MTN Android S620 & S720i Smart Phone Now Available On Jumia

Those who have been looking for a way of getting this MTNAndroid Smart Phone but has not been able to get it, probably because of high
demand from MTN office or it always run out of stock; the good news is, you can
now get it directly from Jumia with #1 lesser.

The New MTN s620 and s720i in which so many reviews has
been written about it here, is still in high demand and I can’t believe, it’s
not available in Port Harcourt office, Benin office, Abuja office even in Lagos
office because of high demand of the cheap Android phone.
However, before it will be out of stock, run to jumia and
buy one for yourself.

How Do I Order online?
==>Click on this link
==>Click to buy
==>You’ll be prompted to register or login. Register and
fill in your address details, including a valid phone number.
==>Place your order and choose pay on delivery.
Within 3-5 days, your product will be delivered.
Those who have already purchased the device should back up
their ROM should in case it gets bricked. Anything can just happen with any
Android phone so don’t just overlook it but back up your ROM.
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    • I beleive you know how to go about it…

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  2. Yoni,I want to get a phone for my frnd. Don't know which to choose, android or bb? She said any one is ok but I'm confuse. I like both devices, help me make a better choice. Lol

    • Lol… but I'll advice you go with a Blackberry 10 device instead of an Android Phone. The reason been is that you can install any android app with one click on blackberry 10 device as well as installing having cheap data subcrition like 1k for blackberry 10. bb5 is just #30,500 and she will greatly appreciate it. Check out some more cheap bb here


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