What You Don’t Know About MTN Android Phone S620 & S720i – The Cheapest Android Device Ever

Early hours of this morning, I decided to even experiment
with the new Sm@rt Android device Mtn released some couples of days ago, and to
my amazement, it was no longer in stock again but I was able to purchase one
for myself. I can boldly tell you that this is the cheapest good Android phone

The Mtn Smart Android phone is in two types Sm@rt S620 and
Sm@rt S720i which goes for #8,000 and #10,000 respectively. I‘ve sampled the
phone and I’ll recommend it for everyone who aspire to get a smart phone. 
It has installed almost all application that you need
including Google Play Store,  Mtn Music Store, bbm, whatsapp etc and all the Hello app that gives you free 700MB (smart guys understands
what I’m saying). You need to see it yourself.
What You Need To Know About MTN New Android Device

==>It is dual sim Android device and you can use any
network SIM on it. For the fact that It’s customize, it permit you to use any
sim on it.
==>It comes with free sim cards; on registration, your
number will be text to you on your device.
==>It can easily be rooted with Framaroot Application. No
PC rooting required.
==>The IMEI can be tweaked using mobile uncle method of changing IMEI
==>You have one (1) year warranty on purchase.
Comparing this device with the Nokia XL, I think this is far
better than XL in-terms of price and warranty; since they have almost the same specifications.
Nokia XL currently goes for 27k plus with 768MB Ram and 4GB internal Space,
while this sleek Mtn Android device goes for 8k and 10k with 512MB Ram and 4GB
internal Space. So tell me whats’ the difference?
Data Plan To Go For On This Sleek Device
You can go with the normal MTN Plan but from trusted 3rd
party agent who resells MTN data. But if you choose to tweak your imei, Glo
will be ideal for it.
Where Can I Buy It?
Go to any MTN office closer to your location and purchase for yourself and madam @ the top.
This device is Portable, sleeky, sexy, cheap and affordable.
With the look of things, I’m beginning to perceive that MTN Nigeria will soon
launch New Android Plans. So all Nokia users should get set to upgrade before
Nokia will be completely send parking.
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75 thoughts on “What You Don’t Know About MTN Android Phone S620 & S720i – The Cheapest Android Device Ever”

  1. Please can send money through paypal help yomi please send money out desperatly needs it thanks in advance it on show error

  2. Prof the imei I generated following ur procedure started with 358…., is it a bb imei, b/c I hv already changed my tecno n9 imei to it.

  3. yomi thanks i really appreciate..i downloaded the link and when i click on the boromir it display this error message…..Fail try another exploit if available (error #9)….pls help me out on this yomi, is there anything am i doing wrong or something?

    • How did you do it? Did you have a back up of your device? Well, look for someone with the exact type of your phone, and back his on up then flash it to your phone.

  4. I am using a samsung s4mini(unfortunately) clone. Can I change the imei to use bb sub? Can u pls generate it for me. After I get I thru email what next? Pls my email is [email protected] and numba is 07030309687 I will love to join d whatsapp group. Thanks in advanve pal.

  5. Someone is a brainaic! Yomi Prof! I hail oh ur knowledge is really power. Hw do I hack or tweak a samsung galaxy core i8262? So I don't spend so much on data?

  6. Oga yomi prof, pls sir, I do I unlock the mtn smart mini S720i to use other networks on sim one? I already rooted the phone and tweaked the imei, still I can't use glo on sim one

  7. i want to unlock my mtn s720i so i can use it on other networks coz it shows as if it is duo sim (sim 1 n sim 2) when turned on when the hardware has one slot

  8. I have meet with a problem on mtn smart s720i(but It is a single sim version! not a dual sim as a lot of posts I see here was for dual sim device).
    I flashed my single sim MTN smart s720i then it showed me invalid IMEI and 'Sim 2 not detected, Sim 1 not detected' even if my phone was single sim. I searched the firmware(rom) which is for single sim s720i but unfortunately I loose it online(All I found were for dual sim mtn s720i).
    I used MTK droid tools to write Imei but not worked after restarting the device.
    I tried mobile uncle/engineering mode but it doesn't display CDS information under telephony.
    I tried to delete MP0B_001 dile located in NVRAM region and changed to another i have created manually, Then it display Emergency call only, even for MTN sim cards, I searched how to unlock the phone but I find only the method to unlock Smart s620 telling me that S720i can't be unlocked.
    I have tried to re-flash it with several rom but none resolved that problem,

    Please help me in one of the following:
    If you can provide a link for a firmware of mtn s720i(single sim) you may save me.
    If you can help me to unlock it, you can save me.
    Thank you all, say that my phone was initially for MTN-Rwanda

  9. Am unable to screen shot using my MTN s720i even after downloading the screen shot on play store. What could be the problem? Your quick response will highly be appreciated.

    • Hello Paul,
      You don't need to download anything to be able to screenshot on your android. Just press volume up+ power button and release it. It will screenshot


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