Bypass Mtn Restricted Sites Via Private VPN

Good morning friends, I guess we are flexing our free 3GBMtn data bundle. If you have not yet activated your own, I will advice you do
it right away, because I learn’t that the China hacker they employed is now
dead; that’s why Mtn now blocked restricted site… lol

I noticed something since yesterday that it’s becoming so
difficult to access secured sites like Facebook and Google from Mtn network especially.
You know recently, mtn blocked all access to other device except blackberry but
I don’t know if it applies to  all their data bundle including blackberry plan. I tried
to login to Facebook but I kept getting an error message including google

What even made matters worst was the fact  that my Firefox was’nt opeining any site
at all except Chrome and internet explorer.

So I decided to intentionally hide my ip address by using a
Private VPN called Hotspot Shield.  I had
already written a comprehensive tutorial on Hotspot shield, hence no need of
diving into it again.
But you can use any Private VPN aside of Hotspot Shield like
Hide-My-IP to bypass any restricted site. 
For Symbian and Java users, just visit Nokia Ovi store to
download Nokia VPN. Every other device can make use of HotSpotShield.
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37 thoughts on “Bypass Mtn Restricted Sites Via Private VPN”

  1. @Anonymous1, it works with droidVpn like safe haven
    @Anonymous2, it's capped 3GB but if u can finish it before 30days, try d tweak again to get another 3GB data.

  2. Good morning prof yomi,
    Thanks for the info as u know me I always have a like package for iPad and iPhone users

    For better results on iPhones n iPad pls use
    Avast VPN or secureMyline it's the best VPN ever
    It gives you unlimited access and one good thing about this VPN is, it connect you always won't disconnect for 1secs and it very stable

    Try it on app store

    • Sorry i did'nt expanciate more about how you can get it but you can download Nokia VPN here

      This vpn currently support Symbian phones from, Nokia N8,C6,C7,E7,X7, etc.

    • Can you kindly give me an highlight of the procedures you used in rooting that failed so that i can know how i can channel my solution on how to root your P3

  3. Good morning prof,Ive been trying the 100H to 131 all to no avail but just this morning I got a reply at last saying I do not have sufficient credit to perform the operation..Please what do I do prof ?

  4. Are you sure the hacker really died or are just being metaphoric? because if it's true then I don't think any hacker will like to come to Nigeria again.

  5. @Yomi, is your firefox working now? because it happens to me also, i could not browse with the firefox until i change d proxy in the connection settings to no proxy, den it starts working nd i can visit any site…. chek d settings in ur firefox, remember u made us tweak it with d glo chocolate? thats the reason y its not going on firefox

  6. Please let someone confirm this and see if it is working and give us feed back in the room.

    ETISALAT-NG WITH 0.00KOBO 4G Unwired Setup

    SETUP YOUR PDPROX like this:
    1. Set your protocol from the drop down tab to 'UDP'
    2. Select your server choice from the next drop down tab.
    3. Fill in your valid Username and Password
    4. Click on 'Tools' tab, click on advance settings.
    5. Select proto option,then
    a. In UDP port put 53 in the active space.
    6. Click 'Connect' tab below , wait till your PDPROXY notifies you its connected

    7. Open any browser of your choice and feel the SPEED of PDPROXY!

  7. prof good morning, the private and hide my ip you talk about i try to get them but they are trial version. is there how i can get a crack version? or make the trial version full, pls help.

  8. Hi, yomi please i need your help as my business depemds on it. I subscribed for mtn bis and i am using tweatware vpn to browse on my computer but it disconnects every 30 seconds so you can imaging how imposible it is to browse with it. The problem is my business is suffering and i need your help. I read your post about hopspot sheild but no luck with that it does not even connect. what can i do to fix the problem

  9. My Mthenh line has turn to wonder sim. After suscribing to the 100H tweak, I was able to incured the 3GB. And after browsing on it for a day and some hour with some download I received a message that my 100H had expired. Then I removed my sim for some minutes and put it back again and I started sending 2500H to the same code. I removed my sim again for some minutes later after a while I put the sim back. Then I start to receive message from mthenh that I do not have sufficient balance to perform the operation that I should recharge and try again. I removed my sim again out the phone and kept it for another couple of minutes. To my suprise after I put the sim back it started browsing again without having mega bite and money on it it has turned to wonder sim.

  10. Prof, I have an issue and i hope you can be of help. I subscribed to MTN BIS, using VPNPLUS on it. It connected well and my download is fast. My challenge now is that the MTN on disconnects after about every 5mins of reconnecting. I have tried MASKMY-IP, HOTSPOT-SHIELD, INVISIBLE BROWSING, yet my MTN BIS keeps disconneting.
    Any solution to this palava. It is frustrating….pls help


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