How To Reduce High Data Consumption On iPad/iPhone

It is terribly annoying when you discover that your iPhone/iPad
is just consuming your data mercilessly, in a time like this when we are clamoring
for cheaper data plan for non bb devices. Can you imagine you loading 2GB data
on your iPad/iPhone device and within a week and 3 days, it all gone dry; It so

To all iPhone users and iPad users, I’ll quickly turn you into an
offline detectives even though you’ve not been train to the job, to find the culprit
app that normal sap up your data without your knowledge.
How Can I Reduce High Data Consumption On My iPhone/iPad
==>First of all make sure your iPhone has been jailbroken
==>You’ll need to download an app called  iNetUsage on Cydia (oooopssss… this app is not
free oooo it cost you $1.99 only)
==>Run an install it on your iPad/iPhone
==>Make sure you enabled wi-fi and make sure you take
note of the app that you usually drained you battery the most.
iNetUsage it’s a tweak available on Cydia that allows you to
monitor your data usage on an app-to-app basis. Though this might cost you a
bit but it will prolong your data usage by revealing to you apps that consumes
your data without your permission.
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How To Reduce High Data Consumption On Android Phone

It’s no news that Android device consume more bandwidth than Blackberry device and I’ve been thinking endlessly why this had to be so. A
normal typical Blackberry user may not be able to even consume 500MB data per
month while this same 500MB won’t  be enough for Android user for two
weeks; this alone keep them wondering in the state of quandary.  Those android users know what am talking
about. That is why I try as much as possible to look for the cheapest way of
surfing the net suitable for every mobile device. 

This tutorial is typically for Android users and it’s going
to help you reduce high amount of data rate consumption on your android phones.
How Can I Reduce High Data Consumption On My Android Phone?
1. Tap on the menu button on your screen.

2.  Navigate to “Settings”.
3.  Scroll down to “Account and sync settings”
4.  Deselect “Background data”. Ignore the warning and only select background
data when you want to use Google play store.

Alternatively, for those whose Android phone consume battery
like well, you can visit google play and download ‘juice defender’ or better
still, download it here
And finally, those who are making use of PD proxy VPN, you can
now surf the net using your etisalat sim with #0.0. I don’t want to officially
right a post on this because the connection is very slow. 
That’s it friends. Have a sweet Salah Celebration to all my
Muslim brothers! Luv ya all.
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    • To get started you need to visit register and download the application, once installed launch the software.

      Next select country IP of your choice, next select UDP. Enter your username and password, move to the third tab click on it and click on click here to show advance settings.

      Next click on proto settings then select UDP to 53. Now connect your modem and start PD- Proxy in the status windows it will say Successfully connected to server, then launch your favorite browser and start browsing free!

      Make sure your Etisalat modem or Profile you connecting with the APN is ''etisalat'' also make sure your browser is set to ''No Proxy''

      Finally if you are connected and cant still browse, check your firewall if its blocking PD-proxy or simple turn OFF your firewall!

      Once you are connected its unlimited, to increase your browsing speed and downloads you have to purchase a premium account on pd-proxy website.

      You need more explanation? Reply and am here full time to guide you thru

  1. Prof, how can i use my mtn 4.5gb night plan during the day. I have already exhausted the 1.5gb bonus. I heard of simple server, and i have downloaded it, but i dont understand what you meant by using the normal settings. Pls what is the normal settings for the simple server. And the settings for mozilla, will i still use proxy?

  2. Prof hello nice one bro blessed u for all those interesting tutorial u upload always its really hepls a lot people include myself, kindly drop ur bbm pin on my inbox i like to hv u on my list 08028383873. thanks

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