5 Ways to Get More Memory Space on Your Android Device

The more you use your phone on a daily bases, the more space
it consume despite the facts that Android now a days comes with a decent memory
space. The most annoying thing I bet any android user can ever experience either
when you want to update your app or download a file and you get ‘insufficient memory’ or ‘Android internal memory is full’. It can be so frustrating.

But there is always a way out. The guides below will put you
through on how to get more space on your Android device.
1.Clear Old Downloads:
Every time you download a PDF or other document from the web
it is stored in your Downloads folder, but the chances are you probably don’t
need it anymore. If you have a File Manager app use this to browse your
Downloads folder and delete anything you don’t need.

2. Clear Cache + Data: Cached files are little bits of data
stored by apps every time you use them. You can do this manually for individual
apps by going to Settings >
Storage > Apps.
3. Move apps and files to SDcard: If your phone supports
sdcard, move all your apps and files to SD card; any or use apps2sd to move
difficult apps to SDcard.
And for those using Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you can combine
your SDcard memory + phone storage. See steps below;
Step 1: Make sure the microSD
card is inside your Android Marshmallow running smartphone and is in working
Step 2: Navigate to your
smartphone’s ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Storage and USB’ inside the settings menu.
Step 3: Locate your external
microSD card under the ‘Portable storage’ section and tap on it.
Step 4: Post jumping in the
external microSD, locate the three-dot menu at the top-right and hit on
Step 5: Now here you will get
four options – Eject, Format, Format as Internal and Movie Media. Choose
‘Format as internal’.
Step 6: You will not be greeted
by a screen saying that your microSD card will be erased completely and will
only work on that particular device. Tap on ‘Erase and Format’.
Step 7: After finishing the
process, your external SD card will now work as your internal storage.
4. Use lite apps: Android developers nowadays make
two variants of their apps, one standard, and the other lighter, which not only
consumes less cellular data, but takes up less space on your phone, too.
Some of those apps that consume space like
Facebook, messenger, Youtube and opera have lite apps, consider switching to
5. Back up photos and video to Google
Photos, then delete them from your phone:

Photos and video are one of the biggest space hogs on any Android phone, and
more so as their integrated cameras come with increasingly high megapixel

Download the free Google Photos app from Google Play, then in the Settings
menu select to back up all photos and video over Wi-Fi. Once the media has
transferred you can delete them from your phone.

Well, this is just few of those ways you can free up space on your smart
device, what is your preferred method of freeing up space?

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  1. I had just eject and format option on my techno w3 and when I clicked on the format option it took me straight to erase and format with a warning to backup my data in other to avoid losing them…. Is it safe to hit the button without backing up?


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