible. To enable this features, you need a call or an invite from someone who
got his/hers running and yours will be enable. 
WhatsApp Call is so Sweet
==>Calls are well integrated in WhatsApp. The dedicated
tab shows incoming, outgoing, and missed calls with precise timing. Ongoing
calls stay in the notification panel until you hang up while missed calls leave
a notification that you can later check out. While on a call, you can activate
the loudspeaker or mute the microphone. If you open your text chats
with any contact, a call button appears in the action bar, right next to the
attach icon and the menu, to make it easier to talk to them. 
==>Iif you click a contact’s avatar, you now get a bigger
profile image with the options to message or call them, or view their
==>The call button for all contacts now defaults to a
WhatsApp call instead of going through your phone.
Those who are lucky enough to receive a WhatsApp call
from a friend, you can go on enabling the feature by calling your other
contacts. If you’ve activated yours, try and call others so that they too can
be activated. 
If You Are Not Yet Enabled Do This
Just drop your number and someone who has activated his will
invite you and your whatsapp Calling features will be enable.
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  1. mehn….. it seems that no one want to give me a reply on this, plz plz i just want to learn how to scan and edit a document on PC. plz i wil be greatful to get a reply from u guyz.

    • if it's on pc, you need a scanner, connect ur scanner to you pc and it will detect it, run d drivers until u see successful.

      Before I continue, what type of scanner are u using

  2. hahaha….whatsapp has stop the activation of whatsapp number.so I will advice u to be patient until whatsapp reactivate it.

  3. Hello Pls, I've enabled the calling feature using terminal emulator , I'm using whatsapp+ V6. 76 (cracked / Latest Antiban ) but each time I close or minimize the whatsapp and open it again, I'll find out that the call tab won't be there again, , Pls what do I do to make it permanent. Thanks,. My phone number is 08036344992


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