MTN BIS Rocking Flawlessly With SS & TunnelGuru

I don’t know if  something is actually wrong with MTN Server
today but I Know I have 16Gb lefts. Not only that but MTN Bis seems to be
rocking on Android and PC. No long stories.. Just follow me carefully
First of all, it rocks with simple server and tunnelguru.
For SimpleServer Settings on PC

==>If you already have SimpleServer.exe on your PC, Download
this simple server config file here and configure it to your own
==>Subscribe to BBCDAY for #100 (3Gb) or you can try an
already activated MTN Blackberry sim.
==>Configure your modem to

For SimpleServer on Android
==>Download it here
==>Go to simpleserver and configure it this way
Pproxy host:
Proxy port:8080
Injection method:get
Injection querry/url:
Injection host:
Injection line press your keyboard enter key 4times
log leve: debug
close and hit the connect button
For Tunnel Guru Users, Configure it below

==>Download  the latest Tunnelguru
version 2.8.2 here

==>Make sure you have installed javaruntime on your PC if this is
your first time of using tunnelguru on your system
==>Open and configure the Tunnelguru as follows
Server: Choose Demo (if you are a free user)

Choose any other Server location (if
you are a Premium user)

Rport: 80
Lport: 0
User: Tunnelguru username
Password: Tunnelguru password
Protocol: TCP
Leave every other thing the way they are.
Click START 

If you want to go premium on TunnelGuru, Click here
How Can I Subscribe To MTN BIS Plan?

I’ll suggest you try it with BBCDAY. If you are satisfy with
the result, you can try it out on weekly or monthly basis.
MTN BBC Daily plan costs #100. To Subscribe Text bbcday to
21600 or Dial *216*1*1#
MTN BBC Weekly plan costs #500. To Subscribe Text bbcweek to 21600 or Dial
MTN BBC Monthly plan costs #1,000. To Subscribe Text bbc to 21600 or Dial
I can’t tell how long it will last but if you are smart
enough, give it a trial and you will be smiling before MTN wakes up from their

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81 thoughts on “MTN BIS Rocking Flawlessly With SS & TunnelGuru”

  1. @yomiprof: I got the first 500mb for etisalat, but getting additional mb after generating several comfirm Tecno F9 and NokiaX imel, always keep telling me not eligible or error msg…..pls what is the way forward? KUDOS FOR UR GOOD HAND WORK…

  2. I SUSCRIBED FOR GLO BIS on my imei tweaked android device using the imei U help me Generate and chanGed the asess pOint as instructed but my sim has not been receiving any data even when H+ is showing pls PROF HELP ME!!!! don`t let my money waste

  3. Error message i usually see in d ss is "no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" prof pls proffer solution to it.

  4. Mr. Yomi, I want to categorically say here that u can change Infinix zeo X506 IMEI without rooting the phone by using mobileuncle application. U can change sim 1 or 2.

    Now Mr. Yomi, why Etisalat and MTN bis is not working with this IMEI stuff?

  5. Gud day Prof, I just want to know if there is any application which can work like droidwall Without rooting. Kindly give me the name and how to use it.

    • Mtn is currently upgrading their data base that is why we are able to bypass all the protocols to get free gigs using night plan code. I guess it will be fixed soon that was why i said i can't tell when this will be blocked but soon i know.

    • You will get 200% bonus when you load 1k but you need to migrate to glo bumpa before you get 200% bonus by dailing *100*10*1#

      Glo Bis when tethered to on your bold 5 to iphone, it will work so long it has hotspot and your iPhone can detect your iPhone.

  6. Pls prof I need help,my samsung gt-1000 I wanted to use odin to flash cwm on it but my computer doesn't detect when I check the device manager it shows dat GADGET serial driver not working under under OTHER DEVICES pls help….

    • In other words, you computer doesn't detect your Samsung device when connected via usb cable? if thats the case, check to see if you have installed your Samsung driver on your PC or better still, download universal ADB drivers.

  7. Pls prof my wen i wanted todo cwm onc my samsung gp-1000 its nt conecting to odin via pc,checked d device manager,gadget serial driver not found pls help me.

  8. @ yomiproff! pls sir, is it possible for one to hack Samsung galaxy X2 to b using Nigeria SIM………seriously confuse, puting Nigeria SIM do not work. what is the way forward..thanks

  9. Pls prof my Facebook Acc can't open for d past 10 days after d last update..done multiple uninstallations and installations but its still not opening even d log in page….help am using a techno r7

  10. yomi pls help me with workable infinix nd phantom Z imei since hv been trying 2 comment bt find it difficult …dis my email =>[email protected] not benefits 4rm any dis package posted recently am not lucky enough plsssss yomi and is d mtn bb still wrkin on SS

  11. I repeat, this tweak has been blocked but ETisalat 1.5GB is still blazing. If you are unable to generate infinix, phantom rf, nokia xl imei, just install hotspot vpn on your android or another vpn that will block your ip address and generate as much as possible for yourself.
    Better still, use UC browser to access this site below

    For more info on Etisalat 1.5gb tweak, click here

  12. Good job prof, may God add to your talent, please I noticed that the IMEi of my phone changed by itself and if I insert my Sim card it use to say network not registered,please start do i do about this? Plus my pc doesn't detect the phon. It's a Samsung galaxy s3. Hope to hear from you boss please.

  13. please drop another link to download the simplesever ini file the one on the instruction is not opening or you can paste the settings sotat we can copy it into the file

  14. all i'm here to say now is a big thank u 2 d great yomi prof…after day n nyt trial of dis eti stuff, I finally got my free 1.5gb after following d link u gave not long ago. can't explain how excited I am now
    Yomi, personally, ure my best. God bless u

  15. Omg! I have jst bin given 12GIG after several trials of d free mtn bundle(night).. Finally woow! Bin rocking it since.. D idea is.. Have upto #100 on ur fone.. + ipulse den kip dialing d code *123*3*1*5*2# u will kip getting transaction fail.. Chill e go enta


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