MTN Bis Working Flawlessly With Simple Server

This tutorial is specifically ment’ for those using droid but
seems to be so slow. This simple server should work for you faster than Droidon your device.

Before I begin, I want to assume you’ve already a working BB
plan or send bisday to 21600 for daily 3GB. Set your device access point to :
phone ip: port:8080
Download Android simpleserver here
==>Go to your Simple Server settings and
configure it this way below
Pproxy host:
Proxy port:8080

Injection method:get

Injection querry/url:

Injection line press your keyboard enter key 4times
log level: debug
close and  hit the connect connect button

Mind you, this is better  majorly for downloading in such a time like
this and it equally works with  ucweb, opera
mini, and Google Playstore. Even if you want to live stream, you are good to go. If you want it to power all your application, just download  ProxyDroid and input the following
 ==>Configure your Proxydroid host127.0.0.1 Port 8080
You can then fire on.
If you have Simple Server on your Sybian phone or pc just use thesame settings and you are good to go.
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75 thoughts on “MTN Bis Working Flawlessly With Simple Server”

  1. y waste ur money on vpn when SS is working with MTN BB. Simply edit the SS file by changing anywhere u see to I am posting and downloading at terrifying speed with it right now

  2. it and then rewrite it in my own words. I want to know if this act is right for I don't want anything that will harm your blog..I have dsame passion just like you. Just that I don't know where to fetch information to feed the masses. please do reply.

  3. Please i do not unstand wat u mean by pressin my keyboard enter keey 4tyms,is it 4 android or pc,plz explain

  4. If you carefully follow what's up dir, you'll get it running in few sec. Just make sure your bis is active. Wether you have ss on symbian phones or pc, edit it and replace it with d configuration above. It rocks fast and better.

  5. Please how can we edit it on pc, theres no place to edit,mtn simpleserver, or do you have a link to real one

  6. The simpleserver file is in .exe extention and not in APK. Also my AVG antivirus is seeing it as virus.

    Please help

  7. Prof, Us your followers from SA are always struggling with these benefits especially taking into consideration the access points (internet) settings. Can you please look into it when you have time as to which settings will work for us with these twerks…

  8. Its not a virus, avg is trash these days, use bitdefender download at with crack or stop ur avg

  9. Yomei, we ur follower from India, Mumbai are. Not enjoyn this thing ooo. Pls hw do we make it to work hour in india?

  10. Hello sir,thanks for all of the info. Pls i need your help as regards my Nokia lumia 900 because every application i downloads is not installing on my phone. And i heard that i need to root the phone but am completely ignorance of what it means and how to go about doing that. Thanks and God bless

    • Hello friend,
      You actually need to gain root access before you'll be able to install external app on ur Lumia device. Go to to get it going

      Carefully read all d info contain their b4 you download d app; and dnt forget to back-up all ur files.

  11. @yomi, i cudnt subscribe for d daily plan..all i keep on getting is invalid command n stuff like dat…wat shu i do

  12. yomi my driodvpn works with this type of setting but my simple server refuse to upload data…i know i miss the settings somehow…help me out,my driodvpn is so close

  13. *stern face*..Still having 120mb left on my phone but it's set to expire next week ….Sir,can i Still subscribe for the bis and override The current mb i have, it's the data sharing stuff from nairaland…. Kindly reply me sir as i have configured the Ss app *smile

  14. Meeeenn!! Am enjoying de Fast speed of the simle server,,,,,de prblm is dat my BIS will expire dis morning… at least i hv downloaded files up to 500mb… Thank you Mr Yomiprof…
    You are de Best.

  15. Yomi please help me,i used the daily bbday with 100naira,and after the settings it dint work 4 me,i av tried it m0re dan 10tymz bt stil dosnt connect…wil dat 100naira own work or must it be de one with 120?plz help me,dnt lev me

  16. Simple server is working perfectly with pd proxy. Or autoproxy
    Download d latest simple server fFrom play store it has blue icon. Subscribe with bbmidid. To 21600 for day plan… admin pls I need code for monthly plan… I just did it for someone today


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