Airtel Introduces Cheapest Data Plans, Get 5GB for N1000, 10GB for N2000

In such a time like this where the price of data is not pocket friendly for some subscribers, Airtel has decided to introduce one of the cheapest data plans you can get out there.

This offer was available on the MTN platform a while back, and right now, it only accessible by fewer subscribers. Airtel NG has decided to introduce a pocket-friendly data plan that allows you to subscribe at your convenience.

Airtel Data plans

You can get 5GB for N1000, 1.5GB for N300, or even the lower package depending if you are a heavy user or a lite user. This simply means that you can get 10GB for just N2000 if you subscribe twice.

New Airtel Data Plans Offer

70MB for #20

250MB for #50

1.5GB for #300 Validity is 7 days

5GB for #1000 validity is Validity is 14 days.

How to Activate it

Dial *141*242# and choose the data to plan that suite you.

Note: If your SIM is not eligible for the offer, try another Airtel NG SIM.

Let us know in the comment if you are eligible and rocking it already.

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25 thoughts on “Airtel Introduces Cheapest Data Plans, Get 5GB for N1000, 10GB for N2000”

  1. I just tried it now to be sure if you are right, funny enough it is true and I am eligible. I hope this is going to last long

  2. And there lies the problem. Introduce the package and make everyone eligible. Was already considering getting an airtel sim until I read the last sentence.

  3. I’m having two Airtel lines to prove my love for Airtel,but every time I buy data it doesn’t work. Should I get disgusting? If no then work on your system and network.


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